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All those H*es…

on July 20, 2010

…I got to like one! our situation is a tight one–what you gonna do, fight or run?!

just Bone and Biggie Biggie!

Armed and dangerous, ain’t too many can bang with us
Straight up weed no angel dust, label us
Thug ass niggaz that love to bust, it’s strange to us
Y’all niggaz be scramblin, gamblin
Up in restaraunts with mandolins, and violins
We just sittin here tryin to win, tryin not to sin
High off weed and lots of gin
So much smoke need oxygen, steadily countin them Benjamins
Nigga you should too, if you knew
What this game’ll do to you
Been in this shit since ninety-two
Look at all the bullshit I’ve been through
So-called beef with you know who…

in the mid 90s I happened to be a huge Bone Thugs fan. I’m not really sure how it happened, but I was just all into hip hop and Bone were dope to me. *shrugs* Yall already know how I love BIG, so no need to elaborate on that one further. I remember when this song came out  I was so hyped because it was an unusual collabo, and a GOOD ONE.

My faves were Krazy and Bizzie, hands down. I still to listen to E. 1999 Eternal– with Buddha Loverz” and “Budsmokers Only” some of the most played on my iPod (don’t you dare judge me) and of course Life After Death and Ready to Die are also  in constant rotation.

And while I love the rework of this song for Duets “Spit Yo Game” as I’ve blogged about a couple times, the original is CLASSIC.

6 responses to “All those H*es…

  1. LaBakir says:

    The song was and still is FIRE!!! I remember when my mom bought “Life After Death” and we would bump this in her Mistubishi Eclipse.

    Good times.

  2. A.Smith says:

    I love this song and I can NEVER get people to know what song it is unless I sing “It’s Bone and Biggie Biggie.” LOL!

  3. K. Rock says:

    Boyeeee don’t get me started on Bone. I still bump their greatest hits today like it just came out. I am still trying to get people to understand how ahead of their time Bone was. Rapping, singing, thugging, harmonizing…why did this work? I have no idea but they were awesome. And I loved Big too so this song was the biznazz!

  4. streetztalk says:

    Bone Thugs were them dudes in the 90s…lol

  5. ComicBookGuy says:

    Good, good pick today. The piano intro to this song really amps me up. When I hear DJs throw it in a mix on the radio, I go into a different zone. This is gym music for me. BIG was trying to flow fast like Bone and kept up with them. His verse is one of his best ever. This song was a big deal when it came out both BIG and Bone Thugs were pretty much their zeniths at the time.

  6. Vic Louis says:

    Gotta respect the classics, but I like the Duets version better (classic is great regardless). For a while the rework was my wake up and get amped in the morning song. I agree with streetztalk, Bone Thugs were them dudes…

    By the way, I love coming to your blog and finding links to these older videos. Always brings me back to memory lane, good stuff.

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