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What’s in my earbuds…sexy

on November 30, 2010


this has been a good time for music. I have been previewing a lot of new music lately. Chrisette Michele and Jazmin Sullivan both have studio albums released today: Let Freedom Reign and Love Me Back, respectively. This blog post is not a full through review as I need more time to develop my thoughts on all the music I’ve been bumping lately, but just a quick overview of what I’m checking for–so that you all can check for it too, ya dig? or not, whatever your flavor.

over the weekend I also acquired Chris Brown’s new mixtape In My Zone 2 and from first and second listen I must say it is pretty good!

yesterday I also happened to get into the latest mixtape release from my lova Raheem DeVaughn. Now anybody that knows me knows that I love him so. He is my modern day Marvin Gaye. yes. it is that serious to me and I don’t care if you don’t agree. I talk about R&B a lot–it is my favorite music genre, true pure soul music I should say. but I love R&B of all facets. I got love for Robin Thicke, Foreign Exchange, I mean older 90s stuff like Dru Hill and 112. and lets not even talk about classic groups like EWF, Isleys, Maze & Frankie Beverly, etc. On the more recent front I got love for Bruno Mars. A man singing about love with a good voice does it for me. so anyway, back to Raheem.

His new mixtape Jackin4Beats is much like his Mr February x March Madness joint I reviewed earlier this year with how he covers current songs and/or spins the beats for his own pleasure. Whether its Night and Day, or Prototype, Bonita Applebum, or even more recently on this mixtape Trey’s Can’t Be Friends, he delivers.

Speaking of Trey, he released a mixtape of the same concept #lemmegetdatbeat. So about 4 songs in? hated it. But I shouldve done some research prior to d/l’ing and I wouldve known its all his rap alter ego Trigga and I’m so good on that. I am a Trey fan from way back, when his remixes were featuring local VA artists that nobody but 804 folks knew. I still bump I Gotta Make it/Trey Day/Anticipation heavily. but that’s about it. I’ve been told the 3 Ps or whatever CD is better than Ready but I’m just not interested in listening to it yet. He’s heading quickly to overexposure and I’d like to preserve the love I have left for my 804 homie as is, for now!

so last night I’m up pretty late on twitter and my lova Rah drops this new vid and tags it #twitterafterdark. now I see this often and I don’t typically engage sexy talk with celebs cuz I think its hella corny. but I decided to see what he was talking about! soooooo glad I did. just earlier in the evening while previewing the new mixtape I tweeted:

“so @368hustlers version of Single is real sexy like. but of course…”

so color my surprise when I see he has a video for it! and HAVE MERCY what a video it is. I couldve saved this for #freakyfriday but to be honest I couldn’t wait. I watched it about 4 times last night on my blackberry. and I HATE watching vids on the phone. Trey said he invented what?! who?! no sir. Raheem did that, and if he aint invent it he is definitely showcasing his interests and talents on this here vid. check it out if you dare, its not work safe really.

but back to jackin 4 beats, lemme hold that beat and the like. I dig the concept. Actually I prefer Trey’s remakes of popular songs more than his recent original material #shots #sowhat, and I appreciate what these mixtapes do, they gear you up and make you excited for a studio album. I just hope the studio album is good too. Rappers have recently proven that mixtapes are where they choose to flourish and shine–Wale’s More About Nothing is still my fave this year, yes topping Friday Night Lights, but not by much.

With R&B, you need to be equally consistent with both avenues, IMO. I have always heavily critiqued Raheem’s albums in particular because I am that much of a fan, and I ADORED The Love Experience. That CD still sets the standard that he has YET to reach again. Some of my favorite songs by him are on that album. And when Love Behind the Melody came out and while I was hooked on all things “Love Drug” I admit it took about a year for that CD to grow on me individually and for me to truly stop comparing the two albums. Then The Love & War Masterpeace came out this year and I probably won’t love it until next year. That’s just how I am sometimes.

I will always dig Raheem. He talks about love in a romantic way, he talks about sex in a sensual, erotic way that isn’t crass and you can tell he adores the female frame. He makes music for women that love men that love women. Not just tolerate them, not just want to sex them, but LOVE THEM. And for that,  I love him and will always support his music.


12 responses to “What’s in my earbuds…sexy

  1. Girl, I was too busy looking at other things (big things) on twitter to watch Raheem’s vid last night. But I watched it about 20 minutes ago, and started sweating, it was so hot. I’m glad I didn’t watch it last night. After Mr. Glade, it would have been too much to handle.

    I love Raheem. Downloading the mixtape… NOW!

  2. Erika says:

    Yaaaaaassssss!!!! I know that people out there are trying to compare Raheem’s [nasty] video to Keri Hilton’s [nasty] video, but the two don’t compare in any capacity to me.

    There’s no possible way that an artistic eroticism (that’s a little overexaggerated, but for lack of a better phrase) like that Single video can be compared to p-poppin on a handstand and licking a door in your panties while you’re talking about having the kinda chocha that’ll keep a man out of the streets. Bizarre.

    Anyway… this mixtape thing is frustrating because it serves two purposes: 1) it’s supposed to give the artist the outlet to do what he can’t do commercially (which is what Trey USED to do, and its frustrating because either his commercial steelo is THAT watered down or he’s just getting performance anxiety in the booth, whatever) and 2) it’s supposed to serve as an attention getter for their commercial releases. The problem with #1 is that it serves as a preemptive letdown for #2, lol. If it can’t be done commercially, then SURELY the commercial release can’t top the mixtape, right?

    As far as the Single video… it was really drawn out in the beginning, but extremely hot at the end. Oh, and hallelujah. *waves hand in the air*

  3. Erika says:

    And yes… long live the Glade can.

  4. MilanRouge says:

    Great post sis! Whew…I love Raheem like NO OTHER and this new mixtape and THAT new video…just does it for me. I honestly am new to the whole R&B singers having mixtapes. I think Raheem’s mixtape from earlier this year and Trey’s mixtape (last year?) introduced me to this whole phenomenon. I love the idea and concept of mixtapes for GOOD R&B artists. I’m starting to feel the same way you feel about Trey but Raheem…he’s like crack rock and I am THAT crackhead when it comes to him releasing new music. I actually love the Love and War Masterpiece he released this year. That joint has several jams that have consistently been in heavy rotation on my Pod.

    I actually just decided last week that I for sure DO NOT LIKE Trey’s new 3P cd. I only like TWO songs on that mug. TWO. So a good cd that does not make. I am currently digging both Jazmine Sully’s and Chrisette Shelly’s (lol) new cds. I can kinda see what folks mean when they criticize Jazzy for only making “angry” music. She does. And I love it. Other stuff I’ve been jammin lately is Kanye’s new one, J. Coles mixtape, Fantasia is STILL going hard in my rotation (that cd right there…yessuh. I have C.Breezy’s new mixtape (thank ya kindly for that) but haven’t listened yet. That’s next up….

  5. Lamide says:

    Whew!! on that Raheem vid. I really shouldn’t have watched it at work…got me feelin’ feelings!! #noteeny

    I really liked Love & War though, and I’ll be D/Ling this once I get the link (hint hint). Haven’t listened to Try’s 3Ps cuz I’ve been thoroughly unimpressed with him lately. I’m just ‘eh on him in general these days as well.

    Yet to cop Jazzy & Chrisette’s new CDs, too, but I’m a fan of them both, so I look forward to listening.
    Like Milan, I’m also bumping Yeezy (All of the Lights is THE BEST!!) J.Cole, & Yup, Bruno Mars is also still holding my heart hostage.

    Awesome post, babe!!

  6. LaLaBakir says:

    c/s Lamide…I should’nt have watched this at work! Lawdhafmersay…I kept turning around like a slave heading for the Underground Railroad to make sure nobody walked in!

    Anywho, I loved Raheem’s 2nd album at 1st listen. That’s the only album I’ve heard from him. I can get w/ Trey rapping on Wonder Woman…don’t think I could deal w/ it for an entire album. You hit the nail on the head w/ him and over exposure. I guess they’re trying to keep the momentum going.

    I gotta check out Breezy’s joint…that’s my boo in my head.

  7. Cryssy says:

    So here is my Raheem story…his first cd I hated for a very long time and here is why. He wasn’t hot yet and performed at a homegirls fashion show. when I tell you he was extra diva that isn’t even doing it justice. and his performance and vocally were horrible. so needless to say I threw him to the waist side.

    fast forward like 5-7 months a friend has tickets for a intimate Raheem show in Baltimore I reluctantly go….baby it changed my world. Everything his music portrays is amplified on stage. And from that moment on I became a fan.

    now Trey I been with him since he had ling braids…Anticipation still rocks my socks and I think he should’ve released that as his studio album. ready annoyed me but I do like 3p’s. It however is very disappointing cause he can do better.

    I haven’t listened to my young tender’s joint yet but I am glad he is back. I think it will cause Trey to grab some much needed satdown.

    great post Reecie….and I am not talking about that soft porn video for a reason *adjust self in seat*

  8. Lisa says:

    Great day in the morning! @that video.

    Yeah. I’mma have to holla at you later.

    *loox for that dude I’m hitched to*

  9. CHeeKZ Money says:

    you ladies are so randy.


    Reecie you are going to have to help me fall in love with R&B again. I don’t want to let go of my love of love songs, but the content seems to be the same.
    I don’t want to be that way anymore (its bad for my love life) so I am going to take your word and try to get into this Raheem guy that everyone seems to like. But what is a Glade can?

  10. LaLaBakir says:


    I really don’t think you wanna know the Glade can reference…seriously

  11. D. Mitch says:

    Reecie, it’s been a while since I’ve been on your site (#latepass) but great post to come back to. I gotta say, I was real hesistant about Rah’s mixtape, cause as you and I have discussed before, his mixtapes don’t be hittin on nothin…but I gotta give him props, it was pretty hot. Good job to him. C Breezy, I wasn’t really shocked that his was bangin…glad to see that he came back so tough.

    Trey…yeah, I need homeskillet to rest for a minute. Problem is that folks weren’t really done bangin Ready before he tried to ride the fame to another cd, which was #fail. His bad…

    Great writing!

  12. As always Reecie, you keep me connected to the music that makes me blush ;0) But can I have a moment of silence for this fantastic love making music…..#thatisall

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