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Everybody is a star…

on June 11, 2010

I wrote a series awhile back when I first started about men I love they included TI, Phonte, Loso, and Robin Thicke. Plus everyone that knows me knows I love Hov and Raheem Devaughn so they went without individual posts because…well I talk about them in a bunch of posts, lol. However I failed to mention Black Thought…one of my favorite emcees. I’ve talked about The Roots in several random posts here and there, including this one featuring one of my favorite songs by them Stay Cool.

I didn’t really become a serious Roots fanatic until about 2004–the first time I saw them live. Their live show made me a believer. I saw them again in 07 I believe, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself once again. Its really rare that artists these days put on a compelling show–especially a hip hop show; and The Roots show is just so action packed, so fun, so funky…its a full experience.   So then I downloaded Homegrown: The Beginners Guide to  Understanding The Roots, volumes 1 & 2 and decided to get REALLY FAMILIAR. I’ve been buying their CDs ever since.

In the last post about them I mentioned a new album but it didn’t come out last summer…it is definitely supposed to come out this year, and I dig this song with John Legend, Doin it Again. Click the link to You Heard that New for the download…


so anyway, everyone knows Break You Off and You Got Me–two of their biggest commercial hits, My absolute fave is The Seed 2.0, which I dont know, but just is so funky to me–must be that Cody Chestnutt. Rising Up, was a good single from their last release that gave Wale shine with Chrisette on the hook… of course older hits The Next MovementWhat They Do, and What You Want must be mentioned as well. Their catalog is just so huge its too many songs to name. But peep a little ditty that caught my attention because I love things crass. Its not even a crass song–but the title might give a few pause. lol

some lyrics:

Yo desire and lust can make a man kill
Or jump off the bridge cuffed to a muthafuckin’ anvil
So it’s promoted like that’s all ya’ll know
Keep a nigga under the spell: you under control
But Yo I seen it make people slit they wrists
Weakness! pussy make a spot sing secrets
But what for, cause sex is the law, law
And done been many an empire to rise and fall
From the Squares to the Players to the Pimps and Whores
To big checks that never would have been endorsed
You know, I sit back and just peep things
9 out of 10 it’s the same song, only the beat change!

You see, life’s about marketing Pussy Galore
Every time I turn around it’s more Pussy Galore
Nations goin’ to war for the Pussy Galore
Either the cash, the raw or the Pussy Galore
Yo, gang wars? more Pussy galore
From the screen to the record store Pussy Galore
Every time I turn around it’s more Pussy Galore
Either the cash, the raw or the Pussy Galore…

well, if that ain’t the truth…I don’t know what is! Are you are a fan of The Roots? I also happen to love that on their CDs they feature other Philly rappers (like Peedi Crakk,  love his voice for some reason) and just other dope artists that aren’t exactly mainstream. I’m looking forward to the new CD…


5 responses to “Everybody is a star…

  1. Black Thought is my favorite rapper. Dude is so slept on that it’s almost criminal. “Everybody is a star” is a dope song period. Anytime you sample Sly and the Family Stone you can’t go wrong.

  2. kleankut says:

    things fall apart and roots come alive are my fav albums. they are definitely the hardest working most underrated band in the industry. i saw them live twice and they def put on a show, i recommend everyone see them atleast twice!!

    *random hip-hop fact: the original name of the group was ‘Square Roots’ they shortened it to ‘the roots’

    also check out the sample used for ‘star’ its by Sly and family stones ‘everybody is a star’

  3. Tracie says:

    I love the roots. “Break you off” and “Hot Music” is my favorite. I need to check out more of their cds. I am in this rap mood and listening to a lot of Mos Def.

  4. Streetz says:

    Roots are cool with me! RESPECT!

  5. anson1 says:

    So agreeing with you on this post. My personal favorite by The Roots is “Do You Want More?” but I love all of their albums. Also agreed that everyone should see them at least 2wice. Top 5 best bands I’ve ever seen live.

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