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on March 8, 2010

don’t be mad, UPS is hiring.

March 9th is a memorable day for many hip hop heads. Not to dwell on the negative or the what ifs but when the Notorious movie came out I definitely began to wonder what would have come of BIG’s career had he lived.  I was reading Faith Evans memoir at the time as well, and for a minute I became a bit obsessed with that early era of Bad Boy. What can I say–that was the prime of hip hop in my teenage years.  I often wonder also about the careers of so many others (mainly Jay-Z)…as BIG clearly still epitomizes Brooklyn and in his short life  he was able to influence careers and is referenced still by many NY rappers, with only two solo album releases while living.

Here is a list of some of my favorites by BIG! (none of this music is safe for work, lol)

Unbelievable: reminds me of 9th grade and may be my favorite on Ready to Die. I just love his flow on this one…

Warning: “who the eff is this paging me at 5:46 in the morning , crack of dawnin…” everyone knows this line, and remembers this video–with his half naked behind laid up in the bed! LOL

One More Chance (remix): this is classic BIG, you have to love this video, that had like every hot 90s R&B chick in it! “black and ugly as ever, however–I say coogi down to the socks”

Spit Your Game: from the Duets Cd, but when I tell yall I played this song over and over! love it. the collab with Krayzie Bone & Twista makes it one of my faves. I loved “Notorious Thugs” too, but this rework is better, to me. Swizzy!

Get Money remix: Junior Mafia hit, but it was still a banger.

Victory: again not his song, but this song has some of my favorite BIG verses. this song goes so hard!!!! “I perform like Mike, anyone Tyson, Jordan, Jackson…” This song makes  the No Way Out CD.

Suicidal Thoughts: its very morbid, but I really can’t deny the realness of his message nonetheless. The  dying theme of his first and second cd, coupled with this song kinda make me feel some kinda way though. And the way Life After Death starts and segues into “Somebody’s Gotta Die”, classic, but sooooo morbid! OMG the production on that cd was so classic!

What’s Beef: hahahahaha….“beef is when I see you, guaranteed to be in ICU” the content of this song is rough, epitomized “gangster” rap and to be honest why do I like this really? not sure. but I knew the first time I heard it I was spellbound. BIG just had that effect on me.  “pardon my french but uh, sometimes I get kinda peeved at these, weak emcees…”

I Got A Story to tell: classic BIG storytelling. love it. “I kick flows for ya, kick down doors for ya…”

Dead Wrong: hot song, sick beat, and Em kills…

BIG interlude: this 1 minute  rap gives me life everytime I hear it! “wha? it aint no more to it!”

The World is Filled: this may be my fave on Life After Death, I just love this collabo with Too Short. so many quotables. “when the remy’s in the system, aint no telling will I f em, will I diss em…” sound familiar? 🙂 “you just a rest haven for hoes” LOL

My Downfall: verse also featured in the “Woke Up in the Morning” remix, which is CLASSIC Bad Boy!

Nasty Girl: another from Duets. I had this on repeat when it came out as well. again, I enjoyed “Nasty Boy”, but this took it to another level…this video had a lot of cameos as well, in the spirit of One More Chance…I wonder who wrote Diddy’s verse? either way, this is my JAM…(peep Cheri Dennis in the vid as well–where is SHE?!)

over the weekend my ipod randomly played this track from The Show soundtrack and I couldn’t not listen to this live version of one of my favorite hood love songs, lol.

and even though its so typical,  this is the BIG song that young or old, no matter where you are in the country you know you rocked out to it. how can you not?

There are many more songs that sample him, feature him, etc that I love too but I feel like I’ve already done enough so…

what is/are your favorite song(s) by BIGGIE? Will you grow old in the senior community still trying to rhyme to them like I know I will? 🙂

RIP. We’ll always love Big Poppa.


17 responses to “…my style you’re admiring…

  1. kleankut says:

    great post!! your likonly the 5th person i know that knows about the ‘get money remix’ “all black movado all black el derado….” it was def a sleeper!!!

  2. Streetztalk says:

    I love you 100% for this Post. BIG was my favorite rapper. Big Poppa was my favorite track from him. I think that epitomizes his style. Also I love the dough and Last Day with LOX is a PROBLEM!!!

    Miss that dude 13 years later!

  3. Kris Karter says:

    BIGGIE IS/WAS THE GREATEST!! I can’t/won’t compare him to rappers that came before him because I didn’t grow up listening to that era of rap. Suicidal Thoughts is my FAVORITE Biggie track because he did something no artist had ever done before- he killed the flow and HIMSELF on the same track. Pure Genius!! My Downfall gets 2nd place. Hearing “Jealousy’s a mothafucka- you weak jealous mothafuckas…” get’s me hype every time. How can you NOT like that track?? Niggas Bleed had a great story that kind of went over most peoples heads. Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems is by far one of the best club bangers still!! then again, Big Poppa & One More Chance Remix also slaps in the club. Notorious Thugs- he killed Bone thugs with their own style!!

    notice I only commented on tracks from the albums HE made while alive. i can go on for a while on the tracks he guest-featured on. in fact, i think i will do so tomorrow. can’t summarize Biggie in a single comment!!

    Great Blog, Reecie

  4. Kris Karter says:

    Damn Streetz, i didn’t mention I Love the Dough & Last Day. Last Day definitely gave the Lox a way to shine without the shiny suits & I Love The Dough was classic Biggie & Jigga trash-talking. Biggie all day tomorrow is a must

  5. Tracie says:

    I love Biggie but it wasn’t my *ish until I got to college. I was OBSESSED with Wutang & Outkast in high school. My favorite BIG songs I love warning and his verse in “All about the Benjamin’s” …”F… the state pen, F… girls at Penn State”

  6. Jubilance says:

    Great post Reecie!

    You highlighted a lot of my faves….but my favorite Biggie song is “Everyday Struggle” from the Ready to Die album…the sample is tight & so are the lyrics.

    Good point on wondering how the rap game would be different if BIG was still with us…especially when it comes to Jay-Z (I love Jay but would he be as big with Biggie around? Who knows…).

  7. K. Rock says:

    The ready to die album was perfection. Unbelievable was just that…unbelievable. This dude’s flow was sick. He was definitely the best of his time and if he were still here he would be slaying the rest of these self professed “greatest” out here now.

  8. Hands down, my favorite Big song is “Warning.” Second to that is “Kick in the Door.”

  9. SoleFood says:

    Reecie, your taste in music is only rivaled by your knowledge. I was pleased to view the video for my favorite Bigge song: Unbelievable. The thoughts and memories that you’ve sparked this morning were needed and appreciated. You write with so much zest, zeal and passion. You should be getting paid for this. Rock, Rock On!

  10. Ms. Minx says:

    I was never the biggest BIG fan, I think I actually listened more to his music after he died, but “One More Chance” is my absolute favorite, I also like the typical songs everyone else does: Juicy, Big Poppa, Hypnotize, etc. Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems is another one that still gets me dancing. I know there are a few more I enjoyed listening to, but I haven’t actually listened to Big in a while…I’ll rectify that :o)

    Great post as always, Reecie

  11. I’m a southern girl, so I was all over Outkast during my teen years. And I was in love with Tupac,so, I came upon Biggie a little later than the die hard fans. Still, my fave Biggie joints…
    Dead Wrong remix w/Eminem
    Big Poppa
    One More Chance remix
    Biggie verse on Can’t You See(Total)

  12. D. Mitch says:

    I see ya Reecie…we featured a lot of the same songs (which I’m not surprised about), but I can’t believe that you forgot the joint Livin the Life from the Duets CD. *don’t worry…I gotcha ;)* Honestly, that’s the favorite on there.

    My favorite of all time is Fuckin You Tonite, and then You’re Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You).

    I agree with the masses. Great Post!

  13. Erika says:

    Wow.. I got chills looking at these videos. I can’t even with the memories!

    My stepfather was a DJ, and one night he brought his CDs home because of some project or whatever. Sure enough, I stole both Ready To Die and Life After Death right from under his nose! He never figured out what happened to ’em.. but not only do I still have them, I still wear them out every now and again. “Notorious Thugs,” “Big Poppa,” “F’n You,” “Warning,” (shoutout to you remembering Nasty Girl, too! With JE? Yeeeeeeeees!) all kinds of tracks soundtracked my youngin years. I do truly adore Biggie, and the memories his music gives me. 🙂

  14. Cryssy says:

    as always great post – i am so late i feel like everything has been said. Fuckin’ You Tonight is one of my favorite Big songs that and Notorious Thugz…

  15. MilanRouge says:

    I meant to come in here yesterday with my comment but…haven’t been feeling well. Anyway, in SPITE of the east coast/west coast beef that was prominent back then I was/am a Biggie fan as are most of the ppl I grew up with. When he was killed I was saddened, hurt and yes…I cried. Just like I did for Pac. So yesterday I bumped him pretty much alll day and watched MTV Jams video tribute to him. RIP Big.

    My favs are Juicy, Miss U, Going Back to Cali (LOL!, One More Chance and Sky’s the Limit.

    I remember very vividly my dance crew (yes…I was in a dance crew for most of high school) did a hip hop piece to Going Back to Cali. Twas HOT if I do say so myself! LOL…memories.

    I’ll give Notorious Thugz an honorable mention as well. Its amazing the vivid memories I have of being a teen and how certain songs take me back to exactly what I was doing when I heard them played. For instance the day I turned in my 11th grade class project (which was basically the make or break project for the year…either you pass or fail off that)…me and my girls got in my best friend’s car turned on Notorious Thugz and went and got chili cheeseburgers and fries from Tam’s…TURNT UP because we were “done” with that project. LOL…crazy.

  16. MilanRouge says:

    I forgot to add that I tagged you for the Sunshine Award for blogs that inspire on my site. I don’t have the direct link but its the post before today. 😉 Keep up the good work, dsands!

  17. […] Ya Game: I wrote on my BIG tribute post how much I love this one. heavy rotation over […]

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