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What’s in my earbuds, summer ’11 edition

on July 11, 2011


It feels like its been forever since I blogged. I dont even apologize for it. I’ve been living life, enjoying the hell summer and while music is ALWAYS a part of that life–writing about it sometimes just isn’t. I hadn’t even logged into wordpress the entire time. I did miss it, glad to see folks still discovering the site and reading it. No post is too old to comment on, in my opinion. 🙂

But in the month and a half or so hiatus of living “off the wall”  there has been TONS of new music released. TONS. so much that I still haven’t wrapped my good “listening” ears around much of it. but I’m working my way through.

one thing I don’t like to do is rush my tastes because something is hot. I kinda rushed thru Marsha Ambrosius’ CD the last time I did a post like this. I like it a lot more now than I did then, which I figured I would.

so let me first get the obvious out of the way: Beyonce. so, yall know I’m no King B stan–actually I think calling herself King is stupid as hell, but I digs the hell outta “4” like seriously, I haven’t rocked with Bey hard since Dangerously in Love, and I mean that.  She’s had singles here and there on her other projects I liked, but I don’t have a full Beyonce CD on my ipod at all. On first listen “Rather Die Young” and “Countdown” stood out to me, the first for the melody and her vocals, the second just for that catchy ass Boyz II Men sample. Plus her quotables like “all up in my kitchen in my heels, dinner time” and “ooh I think I luh dat boy, do anything fuh dat boy” ahh, the romantic in me  thinks that’s so sweet *sigh* okay moving on. After repeat listens, I definitely feel “I Miss You” those lyrics speak to me, and despite her saying “algeba” I DO like “1+1” as well. Also while it’s 2011’s Irreplaceable, I enjoy “The Best I Never Had.”

“Party” goes hard, but ‘Ye and 3 Stacks dont’ go quite as hard as they couldve–I mean wtf is swagu? I guess. It is a pop song. Just listening again this weekend in the car (you HAVE to test CDs for whip approval) I noticed the throaty efforts on “Start Over” which work for me too. Overall I just think its a good pop album, and I have no problem admitting that it pleases my ears. A lot. I’m such a typical girl for this but I don’t care. lol

^^ face beat, tits sitting high, fierce hair, giving much face! I love Jilly from Philly.

I wanted to post this pic instead of her album cover just because its so damn fly!!!

ok The Light of the Sun is a CD I’m still working thru. I don’t love it yet. But honestly I only loved her first two CDs immediately. Vol. 3 had to grow on me, but baby when it did!?!?!?! LOVE. Jill does no wrong in my eyes so while I’m not in love yet, I love HER, and I’m pleased with her latest offering. Faves include: “So In Love” with Anthony Hamilton, “So Gone”, “Hear My Call”, and “Making You Wait”

I love me some Lloyd.  I consider Street Love to be a hood classic. Year of the Lover was no slump either. I wrote a post awhile back on how consider my boy to be seriously slept on. I didn’t check for Lloyd’s first CD but Street Love is what made me a fan. He is as I say “my favorite nasally yodeler”. “Lay Your Head” is a song I HATED on first listen but damn if that “ole ole oooooleeeee” aint grow on me! I mean, its Lloyd. He  does it for me like The Dream–I often ask myself why I love them so, but then I just resolve not to question it, just vibe to the music. SO I DO!  Now “Cupid” is a song I immediately thought was cutesy and the visuals in the video helped me to enjoy it more. Still need to give this one a few more spins before I identify faves.

Miss Moses, Miss Moses! Yall know this is my grown woman crush and I STANS for Teedra! She’s gorgeous, she’s fly,and she has just a splash of hood that makes her relatable to me. lol Her latest offering is short, but definitely sweet.  I am anxiously awaiting a feature album. “Another Lovr” “Invitation”  ok how about all of it is hot to me. With only 10 songs. not too much extra or fluff, just the chill vibe that Ms. Moses is known for. Check it out for download here.

I’ve also been listening to Ledisi’s Pieces of Me, Jean Grae’s Cookies or Comas, Kendrick Lamar’s Section.80–prior to hearing this I had not listened to any of his music, so I was pleasantly surprised. And older music is always in rotation.

so tell me, what has your summer soundtrack been looking like? If you’ve heard the joints featured in this post–what are your faves? let me know!!! 

19 responses to “What’s in my earbuds, summer ’11 edition

  1. streetztalk says:

    Welcome back!!

    Meek Mill Rick Ross Im a Boss. Nuff Said!!

  2. Reecie says:

    okay I’m going to have to check that out. is it on the MMG compliation?

  3. Streetz says:

    Yeah you know it. Its off the comp album. Your lil hype self will enjoy, lol

  4. Meemz 2.0 says:

    I have it, but haven’t listened to Jilly’s latest yet, I haven’t heard great reviews, plus I’ve never been that big of a fan. Haven’t put it on the pod.
    B def got a side eye from me for that “swagu” :lol:. I’ve been skipping a lot of songs on her CD. I hate “Run the World” with such a passion, though. 😆
    Yesss, Cupid video made me like the song. I don’t really “get” Lloyd, tho. He strange as hell to me, LOL!
    I’ve been listening to a lotta sad songs, so Marsha’s ol’ warbling self has been in the mix. Also still really enjoying Frank Ocean, although those aren’t necessarily sad songs.

    Welcome back. I’ve missed your posts!!

  5. Pretty Keish says:

    I was expecting not to like Bey’s latest but she got me with “I Miss You, Party, and Best Thing..” My fav is DEF “Love on top”; it has a summery old school vibe. I love it! The writing credits are interesting: it appears that The Dream wrote majority of the songs with Babyface on “Best Thing” and Diane Warren on “I Was Here”. She’s just never gonna be able to match the beauty that was Dangerously In Love, it was straight R&B which she just doesn’t do anymore. I’m digging 4.

    I don’t know when Miguel’s CD debuted but I’m wide awake on him now and I didn’t know he was a writer, the youngin has talent and I rock that joint back to front. Very few “behind the scenes” cats put out quality music of their own.

    Lloyd, I may have to give it a few more spins but I’m not impressed with what I’m hearing so far. Way more upbeat tracks than he normally gives, and the “P___y” track with Andre 3k? Yeah, no. I’m willing to give it another try though.

    Between Jill, Ledisi, Bey, and Miguel this has been a GREAT summer for music!

    Oh, Kevin McCall released a mixtape as well that’s pretty legit!

    Forgive any typos in advance, I’m mobile.

  6. Reecie says:

    hey Keish! thanks for stopping by! yeah Miguel came out last winter and I was kinda late to it also, but I’ve been bumping it since earlier this year. it is A VERY GOOD CD.

  7. bleek gilliam says:

    I been heavy on kendrick lamar’s “Section 80” by far the best hip-hop album of 2011 thus far IMO. I normally don’t care for WC rappers but he is not ur typical WC rapper

    On the hip-hop frontier this summer has been WACK!!!! I think “I’m on one” is defualt summer banger just bc nothing else catchy/hot is out

    I been listening to a lot of Funkadelic, everyone remembers them for “atomic dog” but they had bangers on their first 3 albums in early 70s before they did the atomic dog

    And after seeing Tribe doc over weekend I been heavy on ATCQ, they can never do no wrong

  8. Reecie says:

    I need to check out the ATCQ doc. My stepdad’s fave groups were Parliament and Funkadelic so I grew up listening to all that stuff. its been a long time though. I meant to revisit Ohio Players too after that Unsung episode…

  9. Yo, that Miguel goes hard… I’ve been running ‘Sure Thing’ for a solid 3 months now… might be my favorite single of the year (even though the album came out in ’10).

    I’ve also kept John Legends rendition of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep in heavy rotation. Not only is it a really dope song, but it’s also a not so subtle statement on cultural appropriation.

    Also still knocking Fab’s “The Soul Tape” and Jada’s “I Love You.”

  10. Reecie says:

    The Soul Tape is dope, I haven’t listened to it in awhile. yeah and I dig John’s version of Rolling in the Deep, also.

  11. Meek is fire right now, absolute fire.

    I’ve been rocking out to Weeknd a lot, and then of course, you guys know I listen to my own mixtapes a lot. My throwback of choice right now is Tha Carter II, been listening to that just about everyday lately.

  12. .tisha says:

    JILL-AY!!! Ok, you know I wasn’t really moved at first listen, but “Hear My Call” is my cut. Like. I’m feelin’ that joint on every level. I just got Teedra yesterday and I’m feelin’ her, too. I think my faves are “Special” and “Missing You.” I like another one, too, but the name escapes me.

    Right this second, though, my FAVE fave is that new Zo! and my favorite on there is “Marzipan.” Phonte and Erro together is just…..the sweetest ear candy. If they woulda put Anthony David on that cut, too, I might woulda had to take an off day yesterday. LOL!

  13. Melody says:

    I dig everything but Lloyd! LOL! It took me a while but I really dig Jilly from Philly new one. Like you, I think this is Bey’s best since Dangerously in Love. I just got Cookies or Comas Monday and can’t stop listening! You gotta check out Zo!’s Just Visiting Three. It’s a winner!

  14. Jubilance says:

    Glad to see you’re back to blogging 🙂

    I’m digging the Beyonce & Jill scott…haven’t heard the Lloyd & finna download that Teedra right now!

  15. I LOVE MS. SCOTT!!
    Now I must admit, I didn’t like “The Light of the Sun” off top, however, I had an epiphany coming home from church one Sunday. I was listening to “Hear My Call” and it just really spoke to me. Then I got caught up in “Rolling Hills”. Like I just love this chick for real….now if only her tickets were 12 gazillion dollars….I’d go see her next month.

    I haven’t really paid a lot of attention to Bey though. I think I like “4”, but it’s not “stunning” to me.

    I need to get on Teedra’s joint (like her too)…and I don’t know if I’m that interested in Lloyd to even give him a listen…

  16. MilanRouge says:

    Glad to see you back and posting, sis. Pretty much echo the sentiment on B’s ‘4’. Jilly from Philly was excellent when I saw her at Essence a couple weeks ago which probably made me give her cd more of a chance cuz at first listen I was like “naw ion even like NONE of that” lol. Its growing on me bit by bit now though. I still need to listen to Section 80. Have heard great things. You know Icant with Lloyd. LOL. I’d probably only listen to that by accident. So I haven’t heard it yet. I’m really digging the new Ledisi. 😀

  17. CHeeKZ Money says:

    Love having you back.

    Section 80 is a win. Kendrick is blowing up faster than anybody else from the XXL cover this year. The J Cole co-sign and now skateboard p.

    I haven’t heard a single song I like from the Beyonce album, not one single song. Videos have been wavy though.

    Streetz is dead on about Meek Mill Rosay. That song is such a monster. I like how you switched up his cadence for once. And this is a dude who has been putting in work for years, so I always like to see people get their shot. “of i ever go broke, i’ma take your money”

    I’m a huge Lloyd fan. Its a great voice and I really love his content. His ‘like me’ EP was a banger and I know a lot of hip hop fans really dig his approach. He almost sounds like a sample.

    My boys put me on to the Weekend (love that name). Lala and tunde put me on to the new J Cole mixtape. Been listening to Action Bronson, jon conner, pac div’s mania, old emilio rios, Maffew Ragazino.

  18. CHeeKZ Money says:

    and people are still sleeping on that Common Nas song…. honestly some people have no idea what they are missing, when I die play that song.

  19. DCBuppie says:

    I’ll pass on king bey. Jill’s joint definitely is growing on me. I thought some of it tooo… Different at first.Lloyd’s street love still goes hard. He is slept on. This new joint is growing on me. I’m so happy teedra got some new shyt… But damn its some hard love stuff. Glad your back.

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