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Cuz I’m back on my grind…

on April 8, 2010

“money back on my mind, Ye and Killa Cam, the world is mine!”

so I just read the other day that Kanye is working on a new album–coming out this summer. June I think? all over it. my fave is Late Registration, and I briefly mentioned it in a past blog post–but I do acknowledge the impact College Dropout had on hip hop and the past decade.

I stand by my belief that Kanye is a better producer than rapper, but his flow has evolved immensely and in between albums he has put out some dope verses on remixes and features. Some featured in other posts like Kinda Like a Big Deal, Put On remix, and Run This Town.

Asshole aside, he’s genius to me. I look forward to seeing what he has to offer this go round musically.

Btw, I did NOT ever listen to 808s & Heartbreak so I cant’ speak on that but…here are some of my other faves  from his other 3 HIP HOP cds.

I’ve already blogged about Flashing Lights, We Major, Two Words, Spaceship, and Champion…here are a few more I dig! only a few being as I have already mentioned a bunch of tracks that I love!

“why is everything that’s supposed to be bad, makes me feel so good?” DAMN GOOD QUESTION.

Home has been my SHAT since I first heard of Kanye West and downloaded some advance tracks for College Dropout. this song was not put on the release and was reworked for Graduation as “Homecoming”. This version with John Legend is WAY better!

come on ya’ll knew I had to mention this cuz it features Hov! the song is hot with and without him…

stop all ya bloodclot cryin!~ Hov

“I be there in 5 minutes…5 hours later: I’ll be there in 5 minutes.” Grrr. late people irk me, I hate being late myself–but I love this song. It may be my favorite Kanye song. “hmm I’ll be on time for that!” LOL

I am realizing that I feature ‘Ye in a lot of my posts! that’s influence! I guess that makes me officially a fan, huh? lol. The relevancy of his music to my life is very evident now that I’ve typed it all out…

so what are your favorites? (I probably listed them all, I OD’d with the link backs on this post!). Looking forward to the new release?

11 responses to “Cuz I’m back on my grind…

  1. Tunde says:

    that down and out track was the best song on purple haze. and purple haze had some bangers.

    kanye is a great rapper/producer. yeah he’s an asshole and i personally think he makes questionable fashion choices, but his musical prowess can’t be denied.

    “i’m so chi that you thought i was bashful.” c’mon. lol

    i’m definitely looking forward to his new cd. 808’s and heartbreaks wasn’t actually that bad. it took a while for it to grow on me but its definitely 4th in his catalog.

    my favorite kanye tracks are:

    -jesus walks
    -two words
    -touch the sky

  2. Streetztalk says:

    You need to listen to 808s and heartbreak. its different but the points and music he displays speak to you personally. i know a few tracks you;d dig. Trust me.

    Kanye is an underrated Emcee. I think just because hes a better producer because he’s top 3 right now, but Kanye spits some crazy lyrics, especially when you dissect it.

    One of my favorite songs is 2 words. Check how he breaks it down. Genius!

    Great post! I thik the new album is called ” A good ass job” after graduation, hahaha!

  3. Reecie says:

    Two Words is one of my favorites mentioned–I prefer Mos’ verse but I will revisit to pay attention to Ye.

    I have 808s so maybe I’ll check it out one day, ya’ll.

  4. Nick_L_Odeon says:

    “man, i tried to stop man, i tried the best i could but…”
    that song applies to me and my life on some #realish right now..

    am i reading it wrong, or did you just say that Mos has a verse on “two words”.. because i just might check it out for him..
    i’m not a fan of commercial music.. don’t know why, i don’t listen to the radio much.. and just musically live in my bubble of “good music”.. HOWEVER, i am open.. and will check these out.. (soon as my computer no longer has that herpes.. UGH!)

    thanks for the recommendations..(spell check..)

  5. Reecie says:

    @ Nick_L_Odeon–yes the song’s first verse is by Mos Def! check it out. I believe I linked a post above that has a youtube for the song…

  6. Ms. Minx says:

    Yeah, it took a minute for 808’s to grow on me, too. The others were instant hits!

    Some of my faves, apart from the usual (Flashing Lights – I Love the remix with Raheem D, too, All Falls Down, Workout Plan, etc)

    Never Let Me Down – It reminds me of my sister 🙂
    Bring Me Down – Tight verses, plus It has Brandy on it
    Champion :o)
    Jesus Walks
    Roses – This one kinda grew on me, I don’t listen to it often, but I love the sample/melody
    Celebration – I like his flow on this one. Cocky as heck, lol!!

  7. Ok I am JAMMING to “Down and Out” right now. This is one of my favorite ‘Ye beats. I understood the motivation behind 808s & Heartbreak as a catharsis, but I didn’t listen to it much either. I did like “Heartless” and “Amazing” though.

    Some of my favorite Ye songs are

    Touch the Sky
    We Major (it’s the horns. I love horns)
    Gold Digger (that beat was NUTS!)
    School Spirit (reminds me of my college days)
    Bring Me Down
    Glory (Kanye at his cockiest)
    Through the Wire (I heard the ORIGINAL version when he was actually spitting through the wired jaw. I knew then that Kanye would be a beast.)
    My Way

  8. Kleankut says:

    first off i sent you 808&heartbreaks lik 6months ago what you waiting for?

    yeah i agree Late Registration is his best body of work in my opinion, College Dropout was groundbreaking but pure lyrical content LR had it beat in my opinion.

    I was listening to Run This town the other day and i cam to conclusion that verse was prolly his hotest/baddest verse of his rap career. He definitely blacked out and went-in on that verse. I looked up lyrics and every bar is genuis and there are no pause monthes in his verse. anytime critics liken it to Renagade, in the fact hat he outshined Jay-z, its def his best or atleast in his top 3 verses of his whole career.

    Late was a dope track, i don’t understand why it was labeled as hidden track on the cd and why a vido was not made for it

  9. Jdot says:

    You really outta just try 808 and Heartbreaks. Its not as bad as you think. lol “Paranoid” is my shit.

    College Dropout will always be my album. That shit blew a fresh air into hip hop in 04.

  10. Donald says:

    We Major
    Good Life (yeah I still bangs to that)
    Heard Em’ Say
    Heavy Hitters <—undercover banger
    Through the Wire (don't act like you ain't get krunk when he dropped Delta in the song lol)

    But yeah, I didn't like 808s either. It was too much not true 'Ye and while you don't have to be the same all throughout your career, the new look wasn't a good one for him. So I heard it and it got removed immediately. But I still respect his flow and he's still in the top 10 for me easily…

  11. […] Feedback: I’ve stated on a previous blog post, I haven’t listened to 808s, so you already know I can’t vote at all,  I mean I can […]

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