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All I Wanna Do Is…

on February 12, 2010

Girl you know your body deserves
Everything on this earth, I’ll give it to you
Ooooh I’ll give it to you yeah…

LAWD this song. its been on repeat for several weeks now. its definitely Freaky Friday material.

…And if I can’t have your body
I don’t wanna have nobody
I rather be alone
Ain’t no subsitute
They can’t do what you doooo for me
Would you please take your clothes off or
Would you rather me do that part
Cause I don’t mind noooo No I don’t mind nooo
Button after button now the blouse coming off
Kissing on your stomach now your skirt coming off
You Feel! so soft Where Is! your spot
Kiss until I find it, must you be reminded…

I like when he says “ooooh! GET IN THIS ROOM!” *giggle* I’m silly.  Happy Friday Friends…

(and V-Day and long weekend for us that get that good holiday pay! )

and another one for the road. “I want you on top…I want you to find your favorite spot…”


6 responses to “All I Wanna Do Is…

  1. Cryssy says:

    These just might be my FAVORITE Trey songs… I mean these keep me crushing on him HARD! Very freaky and he sounds yummy singing!!!

    *pulls up my Trey Mix* He def should have released Anticipation as his cd and not READY. Anticipation is a classic R&B cd…

  2. Lisa says:

    You are going to make me buy this little boy’s CD! He’s too young for me to like! LOL

  3. Streetztalk says:

    Feeelin randy this Friday eh? lol 😛

  4. D. Mitch says:

    People don’t realize that Trey Songz is undercover freak material. Of course he comes out with the yuppie songs, both club hits and not, but he got some hits that should only be played under the cloak of darkness. lol

  5. Ms. Minx says:

    I thought I really liked “Ready” until you told me about “Anticipation”…you were right, as usual 😉
    “On Top” edges out “Make love slow” for me by a lil’ bit. “Scratching me up”, tho? Yup! #uknowwhathashtaggoeshere lol!

  6. freakyTY says:

    I’m looking for that song all I wanna do keep hearing it on the radio…. I looked up anticipation didn’t see the song on the list.

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