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May this song reach your heart…

on September 29, 2010

…May your ears love the sweet melodies
Every note, every chord
I’ve arranged them for you and for me

May the sound of my voice, be your guide
Bring you closer to me
Let us bathe in the noise
Let the love in your heart speak to me

For now, I’ll pretend
I’m holding your hand

May this song reach your heart
May this song reach your heart
May this song reach your heart
May this song journey on to you…

I love this song. LOVE IT. I’ve written about Janelle Monae before, and I know she’s kinda quirky and a lot of folks don’t really dig her style but HER VOICE IS AMAZING. Its so pure and beautiful to me. This song showcases it well, in a simplistic way. A lot of her live performances thus far have demonstrated her funky antics, sharp footwork, and don’t really showcase her vocals, IMO. Being that I was a fan before the new CD I knew that she could sing, but I do understand how those that don’t have her music could be put off a little.

before the black and white everything and that pompadour she looked like this:

The ArchAndroid is a CD I can listen and it immediately lifts my mood. Its come in handy a few times and its strange how I haven’t even had to deliberately put it on; rather a song just randomly comes on via shuffle and I remember how good it makes me feel. Just good music to my ears. I have no idea what or where a “Neon Valley Street” is but I know it pleases my ears… the instrumentation on this one is sexy too–that electric guitar!

May the strings make you smile
May they always remind you of me

For now, let’s pretend
I’m holding your hand

May this song reach your heart…

another from ArchAndroid that I enjoy…

and you know I had to add something fun for the road…

3 responses to “May this song reach your heart…

  1. Tracie says:

    I want the whole CD :-/ I like her, I agree her voice is pure. I kind of wish her music was a little more stripped down not as produced as it is. But it seems to work with her voice a good balance. I really dig “Cold War” and the first one.

  2. Ms. Minx says:

    I love a good lyric, and these are definitely pulling on my heartstrings. I confess I hadn’t listened to any of her music apart from “tightrope”, but I’ll def go seek this out. As always, good post, music guru :p

  3. […] on my iPod. It features my favorite song on Janelle Monae’s latest, which I blogged about here. So of course I loved it on immediate […]

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