The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

You send chills up my spine…

on June 15, 2010

…every time I take one look at you and ooooooh, and I like it!

peep the old school Soul Train coverage…

“I like the way you comb your hair
And I like those stylish clothes you wear
It’s just the little things you do
That show how much you really care

Like when I’m all alone with you
You know exactly what to do
You put that fire inside of me
And make it more than just a dream”

y’all I love this song! Just felt like sharing because it came on my iPod and I got excited.  “I Like It”  was released in 1983 on their second studio album All This Love.  Collectively and individually the DeBarge family made music and had hits for most of the 80s and beyond. Ask ya mama if she had a crush on El, shoot ask me if I had a crush on Chico and I’ll give you “hell  yesssss!” El gives me life with his falsetto on this one! yes indeed!

peep another one of my favorite songs when I was a little girl below–and its a Solid Gold performance!!! I used to love that show!

I had no clue what he was singing about, but when I was about 4 years old that didn’t matter much.  🙂

8 responses to “You send chills up my spine…

  1. Tiffany says:

    Yepper, I was going to marry him too and have lil El’s. You forget “Time Will Reveal”.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  2. I LOVED me some Solid Gold. I wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer. And I loved everything that Debarge ever had to say. Yup…that about sums it up! Thanks for this. It’s better to be singing this in my head all day than Toto’s Africa…which was on repeat in my mind.

  3. Donald says:

    Reecie…you already know. DeBarge was my GROUP! I Like It, All This Love, Love Me in a Special Way, Time Will Reveal….and A Dream of course.

    They were one of the few high pitched sangin groups that ain’t get the side eye from me back in the day. LOL

  4. tisha says:

    “i like it” is such a fun song! 🙂

    for me, though, NOTHING beats “love me in a special way.” girl, that man said “cause i’m special…not the average kind….” then he said “so reach into your chain of thoughts…and try to find something new…cause what worked what so well for you before, for ME (emphasis mine) it just won’t do.” you gotta respect that!! LOL! that and “all this love” are my faves. shoot, i even liked’ el’s solo cut “where you are.” so yeah, i’m a fan! lol!

  5. anson1 says:

    Thank you for this, Reecie. Like you, I didn’t have clue one what he was singing about. But whatever. I love DeBarge. I love Switch even more.

  6. Cryssy says:

    so many gems in the DeBarge collection!!! Listening to them and many other like Atlantic Starr, Comodores, EWF, and a host of other groups reminds me I was born in the wrong time!!!

    Reecie you know I am a lyrics girl and to me that is what made DeBarge so good is the lyrics said and meant something!

    As always Sis great selection

  7. My 28 Cents says:

    Rhythm of the night – classic!
    Wasn’t it also in the movie the Last Dragon? I think that’s where I first heard it.

  8. Monique says:

    Can I just say, when he sang these on the BET awards, I was gettin my dance on hard in my bedroom like Soul Train was on

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