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Instead of treated, we get tricked…

on March 4, 2010

instead of kisses, we get kicked! its a hard knock life!

I absolutely loved this song when it came out, and the video. Of course I’m an Annie fan also so I dig the sample. random fact about me: I love musicals–makes sense though, doesn’t it? lol

some more throwback thursday jams for you:

This is one of my favorite hip hop songs ever. I know I like a lot of songs and artists but this song  is full of nostalgia and I still know all the words…

and one of my favorite Puff Daddy remixes “looking at my rolie its about that time…” “baby who that be? oh thats just Puff Daddy”. gotta love it, and the BIG sample!

and with Weezy going to jail, how approps is the Hot Boyz remix. Back when he was still somewhat attractive. I actually randomly skipped to the Jay-Z remix of this song, and then this one came up a few skips later. I prefer the Hot Boyz remix, actually. 400 Degreez was one of my favorite CDs my freshman yr of college. Classic Juve. I never thought Jay fit on that Ha track but I do like his line “big guns that go brrrattt brrrat brrrat!” LOL

and lastly this one takes me back back to undergrad. “heads high! kill em with the no!” this would be the moment I bust out the heel/toe if I could do it! LOL #memories!!

6 responses to “Instead of treated, we get tricked…

  1. Crooky says:

    “Who Got The Props”….that was my JAM back in ’93. We used that track for our NSBE Chapter of the Year (random – we won too!)

    All these tracks bring back memories…good post!

  2. Ms. Minx says:

    Oh wow! Heads High brings back the BEST memories for me, I think I had this whole routine to it, lol. I was wayyyyy into dance back then.

    Hard Knock Life was a fave for me cuz of the same reasons, and I love musicals too!

    I was never really into Hot Boyz that much, but I can appreciate the track

  3. kleankut says:

    black moon was my shit!!! i ws in 7th or 8th grade and rap city(the REAL rap city) was still the best source for hip-hop

  4. Streetz says:

    The Ha Remix with Juvenile and Jigga went SO HARD in NYC!!!!

    Great post!

  5. K. Rock says:

    I used to love Black Moon.

    When that Juvenille cd came out, it was the first I had heard of the hot boys and I loved that cd so much. I still isten to it like it came out yesterday.

    Swv and Puffy-awesome.

    All this stuff my heart hurt for the 90’s. Great music then.

  6. MilanRouge says:

    I just want to say I have such a specific memory of Jay-Z’s hard knock life. I was standing on the intramural field at UCLA…1998…freshman. MAJORLY overwhelmed with being a college student at such a big school. But the intramural field mixer for “black students” made me feel a little better about life and then they bumped this song and I LOVED it! Yasssss!

    Heads High takes me back to undergrad parties. Jammin!

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