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Just say you’re scared, if you’re scared…

on February 15, 2011

but if you through frontin’ we can do somethin’!

thats #mypart. reminds me of someone in particular too. hmm. lol

..And you know just what Im talking about, tomorrow you’ll be calling out

Cause tonight we getting right into the wee morn’…


New J. cole and Drake vid. “In the Morning” I’m a huge J cole fan so I’ve been on this song since before the version with Drake, but I must say, I do like his addition to the track. EXCEPT for the “equestrian” line. but dope song nonetheless.

and just because, my other absolute fave from Friday Night Lights. I listen to this song every single day. I call it “get my mind right/feeling myself” music. A recent additon to my theme song playlist. so of course by now its the most played J. Cole song on my iPod. It samples my favorite song from Janelle Monae’s latest, which I blogged about here. So of course I loved it on immediate listen.

*clap for her*

I mean, Cole’s entire first verse!!!!!! its something for the b!tches, sure but I’m digging it. However, for real my old boo Wale’s verse is what set me right:

…you know I spit that sick shit and there’s still no cure
hold up, low packs like I got cancer
choking on them white boys make a black panther
love my women with high heels and high standards
and only cheat on my broad if I run out of answers
I got that vicious flow, Moncler winter coat
I aint superstitious I make all these broads flip my pole
you dig it, this shit aint for beginners
I’m something like a fetus, im not quite kidd’n
and theres something you aint seeing like I block your vision
like my Remy with no juice, you a lot like Bishop
hundred k in 22 hours
see money talks, you muthaf-ckers is Boomhower
no check back, in debt yep
loud in my J, I smoking Gallaudet
higher than I need to be
flyer cause I need to be
love our conversation but it’s late right now, I need a beat
one time for the Ville that Cole rep
another time for the city of slow death
I dont understand why these n-ggas so vexed
I dont need no chains with no cross to know that I’m blessed

“…high heels and high standards” <—-has been my bbm status, ohhh 100 times. lol

I just played the song about 3 times just to write the post. just a lil random Tuesday inspiration.

ladies, you STILL got it. 😉

8 responses to “Just say you’re scared, if you’re scared…

  1. I think that whole equestrian line makes reference to a woman being stacked like a horse (big butt, thin legs)and riding the stallions, I guess that’s a reference to getting it in w/ older women.


  2. Reecie says:

    oh I GET the line, immediately even–but the reference to his AUNT is what makes it creepy! Even though also stallions are male horses not female, a lot of men use that term as a point of reference for thickness/stacked. lol

  3. Streetz says:

    Good Post.

    Friday Night Lights was a tight mixtape and I knew him n Aubrey would win with this song. The video is RIGHT too!

  4. Christian says:

    Love the write up homie, as usual. As for the line…he said his aunt rode equestrian, as in that’s how he got acquainted with the stables and the love for horses ie, stallions. I didn’t take it as him saying his aunt was a stallion though. But as I see your point. And yea, the stallion reference is purely about a woman’s physical statue.

  5. Tray says:

    I never listened to J. Cole and I definitely dig both the songs… would love a copy to be emailed to me *hint hint ;-). I few things that struck me

    why does that sample sound so familiar in the 2nd song?

    The aunt reference was weird but I immediately thought that his aunt might be white and it made more sense to me…

    And the chick in the first video kinda reminds of a reecie circa vstate—idk why but she do.

  6. Reecie says:

    the second song’s sample is Neon Valley Street by Janelle Monae. I forgot to mention that in my post. *goes to edit*

  7. CHeeKZ Money says:

    Yo Reecie posting that crack. One thing about J Cole.. that negro is tall. Real tall. And Humble, impressive person. I only met him at a show but anybody who went to St John’s will tell you the same thing.
    The video was cool. Tour looks popping, but I don’t think they should have used the fish eye lense. That went out of style with the Shiny Suits and the Ski goggles.
    Song is dope though, but I do agree with you that the one with Wale might be doper. I think Wale was tired of hearing how J Cole was killing them on every song they did together and he stepped up on this one. I will give your boy credit for that one, Reecie.

  8. […] Listen. I know we have Aubrey jokes for days, but ever so often he sets a sexy verse off right. I’ve mentioned one of my faves by him from So Far Gone Before, and also I dug his addition to my lightskinted crush J. Cole’s joint In The Morning. […]

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