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Seconds of Pleasure…

on January 29, 2010

so, Twitter has been on this #bestsexsongs thing lately. I’m not really a fan of having sex TO a song, but I do have a sexy playlist of songs that remind me of sex. I’m very much a thinker so I totally think about sex OFTEN. whether I’m getting any or not.

the typical Freaky Friday post highlights sexy songs I love, and want to share. Tunde asked me to provide the soundtrack to a post of his on his blog Like A Dream, and I was  happy to oblige. so go check it out. very nice.

and here’s the song again, by my man Van Hunt.

Oooh, girl it’s small talk
a touch so soft, it’s watching you walk.
It’s the taste of a sour pop- a lemon drop.
It’s the last one in the box.
It’s a kiss in the mornin’ sun.
A few minuets of fun, before you have to run.
It’s all the little things that you’ve done, to ease
my burden, and my confusion.
I hold onto the feelings,
cuz i dont know when i will feel it again
I’ve become amused by the little things,
seconds of pleasure…

This is very first song I heard of his that made me an instant fan.  I have to thank Yahoo Launchcast radio for that–which was a staple back while at work when I was in grad school in 2004. This online radio put me on to Van Hunt & Teedra Moses. Def good finds and artists I still check for.

Check out this live version of Seconds of Pleasure below.

3 responses to “Seconds of Pleasure…

  1. Tunde says:

    yeah honestly i had never heard of van hunt before you recommended him. i’ll have to go back and check out some more of his work. he seems like a talented artist.

  2. D. Mitch says:

    Van Hunt def is one that crept up on the scene…not too many people can identify his music, but it’s worth listening to.

  3. Melody says:

    I heard this song on the radio one Sunday afternoon. When the dj said his name, I immediately detoured to Best Buy and bought it! I love me some Van Hunt!

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