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If I Let You Come Inside…

on July 26, 2010
Tomorrow will you hide?
Will you be there for me?
When I need someone to hold
Baby don’t misunderstand
I do want you for my man
I just need a little time
Before i invest my love

This song used to KNOCK! ok, full disclosure I remember when Jade came out I wanted to put on my combat boots, cut off a team sweatshirt with some daisy dukes. I wanted to be them. Of course my mama wouldn’t have allowed that–but that is what I wanted to do! I looooved them.
I also wanted to put the intro to this song on my voicemail–but of course MY MAMA wasn’t ever gonna give me a private line. And you think she let me put it on our house phone? FORGET IT.
But every time I hear this song it takes me back. Jade to the Max was one of my earliest CDs. Some of my favorites in addition to this song were One Woman and Don’t Ask My Neighbor, and I Wanna Love You. Don’t remember that last one? peep the video below…
dookie braids, fly moves, ahhh, I wanted to be a grown UP! They were sooooo early 90s fly to me! Jerseys, denim, and ponytails! LOLOLOLOL
not sure how this song came to me randomly… but that’s the point of this blog–to be random with you all.  Jade released a second studio album Mind, Body and Song–which I also own, somewhere. Gotta love good old Columbia House.
Were you fan of Jade? I took it back a lil bit huh?

10 responses to “If I Let You Come Inside…

  1. Nattie Jean says:

    Yooooooooooo you definitely took it back! I loved the 90s. Great music! This is back when people actually danced and had a good time, and not just post up on a wall, waiting for a chick to grind on ur n*ts lmao…

  2. Ms.Minx says:

    I only remember “Don’t Walk Away” but my sister & I musta tried to harmonize & imitate the moves somethin’ serious, lol. I loved this song, but I was fickle, lol, my sis was the hardcore Jade fan 😀

  3. anson1 says:

    Yes, you brought it back with this one, Reecie! I’m glad you did. You forgot “Looking for Mr. Do Right” off the first album. Also, there’s “Every Day of The Week”, “5,4,3,2” & “If The Mood Is Right” from the second album. A classic group, indeed.

  4. Cryssy says:

    ok so remember yesterday I was saying I couldn’t tell them apart from Zhane’…LOL

    I do remember these two songs and don’t walk away was one I liked oh and their cover of don’t ask my neighbor… WAYYYYYY back Reecie

  5. Nickerz says:

    Girl!! i was lookin at the first video like e_O.. THEN the music came in and i was like “WOOOOOWWWW” (flava flav).. yeah, you too it ALL DA WAY back!!!
    why did the 90’s have to go??

  6. LaBakir says:

    Ha! Don’t Walk Away is the only song of theirs I know :/

    P.S. We need to start working on another Necessary Commentary

  7. I think I’m the only person who wasn’t a Jade fan 😦 I was annoyed with the “moans” at the end of “Don’t Walk Away” & I just could never get into that group.

    You should more posts on 90’s music, I love it.

  8. MilaRouge says:

    Complete Jade fan and I still bump Don’t Walk Away!! I wanted to be them as well. I also have their Jade live cd on my IPOD…they could SANG. Miss chick groups like that.

  9. str8lovanochasa says:

    i can always count on you to remind me (or introduce me) to the hits! jade. yes. i was already driving (hush) when this came out so as soooooooooon as i turnT the corner? this was one of the songs i was blasting!

  10. Vic Louis says:

    Yea you definitely took it back. I forgot all about them. Still don’t remember “I Wanna Love You” though…

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