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Let’s Do it Again…

on March 5, 2010

’cause I wanna make sweet love to you baby…

Remember them?

When this song came up on my iPod I thought to feature it on Throwback Thursday, but it didn’t really fit the theme of the other choices, and since I think it is definitely solo post worthy, why not on #freakyfriday?

CrazySexyCool is my favorite TLC project. I have written a few other blog posts about girl groups here, and here and here, but I don’t think I ever mentioned how much of a TLC fan I was. As a little girl I was in a play dance group called “Fresh From the Start” and we danced to all TLC songs–mainly “Aint 2 Proud 2 Beg” and “Hat 2 Da back“. Baggy jeans were the style and Left Eye was a role model. TLC were a fun group and I think I used to play my Ooooh on the TLC Tip! tape to death. “What About Your Friends” and “Baby Baby Baby” were my favorite songs. (click the links for a trip down memory lane).

remember this gear?

aww, the nineties.

So when CSC was released it was something different, but of course being one that came of age in the 90s it was part of my teenage soundtrack.  The CD had the very mellow song featured here, as well as a good mix of upbeat songs as well as covers. Back then I definitely didn’t know the things I know NOW, but I always knew that this song was official. The song is so short so why not all the lyrics:

You sweet young thang you
Whatever you do Lord knows you do it nice and easy
You keep it nice and long
You sexy thang you
Whatever it is you want from me you know I’ll satisfy
Just keep the love at home
You give me pleasure
Unlike any pleasure that I’ve felt or ever seen
I can’t get enough of you in me
You know I treasure
Each and every waking moment that you spend with me
I’m in ecstasy

Let’s do it again
‘Cause I love to make sweet love to you baby
Let’s do it again
I wanna go all night long

You precious thang you
I love what you do when you do
And you do it oh so special
I don’t see nothin’ wrong
With nothing ’bout you
Whatever it is that makes you feel so very special
A baby please please keep it on
I so desire
Everything about you and I want you to be close to me
As close as close could ever be
Come light the fire
That waits for you and yearns for you that burns inside of me
Take me to ecstasy

Let’s do it again
‘Cause I love to make sweet love to you baby
Let’s do it again
I wanna go all night long

Don’t stop please don’t stop please please don’t stop it
(don’t you don’t you don’t you don’t you stop it)
Don’t stop please don’t stop please please don’t stop it
(don’t you don’t you)
Just do it do it do it do it
Ooh ahh ooh ahh

these lyrics are too grown for a youngin! CrazySexy Cool was released in 1994 so I was…not old enough for the subject matter *smile* This was their biggest selling CD, which sent them into diamond status, and primarily is what catapulted their career as they earned the title of biggest selling  R&B girl group.  with chart toppers like Creep, Waterfalls, and Red Light Special also, this CD was just awesome. But back to this song…

I do like when I can revisit a song in another time with an entire new appreciation. Another fave that was never a single, and friday appropriate is featured below:

because they seemed so young back then, its hard for me to think of TLC being that much older than me, but  in actuality they got me by like 10 years so I guess they were grown enough…happy friday reminiscing….

RIP Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez.


7 responses to “Let’s Do it Again…

  1. A.Smith says:


    Did you know I’m the biggest TLC fan to ever live (and not make it into their FanMail cover. Yes, I combed that big ass FanMail jacket insert 3 TIMES looking for my name, back in 1999…YES.I.DID)?

    “Sumthin’ Wicked This Way Comes” is the coldest track on CSC. That is THE track that solidified my love for music. Ahhh.. don’t get me started, cause I can go in. ::sigh::

    On another note, I think Left-Eye is one of the greatest entertainers of our generation.


    RIP Left-Eye.

  2. Crooky says:

    I used to jam so hard to “Oooh On The TLC Tip” so bad when I was in college. They were RIDICULOUSLY big in the A back in the early 90s (for obvious reasons) and they were definitely giving the guys a run for their money).

    My fave track by them was actually on the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack “This is How It Works”. Left Eye’s rap was CRAZY!!!

    “Ready set go, you don’t have to know
    We can take forever, learn together any flow
    Touch me slow, watch it grow
    Kiss the tip, gently blow, be my ho and tape the show
    We can watch it in slo mo, when the sweet & lo drips
    Don’t forget to let me wet my finger tips
    Write love letters back & forth across your lips
    Spread my hips, count to eighty, eighty ways, eighty trips
    Make it smooth, take you time
    One time for you mind, two times if ya tense baby let it unwind
    Make it groove, in, out, in
    Three counts let it bou–nce to the mothereffing ounce
    Make it last, kiss, kiss, kiss
    Here we go, now you know, 4th down, let if flow back around come on
    Kiss my —
    Kiss my, kiss my , mm-wah”

  3. Tisha says:

    CROSS COLORS!!!!! LOL! love-ded all of mine.

    but anyway…on the music tip..i’m not up on that song…them lyrics are kinda lightweight serious! lol.

  4. When I saw “Let’s Do It Again” I was hoping you’d mention “Take Our Time” too. CrazySexyCool was one of the best albums of the 90s and certainly the best female R&B group album ever.

  5. MilanRouge says:

    I just smiled real hard reminiscing on old times when that Ooooh on the TLC tip! and Crazy, Sexy Cool cds were out. I loved them! Used to sing and dance to their songs with my friends as well. I loved the remake they did of “If I Was Your Girlfriend”. Hotness.

    RIP. Left-Eye

  6. Streetztalk says:

    Crazy Sexy Cool was a classic! Twin upload that sucka for me 😉

    Waterfalls >>

  7. D. Mitch says:

    I believe that you and I have had this conversation about TLC before…with this cd being the subject matter. This cd went hard always, and yeah, we were too young to be listening to them. lol.

    My faves were “Sumthin This Way Comes Wicked” “Case of the Fake People” “Red Light Special” and “Diggin on You”

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