The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

I solemnly swear…

on May 27, 2010

To change my approach, stop shavin coke
Stay away from hoes, put down the toast
Cause I be doin the most.. oh no!

I’m livin proof that crime do pay
Say hooray to the bad guy, and all the broads
Puttin cars in they name for the stars of the game
Puttin ‘caine in they bras and their tomorrows on the train
All in the name of love
Just to see that love locked in chains and the family came
Over the house to take back, everything that they claimed
Or even the worst pain is the distress
Learnin you’re the mistress only after that love gets slain
And the anger and the sorrow mixed up leads to mistrust
Now it gets tough to ever love a-gain

One of my favorites, classic  Hov!  And awesome Neptunes production, gotta love it.

8 responses to “I solemnly swear…

  1. although i’m as big a hov fan as they come i just wasn’t feeling the black album like that. i mean it was cool but if i had to rank his 11 albums it would fall somewhere in the middle. this track is tight though.

  2. anson1 says:

    Favorite of mine as well. Top 5 favorite song from The Black Album.

  3. Streetz says:

    Starring role in Hovito’s way!

    You know im partial to the Black Album 99 problems 😉

  4. Reecie says:

    yeah The Black Album isn’t one of my favorites overall, but Allure is def top 5 favorite tracks ever–if I had such a list 😉

    and yes Streetz, that was a dope video! 🙂

  5. Jdot1911 says:

    I can listen to this record all day…literally…

    Black Album..My 2nd favorite album….

  6. Quick Note on Allure… Alot of people slept on how real this joint was.

    “Even the worst pain is to distress, learning you’re the mistress only after that love been slain, and the anger and the sorrow mixed up leads to mistrust, now it gets tough to ever love again, but the allure of the game, keeps calling ya name to all the Lauras in the world, I feel your pain to all the christies in every city and Tiffany Lane – we all hustlers in love with the same game”.

    Tiffany Lane is the legal name for Charlie Baltimore. Charlie was BIG’s sidepiece. After BIG died, she was with Jay. Jay was in love with this chick. So when he talks about “even the worst pain… and the anger and the sorrow… now it gets tough to ever love again”… he’s talking about their relationship.

    How you feel about that Hov and Drake that just leaked. Hov had a couple lines on there…

  7. Reecie says:

    Yeah, I knew Tiffany Lane was Charli, and of course got the mistress line, but never knew Jay was with her afterwards. Interesting…

  8. kleankut says:

    one of my fav jay tracks, ironically i did not feel it until years later. In lik 2006 i started feeling it. We all have habits/things/lifestyles we tend to do/become addicted to and never realize it until something happens(or its too late) then we be like “damn why am i dong this??” so until i had that moment i never could relate to the song

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