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Your Guard’s Up…

on July 22, 2010

and your hearts cold. This might be the one but you’ll never know…

My. Jam.

ever since I started this blog I’ve blabbed about, and people that talk music with me on the regular know about my girl crush on Teedra Moses. So thats nothing new.

This song is one of my favorites on Complex Simplicity, because its so honest and it just speaks on the things we go through. I had a recent conversation about people basically not treating you the way you treat them–that off balance thing. So the opening line speaks on that: “you give and you give but you never seem to get back in return, what you give…”

And nobody likes that feeling. That feeling is what makes us jaded, and “guarded” as Teedra mentions. It allows us to “block our own blessings” as some may say. That could be related to other situations; not just romantic love by the way.

This song also makes me think of my favorite Luther Vandross song because its just one of those things, we are so used to being done dirty, things going wrong that we don’t know how to be open for the good stuff coming our way! Luther says just wait on it boo, its coming.  Let me drop a gem from THAT ONE: “I remember not too long ago, I was just a lonely person with a lonely heart…”

*this is the part when I start waving my hands in the air*

There is an absolute difference between being alone and being lonely. Lutha was speaking on being LONELY. Nothing is wrong with the former, but the latter? That’s something you gotta work around on your own. #truestory

so back to Miss Moses, ladies and gentlemen: “For A Lifetime”

“Even in the hard times
Even when it’s going down
You’re gonna find someone’s riding with you
You don’t have to be alone
You just gotta hold on
You’re gonna find true love

Sure as all that breathe will die
And showers fall from April skies
A heart that’s pure won’t be denied
The kinda lovin’ that’ll rock ya
The kinda lovin’ that’ll hold…
Hold ya for a lifetime”

5 responses to “Your Guard’s Up…

  1. TiffNicky says:


    I’m probably one of THEE most guarded people I know…to a point. There are parts of me that I willingly share, but that’s because they don’t require intimacy.

    This song is one that I listen too snapping my fingers while thinking about past relationships…friends and boo’s, as you said. It applies to many situations.

    I guess the good news is that as I’ve gotten older I’ve recognized that you never know what CAN be, if you don’t try…

  2. tisha says:

    Gah. I was just talking about that this week. And for me, it’s happened in more friendship relationships than romantic ones. I understand the sentiment. *sigh* But…in both romantic love and friendship love, I refuse to allow it to harden my heart. I just love s/he who is worthy. From now on. Amen. LOL

  3. TiffNicky says:

    I like that mantra Tisha. My mom told me I need to remember to love love. Working on that!

  4. Diggame says:

    Teedra Moses fan and even though I am dude her music still speaks to me!! Diggin this post

  5. DCBuppie says:

    GIRL! You broke the TEEDRA out! she is awesome. Her songs really touch me as well.

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