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I know that things ain’t right…

on July 29, 2010

Seems like all we do is fight
And it’s been on my mind
You don’t have to worry
I’m gonna make it right
I’ll be on your side
No more lonely nights
You don’t have to worry…

This Bad Boy remix with Missy is EVERYTHING.

I had a dream last night about New Edition. They are the inspiration for this Throwback Thursday post. Home Again is still in regular rotation over here. Can you believe that was their highest Billboard charting album?  It was released 8 years after the epic Heartbreak, and they came back STRONG! The song featured above and “Try Again” with lead vocals by the “King of R&B” Bobby Brown are my favorites. Every time I hear this song in particular I laugh thinking about how much Whitney used to ride for Bobby, then I remember how much of a bad boy he was, how he actually could sang a lil bit, and was SO NASTY! I always liked his solo music too–then of course I get sad when I think of what he’s become. But hey, things happen.

New Edition is truly a group that I can say I grew up listening to, and will probably continue to listen to for the rest of my life. Here are a few of my favorites over the years. I won’t share them all,  so don’t hit me with the “you forgot so in so” I didnt’ forget–I purposely left it off, so YOU could share your faves too, okay? 🙂

“I don’t love her, I tried to tell myself…” This is the song that was actually in my  head during my dream. I’m strange I guess that I can remember that. Heartbreak, released in 1988 is probably their most popular album, with theeeeee most hits. “If It Isn’t Love” is one of my many favorites. Also you gotta love the choreography NE would hit you with! During the Heartbreak era, I was a fan of Ricky Bell and Johnny Gill the most vocally. Johnny’s voice still does something to me. lol #noshame

This video picks up where “If It Isn’t Love” left off. I love when artists do videos like that. Those white suits they have on are OD fresh! however, this is the ultimate #swindle song. LOL

“It’s not your looks (you’re very pretty) It’s not your style (the way you dress is oh so fresh)It’s not the way that you carry yourself…”

Really dude? way to let her down though.

“Mr. Telephone Man” I actually STILL have at my parent’s house on a 45.  I would play this, Count Me Out, and Cool it Now records over and over and over. *sigh*  The lyrics are so amusing now, because this was clearly before call waiting. And now people don’t even talk on the phone. *blank stare* I was a Ronnie DeVoe fan during this era (he didn’t do much, but was a cutie).

You say you want to be the one I need
You say you want to be the one for me
You say you want to be the one I need
But then you go and act so crazy…

You say you never want to let me go
You say you want to be the one I hold
You say you never want to let me go
But then you go and leave me lonely…

ya’ll this song!!!! I think this might be my favorite. Wait, who am I fooling I dont have one favorite NE song. But this one is going to be on repeat today. Think about when this song came out. they were children pretty much, I was a child. Now I’m grown, and really listening to these lyrics. I’m feeling em. “If you want to make things right, love can make a way. And If you want to take the time, act like what you say, yeah…”

A Little Bit of Love was on their 1985 release All for Love, their 3rd Studio Album. The first 3 albums  releases were a blur to me–for one I was really young, and two they came out back to back to back. I remember loving so many singles from each of them, however.

I did purchase their last CD One Love that was released on Bad Boy, but I don’t have any favorites on that one because I’ll admit I didn’t listen to it much and have only revisited it once in recent years. I’ve been in a 90s (well for NE, mostly 80s) mood lately.  Its not that I don’t listen to current music because I do, but I enjoy music of my youth so much more… so thank you New Edition for the memories!!!

11 responses to “I know that things ain’t right…

  1. tisha says:

    *preparing to hand over my card*

    I was never really a New Edition fan. They had ONE song that I would bump to this day if I had it though–that “NE Heartbreak” remix; you know the one where they had on the black and yellow and everybody and their mama was in the video? LOL. Yeah, I dug that. I DIG that. LOL. Oh–and “Is This the End?” I loved that joint. I was like 7 when it came out but I still remember it. 🙂

  2. LaBakir says:

    New Edition was THAT group back in the day….awww…good pick!

  3. Reecie says:

    Tisha–you truly are a rare bird. But thats okay. I’m listening to Is This the End right now!!

    I need you to listen to some New Edition now to get reacquainted, I feel like your childhood was lacking. LOL

  4. tisha says:

    LOL. They just didn’t move me like they did a lot of people. I’ve been a jazzhead since I was way young, so I just had different tastes. 🙂

  5. Cryssy says:

    Bobby and his pelvic thrusting self…

    I LOVED New Edition I can remember my mom taking me and my cousin to see them everytime they came to DC. I was in love with Ralph’s ass…whew

    Home Again was my favorite cd as well. I didn’t get into the NE and Bad Boy combo…

  6. Toi says:

    ‘I’m Leaving You Again’ is prolly one of my favorite-est NE songs of all time, next to ‘If It Isn’t Love’ and ‘A Little Bit of Love..’. I was lightweight salty when Bow Wow sampled it on that song with Ciara. :-/

  7. Good look on the NE post.

    I wasn’t a fan of their early stuff, cause I was too young to remember it…my first NE songs were If It Isn’t Love & NE Heartbreak. Home Again was a great album…

  8. anson1 says:

    Great post, Reecie! And additional thanks for posting my two favorie New Edition songs. I’ll let ya’ll guess which two. The last 4 sentences of this post I’m so cosigning with you on. You went off on this post here. Just great all around.

  9. Tiffany says:

    I may have to bust out a greatest hits cd.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  10. vixen says: lol

    I love if its isnt love

  11. […] makes me think of the video. and I’m not going to go super obvious with Michael Jackson. Or New Edition either–y’all should already know I stan for them!!! And uhm. No Beyonce […]

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