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You know we had to freak this…

on July 5, 2010

muthaeffin remix!

this is my favorite song right now.

“tellin all her friends that Dream go hard, you aint heard the album? she like, oh my god!”

I told my girl Milan that I would review the new CD, but I’d also like to speak on The-Dream in general. I am a fan of his music. He is not the best singer–like not AT ALL. But he is a good producer and definitely knows how to make hits. In addition to his own music, he has produced some of my faves from Electrik Red, Rihanna, etc. and you can pretty much know that any remix that the Radio Killa makes or is featured on is gonna be a banger. Hence this “Love King” joint. The original I do like, but it pales in comparison to the “muthaeffin remix” and with Luda on it…again Luda is one of fave remix kings after Jeezy and Fabolous; all of which The-Dream has made songs with. That Throw it in the bag remix still goes hard, which samples one of my favorite songs below…

The-Dream is heavily and most obviously influenced by Prince and R. Kelly. His first CD is where his Prince influence shined thru, and Kelly on the second to me; you definitely get the vibe of both on this third project. While all of his albums so far have the word LOVE in their title,  make no mistake, majority of his stuff is simp music. Then cocky/flossy, with the rest is bitter man music. But it works.

Here are others that I just love (I must admit I’m partial to the first CD):

I Luv Your Girl: My absolute favorite, super cocky and bold.

Falsetto: I remember when this one came out, I would play it over and over. I don’t know why but this my shit!

Fancy: my second fave, simp music.

Shawty is da Shit: my reason for liking this is  kinda self explanatory. “you should tip me” is something I have been saying to myself when I cook a good meal, just for the hell of it now because of this song.

Nikki: bitter man music right here.

Put it Down: I mean the title says it all. “and when they ask bout me, say he put it down, put it down put it down…is he any good from the back?” LOL “can I sing like Usher no, but I can make you sing like Mariah”

Fast Car: I mean, can the influence of “Little Red Corvette” be any more obvious?! This is a catchy little ditty that I can’t help but love. I dig the car metaphor…

In addition to the song featured above for this post, others on the latest album that I enjoy the most are Florida University (Eff You–again bitter man music), F.I.L.A. (Fall In Love Again), Turnt Up (this one you can def hear the Prince influence), Sex Intelligent–some of his cockiest lyrics yet, and Make Up Bag–now that I know its not about the case you put makeup in! #dontjudgeme.

Some of his most crass, disturbing, and confusing lyrics come from songs like Panties to the Side, Abyss, and Take Care of Me–kinda deep, but possessive much? The last two give me “craaaazy deraaanged” vibes.

He definitely uses “bitch” very often, and not necessarily in an empowering way. If you are offended by that, then this CD isn’t for you. All in all, its a decent CD. Love King played solo, or in conjuction with some of The-Dream’s other projects makes for good beats, interesting lyrics, and catchy hooks.

The-Dream is definitely someone with a flair for the dramatic and tends to do “the most” with many of these lyrics, but what I like about him is that his arrogance is so in your face its amusing. He also isn’t afraid to simp, and I mean who doesn’t love a trick?! LMAO. From my understanding all of the CDs relate, so playing them together works. Like I said, I’m a fan. The-Dream definitely entertains if nothing else!

I like Love/Hate the best, but this one has the slight edge on  Love vs. Money to me. I’ve been told that its as good as the first one. Not sure if I agree with that yet. What do you think–have you heard Love King? do you like, dislike?

9 responses to “You know we had to freak this…

  1. K. Rock says:

    I have heard from several people that his cd’s are good (esp. the first one) but I haven’t given them a shot yet. I will say that I do really like alot of the singles he releases. And I really like Electrik Red’s album. I just don’t know if I could listen to him for a WHOLE album. I may give it a try though.

  2. Chavon says:

    This is like the 50-11th time the Dream’s name has been brought up. I have his 2nd album which is pretty dopes, and I’m sure the first one is too b/c I liked all the singles. What he released from his 3rd joint, I’m not really feeling.

    Excellent singer, he is not…but as you said, he can write and produce very well.

    *goes to listen to Falsetto*

  3. streetztalk says:

    Love King GOES!

    My favorite out of the 3 is Love Vs Money. I truly feel he got jerked out of a grammy. wow.

    Either way I concur on your views but I do think Love v Money si the best.

  4. Cryssy says:

    he is by far the worst singer EVER but his music makes me want to dance, sway my hips, dip down and all of that…

    Playin’ In Her Hair is a favorite of mine… I Luv Your girl is def #onmycockyshit… Purple Kisses is another favorite of his -“you got your hair done i’m about to mess that shit up” oh and Sweat It Out…..yesss

    Can’t wait to hear the new one

  5. Ms. Minx says:

    Haven’t heard Love King, but I definitely bump quite a few of his songs, with Falsetto being pretty high up on the list. Can’t remember what the title is right now, but the song that goes “Call Leticia your beautician”…goes! Cracks me up every time! Lol. I heard the “Make up bag” song once. Hated it with all my soul, lol. I hope the rest of the CD is better!

  6. Reecie says:

    @Minx, the song you are talking about is Sweat it Out. and I didn’t like Make Up Bag either until I really listened to the words, and I was just tickled that TI was on it because in my mind I imagine that he’s had to drop several stacks to “make up” to Tiny in the past, so it fit. LOL

  7. tisha says:

    I concur with the A portion (like we in Church, lol) of Cryssy’s first sentence. That is all. LOL!

  8. a lot of people hate on love king but i’m a fan. i listened to the whole album today from beginning to end. my favorite track on the album has to be abyss (i have my own reasons) but the way he says “now cry till you drown your face, B*TCH i give a damn how harsh this may seem.” is hilarious to me.

    after abyss my other favorite tracks are sex intelligent, florida university, priceless and yamaha.

    like you i’m a fan of his entire catalog. for me the order goes love vs money > love/hate > love king. i know you disagree with the fact that love vs money is better than love/hate but that’s ok too.

  9. MilanRouge says:

    Damn! Ok. Finally getting a chance to come in and read the review! Thanks for putting it down Reecie-cup! I agree wholeheartedly with all you said about The Dream. Not the best singer by a long shot, but he entertains me and makes hits. I think I actually like this album 3rd best after Love vs. Money and then Love/Hate. Just off of overall songs that I bump on repeat over and over. This album has less of that for me than others but I do enjoy it. He’s crass as all get out sometimes but….I love it. LOL! Love King remix goes all the way hard!

    Some of my favs from him in general are: Purple Kisses, I Luv Your Girl, Fancy, Shawty is a 10, Rockin that Thang, Love King, Makeup Bag, Sex Intelligent (I love this damn term…truly I do), All Black Everything, FILA, Put It Down, Sweat It Out, Mr. Yeah, Fast Car…..ok. I don’t even think I named all my favs but as you can see Love vs. Money is my fav album of his LOL!!!

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