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Whats in my earbuds pt. 5

on January 19, 2010

*I actually own these! and they don’t hurt my ears!*

I realized I haven’t done one of these posts in a minute. And to be honest its because I’ve been listening to a lot of older music and nothing really stood out to me to the point that I wanted to hear it over and over, thus making it post worthy. I’m gonna try to do these more often, so hopefully I’ll be inspired more often.

Top of my list is the new Raheem Devaughn mixtape Mr February aka March Madness, my inspiration. I’ve been listening to this since last Friday and I’m loving it as expected. Some of my favorites are: I’m Good (gotta love that Neptunes beat), Slow Dance, Bonita Applebum, Know What I Mean (the 50 cent have a baby joint), and Love Experience Pt. 2. If you loved the original “The Love Experience” song from his first CD, you will like that one. It also includes an unplugged version of one my favorite songs from The Love Experience, the underrated “Until”

He even has a remake of Luther Vandross’ “Never Too Much.” It’s a jazzy effort, but I love Big Lutha like my play uncle so I can’t say its comparable in anyway. He actually sings it a bit too slow, IMO. There are a few other remakes but I’ll let you peep those for yourself when you download it, the link is embedded–overall it doesn’t disappoint.

Unthinkable (I’m Ready) -Alicia Keys ft. Drake This song has been on radar for a few weeks now and I always play it a few times. I have acquired her new CD  awhile ago and haven’t finished listening to it–I’m just not that interested to be honest. I’ve already told yall how I feel about Keys, I like her, and love her earlier works.

Understanding -Kidz in the Hall -Another track I’ve been on for over a month or so. when the LRG The Professional Leisure Tour mixtape dropped. I even had a lil back and forth with Naledge on twitter about the song, which basically started with a “me likey” on some #FreakyFriday ish even though it wasn’t even a Friday– however….could your pretty peach be dessert after dinner…”   yeah, its official. LOL

We Major – Kanye West.  After cosiging my homies on twitter that this was his best CD, I’ve been all over Late Registration again, which is my favorite. I love this damn song. “feeling better than head on a Sunday afternoon,  better than a chick that say yes too soon.” Plus it has Nasir on it toooooo! Another song I can’t get enough of is “Late”.  I’ve loved that song since the leaks before LR came out.

My Flame -Zo! ft. Phonte: I love the just visiting too EP, and this is one of my favorite tracks. Just smooth mellow vibe. if you are fans of the Foreign Exchange crew, check this out too if you haven’t already.

No Ceilings the entire mixtape. I don’t do Wayne at all but he kills this and I’ve been listening on and off since to it since October, still hype off it.

You remix -LLoyd ft. Andre 3000 & Nas. I’ve been on a Lloyd kick lately–he’s one of my guilty pleasures. I posted last year about how I feel he’s totally slept on, and Street Love was seriously one of my favorite CDs to come out in 07. this song, the return of 3 stacks?! loves it still. glad I decided to revisit. “I said what time you get off, she said when you get me off.”

pretty random mix; just a few things in heavy rotation over here! I haven’t heard anything too new new other than the Raheem that I’m loving like that. so let me know what have y’all been on lately? Now that my iPod mystery has been solved (just needed a new usb cord to port music) I’m ready to add some new stuff!

16 responses to “Whats in my earbuds pt. 5

  1. Cryssy says:

    i have actually been listening to a lot of old R&B lately. With the passing of Teddy P he has been in heavy rotation, Adele, and Xscape have been my go to music these last few days

  2. Tunde says:

    you didn’t put lupe’s mixtape? not feeling that anymore huh? lol

  3. Reecie says:

    The Lupe mixtape was too short! I did enjoy it though. I’ll have to revisit that too.

  4. I’ve been listening to a lot of Lex Land, GaGa, mostly Gospel though… I have totally given up on rap o_O it moves my spirit in a way that I no longer want to be moved! LOL to each their own… *smile*

  5. I listen to mostly R&B and old school in general, and lately, I’ve been listening to the Mr. February mixtape. Love it!! I like the Lutha remake, and I think he probably slowed it down on purpose to differentiate b/t him and Big Lutha. And that Slow Dance is definitely hot!!

    I’ve been on a big Maze ft. Frankie Beverly kick. We Are One, Southern Girl, just good stuff all around.

  6. I used to LOVE rap but honestly, I feel as though I can’t relate to most of the lyrics… and I don’t know if it is because I am in Atlanta and the radio is polluted with garbage or what… I can tolerate several artists like Outkast because they’re so creative it’s hypnotic… sorta like poetry over a beat… Whereas Kanye I dunno he says coo things but I think he’s more of s Shock-Artist… I can’t relate. Then there’s Jay I have not heard BP3 decided to buy Marvin Sapp’s album “Thirsty” instead and it hasn’t crossed my mind since.

    I am very sensitive to music, lyrics, beats- when a song is sad- I feel an urge to cry, when a song is inspiration- I am inspired… when a song is filled with lyrics about being a big booty barbie with 30″ yaki-perm weave down my back… I dunno I can’t relate. I don’t listen to the radio here I play pandora or my ipod mix… *shrugs* am I missing out?

    I’m not sure if I am articulating this clearly, but I hope you get the just of what I’m saying *smile*

    p.s. Alicia Keys album is on heavy rotation

  7. MilanRouge says:

    Hey girl! I have the Raheem mixtape but haven’t listened yet. Will make that a priority this week. I’ve been on Teddy P. tough since he passed last week as well as reggae (Classic Bob Marley) and gospel. With everything that’s been going on…this is pretty much where i’m at. I’ve also had Raheem Devaughn’s ‘You’ and ‘Mo Better’ on repeat at times in the car. Feeling that lovey dovey mushy at times. lol.

  8. Streetz says:

    Right now im bumpin that new Cam Gangsta Grillz CD. I feel its his best effort in a WHILE! Vado is nice too like hes solid with his lyrics, no emotion though.

    I kinda fell off from the LRG Kidz mixtape even though I think its tuff. Gotta revisit it.

    Also been meaning to bump more Jay Electronica. This dude is official.

    Also theres a released song by Drake, Von Pea from Tanya Morgan, and Phonte called My New. This track GOES!!

    I just gotta get reinspired by music again I guess.

  9. I’ve decided that I currently hate everything on my iPod. Lol. So I’ve spent the last few days playing around on YouTube listening to 90s RnB. I watched Bobby Brown’s VH1 Behind the Music the other day and was reminded of how much I rocked to his music back in the day. I spent the majority of yesterday afternoon jamming to “Get Away” and “Humpin Around.” I was on Keith Sweat heavy yesterday as well, “I Want Her” and his song with Aaron Hall & Gerald Levert “Funky Dope Lovin.” (I’m still cracking up over the lyrics to this song. Gotta love the 90s. lol) And finally, I listened to LSG “My Body” which made me want to go find that album on iTunes. I have much more use for it at 26 than I did when it came out 13 years ago! lol.

  10. milesfan79 says:

    “The understanding” is my fav song on the KITH mixtape “I don’t need a yes or a no, just a strong maybe”. Its so real and relatiable, we all been in(or at) a place with person where we don’t want commitment but want the benifits(understnading)

    “We major” still gets me hype to this day, I think back to 2005/2006 that was my theme song. “Better than a chick that says yes to soon!!” Lol I could tell some stories based off that song lol.

    “Until”(unplugged) is a hard hitting track, it was very unexpected. Most def a deep track to say the least

  11. Tunde says:


    “Also been meaning to bump more Jay Electronica. This dude is official.”

    – i had this reflection eternal song “just begun” with mos def, j. cole and jay electronica on repeat for like a hour last week. lol

  12. D. Mitch says:

    You already know how I feel about We Major…(and if you don’t, then go visit my blog..I did a post bout it. lol)

    I’ve really been in an all over the place mood, so I don’t really have one thing that’s been in constant rotation lately. But I gotta check out the Raheem mixtape…I’ve been hearing good things about it. I wasn’t too impressed with the last one, but this is a new one, so he gets a do-over. LOL

  13. Streetztalk says:

    Lemme also say im listening to this dude BOB/Bobby Ray. Son is type nice!

  14. CHeeKZ says:

    You remix -LLoyd ft. Andre 3000 & Nas.


    two of the best verses about relationships EVER! 3k … no comment.

    Did you check out lloyd’s Like Me Ep? i thought it was great, good production. He is my guilty pleasure too, his voice has this sincere innocence.

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  16. […] new mixtape Jackin4Beats is much like his Mr Februaryx March Madness joint I reviewed earlier this year with how he covers current songs and/or spins the beats for his own pleasure. Whether its Night and […]

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