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They Be Dancin’

on March 18, 2011

during my morning commute this song came on and I thought “that’s it!” my post inspiration. I really don’t write just to write, and sometimes since I listen to the same songs over and over–with  the sprinkle of new stuff here and there, hence my In My Earbuds features, I often get writer’s block of sorts where I don’t have any inspiration to blog.

This song isn’t new by any means but it just sparked something in me.  Since I have written about my total adoration of 112 before, I won’t repeat but you can read it here if you missed it. I will instead feature some of my favorite dance tracks. When I heard this song I immediately thought of the choreography from the video, and I wanted to dance. Right there on the train, lol. I came up in the era of music videos–actually birthed in the 80s as me, so I remember when a music video was an EVENT. something you couldn’t wait to peep, and it actually correlated with the message of the song. Nowadays, not so much.

Here are a few of my faves from girls, guys, and groups. No rhyme or reason for choosing, the criteria is just that hearing the song automatically makes me think of the video and dancing. I’m not going to go super obvious with Michael Jackson. Or New Edition either–y’all should already know I stan for them!!! And uhm. No Beyonce either.

This woman that taught me how to dance, or put something in my little heart that made me want to dance at a young age. no bs. And I could’ve chose a billion different videos with much better choreography but on some trippy disco shit, I fux with this song. Maybe not at the time it was released, but definitely now. I hope I didn’t lose y’all. lol. But I had to get Madge in first…

When you think of N’Sync, you think of dancing. period. Can’t deny their influence of the late 90s/early 2000s. I def was a fan. Still a JT fan and looking forward to his upcoming project–its about time!

*bows* I mean I know I said I wouldn’t feature her bro but I would be remiss if I didn’t pay homage to the second woman that taught me how to dance! If you are a girl and didn’t stand up in your living room trying to learn this entire routine I don’t know what your youth was like!

This is my favorite Chris Brown dance vid hands down. I remember when he first came out and I thought “Run It” was a cute song; “Excuse Me Miss” as well but it wasn’t until I heard “Gimme That” that I really started paying attention to him. This song stuck with me and every time I hear this song I just wanna dance nonstop, its a perfect pop song to me. “I know you like how I lean in the lac, you can be in the back singing gimme gimme!” Say what you want about Young Chris but that is a dancin mofo. I looooves a guy that can dance.

Aaliyah had many dance hits, but for some reason this one is very memorable to me. Loved this video! “is it my go or is it your go? sometimes I’m goody goody but right now I’m naughty naughty!” I also have to listen to/prefer the VA superfriendz remix of this song because they used to play it OUT on the radio at home!

Uhm. this was back when I still loved me some Ursher. This is a break up/get my swagger back anthem.  Awesome choreography here.

I’m a Slave 4 U still gets regular rotation on my ipod. Can’t deny that Neptunes beat! This was Britney in her prime, right before her downward spiral… “baby, don’t you wanna…dance up on me?”

I had a good time writing this post. Most of these videos I haven’t seen in years and pulling this post together was a good trip down memory lane. I really could do this all day. I mean we have Ciara, Bey, more Usher, Breezy–ah, so many to choose from! But before I go…and because I gotta include some good #hoshit, from the one hit wonder Ester Dean. I mean, this song… *drops it low*

Let me know what some of your favorite dance videos are in the comments.


7 responses to “They Be Dancin’

  1. Cryssy says:

    ummmm Sis!!! Drop it Low, Gimme Dat, Slave 4 U, If, and Usher… yeah you got me twerking in my chair….

    Good post!!!

  2. Reecie says:

    yeah Cryssy that Drop it Low was just for you–I know that’s your jam! you got me on it!

  3. Fashion Citizen says:

    I do miss the good dance vids. They were fun and honestly, a lot more appealing. I mean I like Tipdrill and all those sorts but it’s not about the music at all with videos like that.

    Thanks for taking me back this morning.

  4. “If you are a girl and didn’t stand up in your living room trying to learn this entire routine I don’t know what your youth was like!”

    THIS!!! when that beat drops in the middle of “If” it’s a wrap!! I loved that routine.

    Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody” is another excellent choice. I used to know that whole ending! #classic.

    great job! great memories 🙂

  5. tisha says:

    Heeeeey! You posted that Aaliyah and it made think about how just about ALL of her videos made me wanna dance. More Than a Woman? Her and that one dude? Fughedaboutit. Rock the Boat? Y’all LYE-EN if you ain’t try to hit that lil slinky move they did on the boat when she switched positions! LOL. I miss videos where they actually displayed some talent as opposed to pouring drinks and booty-smakin’. Dah, well.

  6. Lamide says:

    Tisha is in my mind with the Aaliyah “Rock the Boat” moves!! I watched her videos nd learned ALL those movesm you hear me? ALL. Forgot ’em all now, tho, smh. 😆 I surely was an N’sync (and Backstreet Boys) dancing fool, too. ANY Spice Girls dance tunes were some old favorites (hey, blame the years in England, lol) and u got me on the Ursh too. Great post, babe!!

  7. K. Rock says:

    You picked some awesome songs! I can definitely vouch for almost all of them. Janet is one of my favs to dance to. Her song “Rock with U” is the joint! Love that Ester Dean song too. I totally understand not putting Beyonce on here but Get Me Bodied gets me everytime.

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