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All Points Bulletin

on August 23, 2010

some time last year I wrote a post highlighting some of my favorite female artists that I had been missing and wanting to release new music. Since then Corinne Bailey Rae, Vivian Green, Amerie and Kelis have made musical comebacks. The first mentioned is the only I truly enjoyed–to Kelis’ credit I have not yet heard Fleshtone, but I was hoping for more of the old Star Trak sound.

Faith has a project in the works and Jazmine Sullivan has a new song out also. So its safe to say my wishes for these artists to make new music are coming into fruition. However, there are a few more artists I’m putting an APB out on, check em out:

Alice Smith. I like to say if I could sing, I mean really sing– I want to sound like Alice. For Lovers, Dreamers and Me was released in 2006 but I don’t think I got into her until 07. Her voice is so bluesy yet folksy and very unique to me. Per her website, she’s been doing some live shows here and there. I believe I heard a new(ish) song earlier this year, but I’d really like to get a new studio album. Fave Song: “Love Endeavor.”

Emily King. Her debut East Side Story still gets rotation on my iPod and I’m really curious about why she dropped off the face of the earth! Fave song: “Alright.” Her cover of “Aint No Sunshine” is very good also, and that’s one of my favorite songs, ever.

Algebra Blessett. Purpose was one of those CDs I stumbled upon–probably from my musical homies, I forget who put me on but I really liked it.

I know she’s on twitter: @yesitsalgebra and from there I can tell she’s working on new music, I just need to hear it!  Fave Song: “U Do It 4 Me” this one is syrupy sweet but I adoooore it! That was a #boolove track for real. lol

My girl Solo. Now she really doesn’t need an APB, I know where she is–I think. lol I follow her on twitter (@solangeknowles) and she’s doing the dj thing now, in addition to recording…I guess. Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams was an unexpected banger. I’ve dedicated posts in the past to her, and I’d really like to see what she has next. I truly think Solange is only going to get better musically. Fave song: “ChampagneChroniknightCap” because its just so trippy. “Cosmic Journey” I just stumbled upon today via my iPod’s shuffle and I forgot how much that one vibes also. The entire CD I really dig though. Same for all of the other ladies featured.

Any artists that you need to put an APB out on? Lets find them and get them to make some new music for the serious fans! Let me know in the comments.

Edited to Add: I see most have not heard of these artists! you should definitely check them out, better late than never. Click on their photos for links!

13 responses to “All Points Bulletin

  1. Toi says:

    Nice entry! I haven’t heard of those artists (‘cept Solange), but I’ll hafta check them out.

    Funny, I’ve been working on a similar entry for my blog– ‘cept I’m putting out an APB on snacks and candy bars that have disappeared. Plus the ones that are out now that can go ‘way. Ha!

  2. Streetz says:

    Not an APB but an APPLEA for Ms Laryn Hill ot make the classic music we KNOW she can! Its a travesty that her talent succumbed to personal problems.

  3. Reecie says:

    Lauryn has been sighted recently. she’s on her way back *does happy dance*

  4. Ms.Minx says:

    Ok, since Toi has said so, I’on feel so bad in admitting I have no clue who these ladies are, except of course for Solange. I still haven’t heard that new Jazzy though. I’m kinda curious about Faith’s new music, I love her voice. Yay for L-Boogie, and I wouldn’t mind hearing new stuff from En-Vogue, too 🙂

  5. ummm i was the one who put you on algebra. how quickly we forget. smh.

  6. Reecie says:

    yeah Tunde. I said in the post I forgot 😛 Did I put you on to Emily King? I know we have discussed them all at some point…

  7. Well I’m one of those people who hasn’t heard of any of these ladies except Solange.
    I miss Lauryn Hill. I know she released a song recently but I was not impressed. I want Miseducation, His Eye is On the Sparrow, Sweetest Thing Lauryn. Her CD carried me! Ex-Factor and Nothing Even Matters spoke to me!

    Recently I was listening to some artists from a few years ago and I am like where are they now because those girls could SANG!!! Syleena Johnson and Karyn White where are you?!!!

    I’ll be sure to check out the other ladies you mentioned!

  8. anson1 says:

    I’m with you on everyone you & everyboby else mentioned. But to mention some people nobody else has I’ll go with Rhian Benson, Sunshine Anderson, Conya Doss, LaToya London, etc. As far as Algebra, her live show made me a fan. It’ll do the same for anyone else, too. Just saying.

  9. LaBakir says:

    I love Solo’s album. Gotta get that on my new iPod. As someone stated above, never heard of the other chicks listed…but that just means I have some listening to do

    APB out on Deborah Cox!

  10. no i put you on emily king too. i remember who put me on both those artists.

  11. Reecie says:

    yes Deborah Cox! and Conya Doss too!

    Letoya London–I haven’t heard that name in a MINUTE! forgot all about her…

  12. Melody says:

    Great post!! An APB needs to be put out for Tweet! Both albums she released are certified bangers! I tried to follow her on Twitter to keep up with her music but when I checked my timeline 30 minutes after adding her and saw 5,678 posts, I had to unfollow.

    I co-sign Conya Doss and also add Adina Howard (don’t judge me), Cheri Dennis, Amel Larrieux, and Truth Hurts.

  13. […] days later I went with a girlfriend to The Hamilton to see Alice Smith. I wrote a blog about her not a couple years ago wondering where she had been so of COURSE I had to go see her. It was my first time seeing her live and SHE DID NOT DISAPPOINT. […]

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