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You’ve Got Me…

on January 15, 2010


LAWDHAVEMERCY this song. I knew I wanted to do a Freaky Friday post but I wasn’t sure what songs I would use. Then this song came on. I was gonna tweet about it then decided to just use this song to spring off my post.

…Laying so closely
I feel your skin rubbing and touching me
Only sweat between us
Feeling you kissing and pleasing me
I rub your back
I kiss your neck

I know that you love when we touch like that
I can feel you need me
Feels so good to me
Feels so good to me

Going outta my head I think I’m loosing all my mind
Drive me crazy burning candles making love all night
Feels so strange it feels so crazy to be in your world
In your arms lost for words

You’ve got me
You’ve got me
You’ve got me
You’ve got me speechless

Yes, yes, yes
Yes, yes, yes

Speechless, all I can say
Yes, yes, yes,
All I can say is
Yes, yes, yes, yes

This song from Beyonce’s solo debut Dangerously in Love was a favorite immediately. Before she even starts singing just by the music you know its gonna be sexy. yessss. I am not a big Beyonce fan, I prefer 4 member OG Destiny’s Child and in the past I have  gone at it with the biggest and baddest of Beyonce stans. Anywho,  Bey does make good music sometimes and I don’t ever deny that.

This has been a heavy week yall. I was all hyped and excited about my sorority’s Founders Day (OO-OOP) then the tragedy of the earthquake in Haiti put a damper on our spirits. THEN, I find out that night that the great Teddy Pendergrass passed away. I grew up listening to him as most of us. One of my favorite songs by him I did feature in my post about remakes, the duet with Stephanie Mills “Feel the Fire”. I also love how Avant infused his “Come Go With Me” into his “Read Your Mind” remix–which is probably the only song I really like by Avant, but that’s neither here nor there.

Despite all the tragedy and sad feelings, I felt a Freaky Friday post would be light to get our minds on something else, and I know that practicing making babies is a good pasttime. I’m just saying. 🙂 And Teddy P definitely made music fit for baby making. Some of us may have even been conceived to his hits, like this one right here:

Have a good weekend, folks.


6 responses to “You’ve Got Me…

  1. Speechless… OMG. Hands down one of my favorite Bey songs. The first time I heard it, I thought “Wow. Jay must be puttin it down something serious!” Especially when she gets to the end and she’s moaning “Yes.” Lol.

    I’m from Cleveland and I’m not an Avant fan at all. Always came off like a poor man’s R. Kelly to me.

    Not a HUGE Teddy P fan, but I was saddened by his death nonetheless. “My Latest Greatest Inspiration” was the one song of his that I really loved, though.

  2. Ms. Minx says:

    I can agree with you both on “Speechless”. Gotta skip it on the iPod if it comes on at an inappropriate time an all, lol.

    Avant…Meh, I think “Nothing in this world” with KeKe is one of the only songs of his I really like.

    RIP Teddy P…most of the greats are gone 😦

  3. Tisha says:

    I guess that speechless song is aight. I’m not a Bey stan (you know this, lol) but like you, she does me right sometimes. I love both raunchy behind “Videophone” and “Naughty Girl,” and we ain’t even gone talk “Flaws & All!” Story of my *former* life! Lol! Good stuff, sister. 😉

  4. Crooky says:

    I do believe that Speechless was one of Bey’s BEST slow tracks. I was about a fourth of a way into the song and I realized that I loved it.

    The only song that I think I really dug from Avant was “Say Yes”….that’s another sexy song. Put that before “Speechless” and we’ve got a SERIOUS session going on.

    Teddy P Teddy P!!! I can’t believe he’s gone. I was listening to some of his tracks, and I can’t even say that I have a clear favorite – “I Miss You”, “My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration”, “The Love I Lost”, “Come Go With Me”…I could go on.

    Great post….might have to bump Bey’s joint in a minute.

  5. MilanRouge says:

    Haha! Love ‘Speechless’…yup it takes me THERE. 😉 Last week was really heavy. Its good to have “light moments” in the midst of so much pain. Good post 🙂

  6. jg14 says:

    I LOVE Speechless.

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