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Celebration Soundtrack

on October 11, 2010

so, this past Saturday–I turned 29.  I  decided that in tribute to my last year in my 20s I’d take my talents down to South Beach for a quick weekend getaway. It was entirely too short and I must go back for longer soon. It also happened to be the FSU/UMiami game so lots of folks on my flights were wearing their FSU nalia and I met TOOOONS of New Yorkers in town for Carnival weekend. I’m telling you, every group of folks we ran into were from NY. Brooklyn to be exact. and yall know I love my BK peeps so we chopped it up with several homies reppin’ Haiti, Guyana, Trinidad, Jamaica and more. good times.

anyway, I laughed at myself because I didn’t even know what this “look ma, no hands” thing everyone was tweeting a few weeks ago until I went to ATL for the FAMU/TSU classic. I’m under a rock when it comes to certain music and artists. Albeit on purpose. That weekend we partied at Compound and Wale himself performed a few songs to include his verse on that song. I also heard a few more songs…one in particular became my weekend celebration anthem. *hangs head in shame in advance* here it is below:

uhm. yes. this song. I know. I know. But I’m saying.

now the “Ohletsdoit” song I discovered went HARD in the club back in Feb during CIAA so I know this dude Waka makes party jams. But otherwise I do NOT listen to dude. This song? yeah buddy… brought out my inner thug. Which is usually only revealed when I party in ATL.  Miami got a lil thug outta me too.

and then there’s this song.

yall know I don’t do this dude at all. I’m talking Gucci, not Swizz yall already know I love him. I’ve seen this joint on 106 & Park but never paid attention to the song. but yea, this is another one that kinda set me off. *hangs head again* so now I like a total of  5 Gucci Mane songs instead of 4.

damn shame I can’t even think about any other more “me” like songs that remind me of this past weekend.  I have a few  other songs that do the job of getting me hyped–a couple with Jeezy–particularly Geeked Up and Hood Ni@@a featured here, and of course this one still does it for me right here. I’m allowed to engage in foolishness from time to time. it was my birthday 🙂

now that I’m back I will focus my musical energies on 80s pop (Whitney Houston) 90s R&B and of course the new Foreign Exchange cd…I wouldve loved to have had today off to have just one more day of foolishness though. ahh well.

10 responses to “Celebration Soundtrack

  1. K. Rock says:

    Girl don’t feel bad. I like to think that I resist tom foolery with all of my strength. But every now and then I will get captivated by some of these songs. Oletdoit and Hard in the Paint are a couple of songs that bring out my inner hoodrat. So don’t hang you head. We all need it every now and then.

    I love Hood Nigg@ too and add Wipe Me Down by Lil Boosie. The list goes on…

    Can’t get into Gucci though.

  2. TiffNicky says:

    You are always entitled to a little foolishness. It balances everything else out. I support it…and “Hard in Da Paint” is the truth. We all have to go hard from time to time. 😉

  3. Tracie says:

    Wow Reecie shame for the Waka Flocka song! They played this during CIAA? I must have totally tuned it out…lol. I’ve heard of him from the kids and I actually attempted to listen to it and my ears were so disgusted by the basic ass midi casio keyboard production that I could not even get to the words. And in the clip I heard motherf***er like 5 times in 30 seconds…save our children. LOL

    I’m nonchalant about Gucci but I do love a nasty rap song about hoes “Freaky Gurl” so I digs him…

  4. @milesfan79 says:

    lol i been tellin gucci is good get crunk music, he is my guilty pleasure artist lol GUCCI!!!

  5. anson1 says:

    Happy Birthday, Reecie!!!!

  6. MilanRouge says:

    Yah….I’m hella ashamed to reveal that that Waka Hard In The Paint song gets me bouncin…real tough-like. LOL! And the vid was filmed here in LA (The Jungles) to be exact so that initially caught my attention…although I’m still trying to figure out his Waka’s connection to the Jungle (gang-hood) out here. Anyway, I digress….we all have these shameful guilty pleasure songs, my sis. I think my all-time hangs head in shame guilty pleasure song is STILL Akinyele’s Put It In Your Mouth…like….NOTHING about that song is classy or even remotely ok but still….its my jam. I’m glad you had fun on your bday weekend boo! Oh and you know I can’t with Gucci either….really can’t.

  7. BP says:

    Long time reader…first time posting…Happy Birthday Reecie!

  8. Reecie says:

    heeyyy! BP! thanks for commenting–I had no idea you read. come back now 🙂

    thanks for the belated birthday wishes everyone. and for making me feel better about my guilt! lol

  9. Vic Louis says:

    Waka Flocka…. I’ve spent the past 3 months trying to get past his name so until now I’ve never even heard any of his music. Sounds like I was doing myself a favor. I go to FL as much as I can and sometimes the music just hits you in certain environments, even though you normally wouldn’t listen to it.

    More importantly, Happy Belated Birthday – sounds like you had a good time, good stuff.

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