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No One Will Do…

on February 4, 2010

so I had an MJB session yesterday. I was reading about the progression of her work and her life and overall growth and was a bit inspired to listen to her music–it doesn’t take much inspiration being that I LOVE HER. I’m STILL not feeling Stronger with Each Tear…and to be honest I’ve put it down, who knows when I’ll “pick it back up” for another listen.

Anyway, a lot of people say they miss old Mary, her new music sucks and she has to be going thru hell to make good music. I disagree. One of my earlier posts on this blog featured two of my favorite songs from Growing Pains, “Roses” and “Hurt Again” The latter song is still one that I have added to my growing list of Mary’s greats.  At the time it came out I was right in that place in my romantic life and it really articulated some of my thoughts and my actions.

But this song right here today? this is another great song, from Breakthrough. Many people that hated all of her albums from Mary on, loved this one–it had huge commercial success and from this point on folks were like “Mary is back.” It was her CD that kinda captured the type of sound that many felt were missing on No More Drama & Love & Life.

And I know you’ve heard before
These same old metaphors
My love is so much more
I don’t wanna change it
I don’t wanna do without ya baby
Cause he’s just above the rest
I must confess the best
Love that I’ve ever had
And I just gotta let you know this…

Don’t let ‘em tell you nothing different
You’re the only one I’m needing
I don’t want no one but you
Baby no one will do
And what they say don’t even matter
They don’t know what I know about ya
I don’t want no one but you
Baby no one will do

It’s me and him through the wire
Cause when it comes to love he delivers
My personal UPS
I’m sending him an SOS
That I love him and I want him
And don’t wanna replace him with nobody else
I’ma keep holding on
I’ma keep the loving strong….

Don’t want nobody, I don’t want nobody
You’re the only one for me boo…

This song also has the same melody as one of my favorite Ne-Yo songs “Get Down Like That”

and this song will forever make me smile.

funny how revisiting my old post, this is the song that I linked at the end…everything comes full circle.

6 responses to “No One Will Do…

  1. Tunde says:

    i think my favorite mjb songs are:

    -Not Gon’ Cry
    -All Night Long
    -7 Days

    in no particular order. mjb is timeless. good post.

  2. MilanRouge says:

    You just reminded me that I have not listened to her latest cd at all. I didn’t hear good things. LOL. I’m still a Mary fan though…her library of hits is massive. I can’t even pick just one or just TEN. I feel like folks slept on her Love and Life album. Some of my favs from that are:
    -Special Part of Me
    -Ultimate Relationship (in the AM)
    -Its A Wrap
    -Feel Like Making Love

    I never skip those songs on the ipod. Mary’s dope.

  3. Reecie says:

    I agree with you, Milan! I liked Love & Life and it was pretty slept on. Growing Pains was too, IMO.

  4. Crooky says:

    I too haven’t gotten into her latest; I always find myself going back to her oldies (I was listening to “Mary” on the ride home the other day.

    Now I’m with Milan on “Love and Life”…I think it was a very slept on CD. From the first single “Love @ 1st Sight”, I was HOOKED (plus she had my other boo Method Man on there and I appreciated that she got back with Puff). My other faves were:

    – When We
    – Don’t Go
    – Not Today (replete with the MJB ghetto two-step)
    – Willing & Waiting
    – It’s A Wrap

    I will ALWAYS appreciate Mary as an artist, and am quite happy that she’s going through her “good days”. I don’t think that she will EVER top “My Life” though…that CD was one of the BEST releases of the 90s.

  5. Tracie says:

    I have to admit I’m not a huge MJB fan. She’s cool but I don’t buy her new stuff or listen to her regularly. But “My Life” is one of my favorite albums and I’ve been rocking it a lot lately. Thanks to my rebirthed music collection on my computer. I have to show you when you get her next week.

  6. anson1 says:

    As much as I love “My Life”, “Mary” is my personal favorite. I LOVE that album! Now I feel she’s been on autopilot since “No More Drama”. That said, she always releases good music. “Love & Life ” is better than most people think it is. “The Breakthrough” is up there with her earlier work. I even like these last two. But nothing outdoes her earlier work.

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