The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

Did you realize…

on February 9, 2010

that you are a champion–in their eyes?!

“You dont see just how wild the crowd is
You dont see just how fly my style is
I dont see why I need a stylist…”

this song just came to me–so I had  to play it, then write about it. Love this!

but seriously–do you realize that you ARE A CHAMPION?!

I’m awesome because well…there are so many reasons *serious face*.  One of my little sisters hit me on bbm the other day asking me a question I really didn’t know the answer to but when said she asked me because “I know a lot, and I always put her on and drop good info” and that made me smile. I wished I knew the answer then! LOL. I told her anything that I know she will know because that’s  just how I roll.

I’m a champion because everyday I excel; whether in a major or minor way, I feel certain sense of accomplishment even if its just successfully fixing a meal- last night and made a slammin indian inspired spicy chicken and mixed veggies dish. SLAMMIN I tell you! so slammin I sent pics to the two people that matter most to me–my mama and my boo! Of course mommy is snowed in like gosh I wish I was there so you could cook for me! 🙂

“Did you realize
That you were a champion?

When it feels like living’s harder than dying
For me giving up’s way harder than trying…”

there are folks that think you are awesome, and its true! For the big and not so big contributions, we all make an impact. Therefore we are all champions. Word to Kanye.

9 responses to “Did you realize…

  1. Yes! I agree! Realization that you are the ish is the best realization one can come to.

  2. Tunde says:

    #onmycockyshit i see but yes you are a champion. 😉

    sidebar: i also like clipse’s song also titled champion.

  3. nyhoop says:

    I Love this song! It came on yesterday during my iPod Challenge (listening to songs from A-Z, currently still on “C”)

    What’s that saying? To the world, you may not mean everything, but to someone, you mean the world… You never know how your actions affect others, or how others may look up to you. I think the question is, what do you do once you realize that you are a champion?

  4. MilanRouge says:

    Yes! This song gets me through OFTEN! I def have those days when I KNOW I ROCK…and then I have those days when I could definitely use the encouragement from others. I have some amazing friends and family and on those latter days I wish I could see myself through THEIR eyes. They think I’m a champion EVERY DAY and that’s pretty special. I love this song and yes you are a champion too, Reecie! 😉

  5. Streetztalk says:

    Im not mad at this post at ALL!! Sometimes we don’t realize our self worth and need that reminder! Good isht Twin!

  6. Ms. Minx says:

    I needed this…today!! And what’s so funny is, I rock out to this song everytime it comes on the iPod, I shoulda just played it to make me feel better :o)
    Thanks Reecie! and err’body has already said it, but you really are a champ! :o)

  7. Cryssy says:

    i think i tell you and some other people at least every week how much i adore the women in my life. I mean they are some of the strongest, flyest, beautiful, accomplished, and just AWESOME! In so many ways you guys contribute to my life and remind me that not only are YOU guys great but i am also!

    This song is on point for me today (i know i am a few days late)… RIGHT ON TIME

  8. D. Mitch says:

    Reecie..this song is def on point. I think this should be a theme song for everyone, simply because it helps one to realize their self-worth when the world all around is beating you down.

    Good post!

  9. […] already blogged about Flashing Lights, We Major, Two Words, Spaceship, and Champion…here are a few more I dig! only a few being as I have already mentioned a bunch of tracks […]

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