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I don’t understand why…

on October 18, 2010

…we should fight for love, either it aint or it is. it either aint or it is

I don’t want to be a soldier anymore,

because the war never ends, and no one ever wins…

I don’t understand why we should fight for love, either it aint or it is……

I guess that I am not as strong, as I pretend to be….


I listened to this CD–the latest from The Foreign Exchange Authenticity a few times, but it wasn’t until I heard it in my car recently–and this song in particular came on that I really said well gatdamn, those are some GOOD lyrics. That soldier line is how I feel absolutely about love and about life in general. I am a lover, not a fighter. I mean…I definitely have some fight in me, but who the hell wants to fight all the time? who ENJOYS that? metaphorically and literally I couldn’t be a soldier, or in any armed forces–just not my thing.

Moving on…this is a great mellow cd, in the same vein as Leave it All Behind, it totally flows from beginning to end. I wanted to put the entire lyrics to this song on the blog–but I’m lazy so just take my word for it and listen to the song for yourself.

The subject matter for the CD is  of course love. The ups and downs and the little nuances of relationships. Well I should say the downs and ups–as it starts on  somber note with “The Last Fall” with lines like–so what is the use? I’m never gonna love again…

The lyrics are real and the entire CD very honest–authentic! so it works. That’s one of the things that made me fall in love with Phonte even in the LB days–the realness and honesty of his lyrics.

Maybe She’ll Dream of Me” was the lead single and has a nice groove that I dig as well. Very romantic. This is the point of the CD where things start to turn upwards.

My absolute favorite from the very first listen, which features Darien Brockington  is “Don’t Wait.”

Laughing At Your Plans” spoke to me also because I’m always planning something. Its just what I do, my little way to exhibit control, when I really can’t control anything or anyone but self. I always remind myself of that saying “if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans” so yeah I’m sure He laughs at me often. Yet I still make the plans. This song makes me think of that…

I will now revisit all of The Foreign Exchange’s projects–Connected, Leave it all Behind and Authenticity to see how they flow together. Their first CD is very much more hip hop, but the instrumentation from Nicolay remains crisp, clean and even sexy. To me. I could listen to all of the tracks without the lyrics… THIS IS MUSIC!

I won’t list all the songs  on Authenticity because they all are very good, so suffice it to say if you haven’t checked it out yet, please do. If you loved LIAB, you will love this too. Also, if you are a new listener this is still a good place to start.

Fellow FE fans– I won’t even ask if you love it, because I already know that you do. So, what are your favorite tracks so far?

13 responses to “I don’t understand why…

  1. You already know what my fave song is so far – “Don’t Wait” which I posted on the blog.

    I also listened to this in my car (now that I’ve received my actual CD in the mail) & I got a better listen to some stuff that I wasn’t initially feeling when I first listened to it. “Laughing At Your Plans” is definitely a great song, along with “Everything Must Go”.

    Overall I love this album just as much as I do Leave It All Behind & Connected…but this album got me feeling things…I told my friend that it made me “emo” – in the sense that as I kept listening to it & really digested the lyrics, it spoke to me & my heart & some of the things I’ve been going through. That to me is what sets good music apart from great music – the ability to be thought-provoking & make you feel things.

    Another great album from FE…now if I only I could see them live *sigh*

  2. LaBakir says:

    Good stuff! I’ve never heard an FE, but this was quite relaxing. I kinda got lost there for a second!

  3. Lamide says:

    As always, I get up on some “new” (to me) music when I read your blog. And those lyrics…yup. It really either “is or isn’t”. Wise words. Gonna try and listen to those songs since my demon office has BLOCKED YOUTUBE??? 😦 How the heck am I supposed to concentrate if I don’t got no youtube? LOL

  4. Melody says:

    LOVE! I was fortunate to see them in concert twice and Phonte said he sings songs about love; not love songs. As he put it, love songs are about things that only happen in love songs. Songs about love discuss the ups and downs. Now that’s real!

    It’s hard for me to choose a favorite from this album. I think it might be “Maybe She’ll Dream of Me” or “Make Me a Fool” because I think those songs speak to me right now.

    My only complaint: it’s too short!

  5. K. Rock says:

    OK. I will put it out there. Maybe this is a little premature as I have only listened to the album once but I thought it was not as good as the last 2. It is a little sleepy to me. I am definitely a FE fan because their first 2 albums were spectacular but I guess maybe I haven’t gotten into this one yet. I will have to give it a few more spins.

  6. Lova says:

    so. um. THANK YOU…is all i can say.
    for sharing.
    for being diverse in your music tastes.
    for not laughing when i discover ‘new’ music on your site and bump it like it was just released.

    thank you.

  7. Reecie says:

    K. Rock, I don’t like it better than the last CD, but yeah you do have to listen to it a few more times. I got the sleepy vibe initially as well. Playing music in my car really helps me analyze the lyrics for some reason.

  8. Nick@Nite says:

    I got this cd last week.. From the beginning, “Authenticity” spoke to me.. I have a tendency to like “haunting music” and this one worked.. Also, the line, “You ask me for the whole truth, but for that you’re not prepared” made a little too much sense..
    Also, “The city ain’t the same” had me on the verge of some eye precipitation.. I had to listen to Jay-Z just to balance it out.. It summed up everything about my life right now, (and I don’t like that) But honestly, I’m glad Twitter got me to learn about The Foreign Exchange.. We don’t get a lot of good music down here.. (yeah, I said that)
    Thank you Reecie! Great Post!

  9. I am in love with this CD! Authenticity is a great instrumental album if really listen to the music. If you like this album, you have to check out Zo!’s album “SunStorm”. He’s part of the FE music group and his album is just as good.

  10. Reecie says:

    hi Damusicalpoet! welcome. I am familiar with Zo! and even wrote about Sunstorm in a previous post about my summer favorites. thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  11. Great post! I just tweeted this, but I wanna show your blog some love. lol.

    And I love Darien Brockington…

  12. Ms. Peaches says:

    uooh I like this…I clearly need to frequent your blog sis! great music!!! yay!

  13. Q_Crush says:

    i see we share some of the same thoughts in regards to FE… I was going to blog about this CD but looks like you stole my thunder LOL

    FE/LB/Zo are some of my favorite artists and listening to their music assures me that real talent isnt gone in the the music industry

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