The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

oooh your love it is so good…

on June 3, 2010

so good that…closer.

I don’t want to give you up
But I don’t want to hold you up
I don’t want ambiguous
I just know that I’ve had enough

I want you to travel with me
Lay loose and let your mind go free
Show you things that you’ve never seen
But you just got to go with me…

I want to I want to
I want to I want to
Near at hand
I want to I want to
I want to get close you
I want to I want to

Lay down what’s impeding you cause I want to get close to you…

I don’t want to give you up
But I’m tired of the pull and push
I’m tired of the making up
Don’t you feel that you’ve had enough?

I want you to journey with me
Explore all the hidden scenes
I don’t mind just a bit of tension
But we’ve got to move in the same direction…

I just had to go on ahead and list practically all the lyrics. yeah. they are speaking to me today.

so when I reviewed CBR’s latest album here, I said that this song had potential be my new “Breathless”. A new fave, and it so is–on this album anyway! Still the standout on The Sea. So infectious and cutesy, and just pure infatuation and pure Corinne. I loves it. Still.

Oh, your love is so good that I want to show you
Don’t make me responsible for something that you can’t find
Ooooh, your love it is so good
So good that…closer

even without knowing the words the song just SOUNDS so happy and hopeful. I feel like it should definitely be featured in a romantic comedy…


4 responses to “oooh your love it is so good…

  1. I absolutely love her voice. Always have.

  2. K. Rock says:

    I do really like this song. I couldn’t get into the album though. Maybe I should try again.

  3. i hardly watch the monique show but some people were tweeting about it last night so i turned and she performed last night. CBR has a beautiful voice and i love both her albums.

  4. Cryssy says:

    Reecie I can’t say it enough thank you for introducing me to her!!! THIS SONG HERE IS ALL OF THAT AND THEN SOME

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