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I Want U…

on June 18, 2010

you already know.  its Friday.

this remix is all I could find on YT, not bad but I prefer the original beat…

Baby, Baby,
I’m on fire.
Your caress,
Takes me higher.
I can’t control it,
Can’t keep quiet,
And I don’t want to,
Make me louder.
Make me baby,
I’m here.
I’m ready for anything.
What’s your call?
I’m your solider.
Your lover.
Your child’s mother.
And I Want U.

Floetry were the queens of the sexy. A good percentage of their music is qualified for #freakyfriday but I’ll only share a handful…and I ask that you all contribute more in the comments.

the last freaky friday male edition post included a mention to Freakin’ Me by Jamie Foxx–and yes that song is post-Floetry as a duo, but Marsha is the songstress behind the hits so I’m saying its eligible… Below are a few others that I enjoy.

Marathon: featuring the lovely ladies by my favorite r&b hippie neo soul rockstar 🙂

Say Yes: “Don’t deny what you feel let me undress you baby” the quintessential anxious sex song. I love when The Floacist says “is that alright? baby…” at the beginning.

“all you gotta do is say yes” isn’t really coercion…is it?

Getting Late: the on and off again/im confused/what are we doing here-sexy song “It’s getting late. Why you gotta be here? Beside me. Watching, needing, wanting me… But I’m afraid, you say don’t be.” then the adlibs at the end?    Marsha went off on some Jill Scott kinda stuff right there… I dig it, I’ve been there. ok moving on…

Imagination: as soon as the beat drops, you know is gonna be sexy. I could just quote all the lyrics of this one…but I’ll just give you a taste

Open your mind,
Let your knowingness free.
I’m your favorite melody.
Listen to me.
Inside me is the universe.
Lets explore.
Searching for evidence,
Of a higher life force.

Floetry were great together–I had the privilege of seeing them live a many years ago–I think before their second album, and it was a great performance. Its unfortunate that they  broke up; I really liked their dynamic together but I’m sure Marsha will continue greatness solo.

Freaky enough? Happy Friday. 🙂

11 responses to “I Want U…

  1. Jubilance says:

    I love Floetry…I saw them in Atlanta right around the time their 2nd (and sadly their last) album dropped, & I loved every minute of their show. I love how their songs could be sexy but not trashy…too many artists don’t have that ability.

    Great post as usual Reecie.

  2. i love floetry as well. saw them live at dream (dating myself) a little after i graduated college. they were great. good songs. say yes is definitely one of my favorite songs by them. hell one of my favorite songs period. good post.

  3. tisha says:

    yessssssss! for my money, “imagination” and “i want u”>”say yes.” maybe because “say yes” was so played out and the other two i had no knowledge of until i listened to the cd. those are on my #itshallnotbenamed playlist (:silly:).

    i loved the realness of floetry. they sang (rapped?) about some real stuff! like my other favorite, “ms. stress.” when that chick sang “it’s better that it hurts…it’s better that it feels this way to me…i can’t be too comfortable, cuz loving you is” chile BANG! realness.

    p.s. that “i’m your favorite melody…listen to me.” line? THE.HOTTEST.EVAR.

  4. Reecie says:

    yeah I agree Tisha, those two songs top Say Yes. and yesssss it was sooo played out on the radio. over done, but now I can appreciate it again.

  5. I, too, love Floetry. Say Yes is one of my favorite. I just listened to about 10 minutes ago for the first time in months, and it just… moved me. lol.
    Great post, Reecie!

  6. Cryssy says:

    Sis I love this group — floetry’s music is all about sex and seduction. I saw them live in Balitimore with Ms. Badu and Marsha is a BAD BISH!!!

    I would like to STAMP Tisha’s post…allofthatthereandthensome

  7. Reecie says:

    I think when I saw them it was with Badu also! I couldn’t remember if it was her, or Jill Scott, so I left it out of my post. But I do believe it was Badu…

  8. anson1 says:

    Great post, Reecie! Not sure how everyone missed “

  9. anson1 says:

    Sorry about that. I was saying how did everyone miss “Lay Down”,”Butterflies”, “If I Was A Bird” etc.? I had the pleasure of seeing them live when they first came out along with Jill Scott. Like the rest of you, I hate they’re not together anymore. Not only because they work so well together but because nobody sounds like them.

  10. Erika says:

    “Imagination” goes so unbelievably hard… I truly love it. “So let me nurture your reality…. it’s time to roll, baby…” Mmm, mm, mm..

    Y’all are killing me downplaying the greatness that is “Say Yes,” though. Y’all shoulda learned forever ago that the radio will ruin anything even remotely good, LOLOL.

  11. lova says:

    Great post…as always! I really love Floetry & unfortunately slept on them for many years. “Feelings” is one other fave of mine & will often move me to big, ole, crocodile tears. Never been sure if it was the song or…yah. THAT. *sigh*

    I, too, mourn their break-up. Maybe they’ll reunite one day…they’re better together! (IMO)

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