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Necessary Commentary: A Meeting of Two Musical Minds

on July 13, 2010

hello fam!

I teamed up with my e-homegirl LaBakir per her suggestion to do a dialogue/commentary on two songs of her choice about love, then two songs of my choice. Please visit her site Euphoric Ears here, and show her some love for coming up with this great concept!  She is very well versed on old school music, and has a very cool site that is knowledge based. I really appreciate that about her blog.We will do more of these in the future, so feel free to provide suggestions. 🙂 so here is Necessary Commentary Pt1: Love Songs.

Our commentary will be split into two parts, each rap session containing two songs. We’ll discuss our opinions and drop some knowledge on a variety of music related topics such as, lyrics, vocals and production.
Her song choices; “Maybe Tomorrow” by the Jackson 5 and “Out My Mind, Just In Time” by Erykah Badu. My selections include: “Mary’s Joint” by Mary J. Blige and “Last First Kiss” by Tamia.

LaBakir: This is one of my fav songs period. The first 10 seconds or so was sampled by Ghostface for his joint ft. Mary “All That I Got Is You”. I don’t think J5 receive enough credit for this sample.

Reecie: I had no idea this was the song they sampled, or maybe I did and forgot. Well I appreciate the education.

LaBakir: This is a well written song. The lyrics are just beautiful. “I don’t know how many stars there are, up in the heavenly skies. I only know my heaven is here on earth each time you look in my eyes”. Berry Gordy and The Corporation did a swell job on this one. I’m surprised the song wasn’t more successful when it was released.

MJ’s voice is effing amazing. It adds to the cathartic experience of the song. The softness in his voice expresses his sincerity. But then he totally switches gears from a soft whisper to a soulful shout. It shows his unwavering hope that maybe his girl will come back to him. His love for this girl is serious.

You’re all I need to get by. No one else can make me cry.” Michael you make me cry! Those lyrics get me everytime! I was listening to this song one day and it literally brought tears to my eyes. And I ain’t no punk about my sh*t. I just don’t go around crying for no good reason.

Reecie: Well I’m totally a crybaby but I agree, his vocals definitely stir up emotion in me. And I like when he says “maybe tomorrow you will change your mind” with such conviction.

LaBakir: Peep at the 2:05 mark when his brother’s play him and say “maybe she won’t“! How foul is that? There’s always a somebody there to throw salt. Morton’s.

And here comes Jermaine aka The Best Looking Jackson. Yes, I’m a Jermaine Stan. He’s the only one who can go toe to toe with MJ. After all, he was originally the lead singer of the Jacksons. And he plays bass guitar. But I digress. His back and forth with Michael is classic. “Sing it, sing it, sing it, yeaaah” Get em boo!!!!

You are the book that I read each day” Did he just compare his girl to the freaking Bible or the Koran or the religious text of your choice?!!! That’s deep as hell. Those are panty dropping lyrics.

Reecie: They grew up Jehovah’s Witness, so that would be the Bible. And that is deep. Especially for them being so young. I’ve always thought as a child he sang about such raw adult emotions. It makes me sad to think about it, especially considering he never really had a normal childhood with puppy love or any of the things we take for granted during adolescence.

LaBakir: MJ’s final plead around 4:19 gives me chills. He’s holding on to what’s left, his last bit of hope…for dear life.

I mean, this is just a damn good song. Well written…excellent vocals…provokes emotion. What more could you ask for?

LaBakir: This song is like 10 minutes long because it’s three songs in one, but the first one which I’ll dub “Undercover Lover” shines.

I’m a recovering undercover over lover. Recovering from a love I can’t get over. And now my common law lover thinks he wants another.

The first time I listened to this track I had to roll those lyrics around in my head for a moment. So eloquently painful. The word “think” is key because its as though Badu is convinced that her man isn’t sure what he wants. And “undercover” can be played two ways: describing her as his side piece or them literally being under the covers.

Reecie: The first time I heard it, several friends and I dubbed it “Green Eyes Pt. 2” I think it fits, it definitely in the same vein…perfect for a last song on a CD.

LaBakir: I hear this song and picture Badu performing in a dimly lit, extremely small nightclub. Or better yet a speakeasy. The piano, the lyrics, the strings…all set the picture for a heartbroken jazz singer. Channeling Billie Holiday.

Reecie: Yes! Channeling Billie! With a flower in her hair. I can see it…

LaBakir: There’s a beautiful desperation in the lyrics. Badu lists all the things she’ll do for this man, yet he wants another woman. I’m sure we all had somebody who tickled our fancy, but just wasn’t trying to swing our way. And she says “Guess I’m a fool for you“. Denial is not just a river because she IS a fool for him.

Reecie: The bridge I dig the most:

And I’d lie for you,
and cry for you,
and pop for you,
and break for you,
and hate for you,
and I’ll hate you too
if you want me to

Especially the bolded–“I’ll hate you too, if you want me to.” WOW! Like look, I’ll even be the opposite of what I want to do…for you. Goes back to the ending “Guess I’m a fool for you” like you said.

LaBakir: I love, love, love the chopped and screwed part.

Reecie: Yeah that was pretty cool. Badu is so current and unexpectedly silly in her songs and I like that about her.

This was fun! My choices coming up next…


12 responses to “Necessary Commentary: A Meeting of Two Musical Minds

  1. TiffNicky says:

    I’ve never heard the Badu joint before. I need to play if back a few times to digest it. I love her though, her words paint a beautiful mess in my mind. Lol. Not sure if that makes sense to you, but it does to me.

    I didn’t grow up on the Jackson5. Mom’s wasn’t into music, so my tastes have been a bit different than most. But since his passing, I’ve listened to quite a few songs the J5 put out and I must say this one doesn’t disappoint. That man was talented.

  2. tisha says:

    Not a fan of that J5 joint (though Mike is my heart!), but that Badu joint is everything in the world. Maybe because I can totally relate. I recently got someone “out my mind just in time…” because that love became something that fed on my soul instead of nurturing it. There is a time to simply let go. But before that…I lived what she’s talkin’ about, down to the fool. Get it, Erykah!

  3. Ty says:

    Two fave songs! I have always loved Maybe Tomorrow, and when Ghost Face and Mary sampled it I litterally almost passed out! You guys hit it on the head~that’s love! Now this Out of My Mind Just in Time….(in my Clay Davis voice) SHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttt! Green Eyes part 2 is just what I thought! I love this combo guys…keep them coming!

  4. Cryssy says:

    What an amazing collaboration…. I really don’t have much to add you both nailed some great points. That hate you to line touches my inner being

  5. MilaRouge says:

    LOVE this idea and concept! Kudos ladies! I look foward to more. I love love love that Badu joint! I’m going to have to revisit the J5 joint and focus on some of the elements ya’ll picked out. Hmmmm.

  6. lova says:

    Um. Yanno I’m mostly musically illiterate. So, allow me to thank you both for 1) coming together on such a project as this and 2) for ‘picking apart’ songs by 2 of my fave artists. Fabulous. I shall take another listen to that Badu jurnt…like ret nah!

    Thanks again for doing this and I shall return!

  7. cool concept. great conversation. that is all.

  8. Ms. Minx says:

    Absolutely fantastic post. Everyone’s pretty much said what I think, too. I’ve never heard that J5 jernt, either, I can see this collabo blogging will up mymusic game quite a bit 😉 Well done!

  9. Chavon (LaBakir) says:

    Thanks for the comments/compliments!

    Yeah…even my mama didn’t like the J5 joint…and she hated it even more when Ghostface sampled it,lol.

    I’ve always like the song, but when I Googled the lyrics and read them…it brought something else to it.

    I just discovered some “new” music…that hopefully I can share in Necessary Commentary

  10. Erika says:

    I love J5 tracks more now than before simply because their voices paired with really beautiful sentiments always make it sound so much more innocent and honest than the lyrics we get nowadays. Makes me appreciate them more. I don’t like the instrumentation on that song, but the words definitely made me sigh.

    I can only take the first “third” of that Out My Mind song, just because I feel like the rest of it ruins the mood for me, lol. I’m with y’all – she’s hard on the Billie (and dare I say, Carmen) there, and I love the hell out of the “chop and screw for you” line, too. It makes me smile in the middle of an otherwise painful part of the song.

    These rock so hard, y’all. Love it. 🙂

  11. Reina says:

    I love almost everything J5, and this song is no exception. Michael’s voice made you want to give him whatever he was begging for. This song is no exception.

  12. Donald says:

    I like the back and forth commentary on here…and you know how I feel about the E. Badu joint. The J5 joint…not so much though. lol

    Good job Reecie and Chavon.

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