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Won’t You Come Over…

on July 30, 2010

“and make love to me. ‘Cause I haven’t seen you in awhile, really miss your smile…”

banger. I looooves me some Faith Evans! Her first CD is CLASSIC Bad Boy. I just peeped a new joint by here over at Soulbounce, and I’m definitely excited about a new CD from her.

But, for right now… I decided to drop this little gem for Freaky Friday. As soon as the beat drops, you know its gonna be sexy.

Every time we’re together, I feel a special part of me,
Drawing me closer…closer to you, baby.
I can’t explain….it’s just a magic that we share.
Something between us two.

Hope you enjoy!!!! Have a good weekend 🙂

5 responses to “Won’t You Come Over…

  1. anson1 says:

    Agreed on your love for Faith Evans & her 1st album being flawless. In fact, you could’ve posted 5 or 6 other songs from this album alone for Freaky Friday if you wanted to.

    Have a good weekend yourself!

  2. That first Faith cd still gets play on my iPod…that was my jam! Classic 90s Bad Boy.

  3. MilaRouge says:

    I love me some Faith. I didn’t know she was dropping another album. Can’t wait. Her first CD was EVERYTHING. I love her voice.

  4. Why is Faith Evans so underrated too?? She never gets props for her stuff…my fav. of all time is Burnin’ Up the remix with Missy is straaaaaaaaaaaight fire!!

  5. sdukez says:

    🙂 Hi! (no real comment. just realized I was actually following. keep up the Writes)

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