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I remember when our love was new…

on October 26, 2010

And all I needed in my life was you
And baby it felt so right to me
Please make it like it used to be…

This used to be my shat! Ok, it still is. I decided to have an all Amerie morning after this randomly came on my shuffle. I know, I know–AMERIE? yes, Amerie. I’ve written about her BEST SONG EVER here, and I’ve admitted in previous posts that I am, well used to be a fan.

I’ve seen lots of people say she fell off after her first CD, and well I disagree. Touch, was pretty good–to me. I even dug the European release Because I Love It. but that last CD that came out last year (that I will not even name in this post)? no ma’am. Her career is done, son. So I decided to revisit some of my favorites. Most featured will not be from All I Have, because I’ll just say right here that its a banger from beginning to end and I love ALL of the songs.

I am very into lyrics–thats why I like Amerie’s songs. She is not that strong vocally, but the words and the production are what make them, for me.  I think she and Rich Harrison were a powerful team. There are so many songs that I can relate to. If you don’t agree thats fine. This here is MY blog! lol. But leave a comment and tell me what you think either way…

Just Like Me: this is the song that solidified Touch for me.  I’d given up on love, I gave up on the chance that I’d ever fall head over heels. And all the stars I wished upon,  I never thought that one would fall down on me. Ooh, it’s good to know there’s somebody somebody who feels like me…” released in 2005, it reminds me of the past, but the sentiment never changed, even as relationships are swapped out and people move on.

Need You Tonight: as soon as the beat drops, I’m all in. “See, See baby I-I ain’t makin no promises. It’s just a urgency I feel whenever you’re next to me it’s so real. And I-And I just can’t fight it no more, no more, no more…” I think we all have felt that lust for someone you had no business feeling it for–and gave in to it anyway. “I ain’t never felt this way, and tomorrow is just too late, so take my hand baby…”

Not The Only One: the cheater song. I mean it seems like everyone has one, but she says aha! game recognizes game “Why can’t you look me in my face, why can’t you say that you’ve been at her place. You hurry wash your clothes, the scent of her perfume. I already know ’cause I do it too…Sittin’ home alone waitin by the phone. Oh no, not me. You’re not the only one creeping…”

Can We Go: duet with Carl Thomas–I really like their voices together. I love Carl even though after awhile all of his stuff starts to sound the same. The message in this one is like so many other songs, similar to the “Like It Used to Be” featured above. “Trying to get past the things you said, holding on to all the love I thought we had. Wishing I could just replace trying to erase, all the pain so can we go back…”

Paint Me Over: this song actually makes me think of friendship; people growing up and growing apart.  You evolve and those around you can’t appreciate that “change” in you…in this case its a relationship where a person gets lost in being a certain way for their SO and then its no longer good enough.
“I close my eyes and memorize the girl that I was before there was us. Hard to remember, it’s been so long since she’s been around, I gave up myself, and still I let you down…”

Rolling Down My Face: ok if for no other reason than the Roy Ayers “Searching” sample throughout, this bangs!!! the typical ‘break up/cant eat/cant sleep/can’t stop crying song’

Thats all I got. well I mean, not really. But I really wanted to point out my favorites from Touch, with a couple others sprinkled in. It was not a sophomore slump! I’ll end on a happier note. Ladies, you all know you danced to this joint hard in the club.

8 responses to “I remember when our love was new…

  1. K. Rock says:

    I love Amerie!! Her first album was perfection to me! And her second was great too. She definitely fell off after that. I too have BILI but I couldn’t really get into it. Her latest had a couple of good ones but I passed over most of it.

    But back to that first cd. It was awesome and I still isten to it alot.

    You will get no shame for listening to Amerie from me.

  2. LaBakir says:

    Amerie vocals aren’t that great…but neither is Rihanna w/ her goat wailing. I wish Amerie could’ve “made it”.

    I never purchased her albums, but I always enjoyed her singles. And on her debut effort, there’s this joint (a remake) “I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight” that I really like.

  3. Reecie says:

    “I just died” is my jam! I didn’t realize it was a remake! LOVE THAT SONG! I was about to feature it in the post.

  4. Tisha says:

    LaBakir said goat.wailing. Mama noooooo! LOL. So the truth, though. LOL.

    But Amerie was fine by me. She had some slappers. The Richcraft remix of “Why Don’t We Fall in Love” is YET on my iPod, as is “Falling” and I think “I Just Died.” There’s also a song played in the beginning of one of her videos that goes, but they cut it off to play the video song, kwim? I need to investigate that, ’cause I dug it. And of course “1 Thing” was the knock.

  5. Good post. Amerie never struck me as someone who could sing but she had the ability to make good songs that didn’t make you want to assault people. “Why Don’t We Fall in Love” and many of her other cuts were far from bad.

    She fine too. I had to say it.(Sans the blond hair of course. I’ve got issues with blondness.)

  6. BP says:

    I feel like LaLa could have written her post for me. Rihanna is NOT the ticket. I like Amerie, I Just Died used to bring on these feelings….oooh let me stop.

    Good post Reecie cups!

  7. anson1 says:

    I’m with you on this one, Reecie. But where was “All I Need” from Touch? I think the thing is “All I Have” was so classic (stiil is). Amerie went off on that album. And there’s the problem. No matter what she releases after that its going be seen as a step down from “All I Have”. I wouldn’t give up on her just yet.

  8. Carla says:

    I don’t know any of the songs that you’ve mentioned and that’s probably because I stopped listening after the first or second album(?). I particularly like the songs: Just Died in Your Arms and Why Can’t We Fall in Love which was her first song that I know of. So, maybe I’m referring to the first album?

    Either way, I wish she’d make more music like that.

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