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I love Swizz Beatz…

on May 10, 2010


I’m serious though. I care nothing about that man’s personal life. but it dawned on me one day at the gym that on my “dance hard” playlist–which has really morphed into workout mix pt. 2 (since I don’t really dance around the house for the hell of it anymore) has a BUNCH of Swizz Beatz songs.

After listening to “It’s Me Bitches remix” this morning, I realized I haven’t ever posted on a producer in particular–I mean I have ‘Ye posts galore and recently did a post on Pharrell–but as artists, not just the production.

so anyway,  its not about who’s the best, or who’s the hottest but FOR ME, Swizzy has made hits and bangers that span good times in my life. So its pretty safe for me to say with confidence that I love him. so here are a few:

Ruff Ryders Anthem remix: you CANNOT deny how hard this song still goes!

Banned from TV: nuff said. one of the best rap collabos ever.

Jigga My Nigga: on my Hov top 10–if such a list existed, I mean I kinda tally them up in my mind and this song will always be a personal fave of mine.

Get it on the floor– DMX: seriously, if you want to see me dance like my life depends on it– play this song. #sosincere #Ishutitdown LOL

Bring Em Out and I’m A Hustler: ok the 2 for 1 Hov samples for Tip & Cassidy; you can’t deny that Swizz made those lines, hot songs!!!

Spit Ya Game: I wrote on my BIG tribute post how much I love this one. heavy rotation over here.

I can Transform Ya– Chris Brown: Breezy is still being blackballed in the industry, but I fux with Graffiti, and this track.

Teenage Love Affair remix– Alicia Keys ft. LL Cool J: I just found out this was him while writing this post but I’ve always liked this track–much better than the original. the old school hip hop element saved this song…

Nasty Girl– Ludacris ft. Plies: ok just found out he produced this one too–but it has multiple plays on my ipod for a reason. now I understand. lol

Check Up on It & Get Me Bodied– Beyonce: official #bootytoot songs that are on my playlist.

Tambourine– Eve: another on my playlist that just makes me miss Eve every time I hear it.

I  looked up his production credits–you cannot deny how many bangers he has put out! I always hear the “all his beats sound the same” yea some of them do… BUT SO WHAT? LOL. Peep another fave from the 90s below.

He’s produced a host of songs for Bey, Jay, DMX, Cassidy and many more artists not featured here. I didn’t type them all plus–what would you have to contribute in the comments? Let me know some of your faves.

11 responses to “I love Swizz Beatz…

  1. DCBuppie says:

    Don’t forget “Who’s Phony, Who’s Fake!” That cranks! 😛

  2. Reecie says:

    that is a good one! especially the ruff ryder remix of it…

  3. yeah i eff’s with swizz. that money, cash, hoes track was my favorite on the life and times. he’s a great producer.

  4. Streetztalk says:

    Lets not also forget Drag-On and Juves Down Bottom, Spit these Bars, My N*ggas!!!

    Swizzys song “Where da cash at” was TUFF too and Shine (this was featured in grand theft auto 4 and for whatever reason didnt get much radio burn but that track GOES!)

    Great Post!

  5. nyhoop says:

    Wow, didn’t realize Swizzy did “Banned from TV!” That’s a classic. Hands Down!

  6. Ms.Minx says:

    Get it on the Floor? Oh, I can’t dance to that in public, no suh, lol!! And yay to the ‘Yonce bootytoot songs :p

    I also didn’t realize he’d produced a lot of these. Good list, Reecie!
    He did a “Bring ’em Out” with T.I too ❤ that one.

  7. kleankut says:

    Good post, was never a big swizz fan always seemed cheesy/corny/comical to me for some reason. Never someone I would mention is discussion of hip-hop producers lol, I guess bc most of his stuff is very commercial/heavy radio play type tracks. But now you mentioned him he does have a few worthy credits on his resume, I’ll give him that, but still would make my list of top/fav producers lol *kanyeshrug*

  8. MilaRouge says:

    I agree about Swizzy! Um I need to hear that Teenage Love Affair remix. Had no idea there was one….hmmm

  9. Erika says:


    “Money, Cash, Hoes”, “Get Me Bodied,” “Check Up On It,” “Get It On The Floor”… I live for those.

    I’m embarrassed by how hype I just got at my desk.

    Good stuff, Reecie!

  10. vixen says:

    Down Bottom goes hard

    I love Swizz beats too

  11. […] know I don’t do this dude at all. I’m talking Gucci, not Swizz yall already know I love him. I’ve seen this joint on 106 & Park but never paid attention to the song. but yea, this […]

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