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Give Me the Reason to Love You…

on July 14, 2011

…and I want to love you more.

This is a really sweet song.

Those that follow me on twitter may have peeped my elated joy listening to Faith Evans’ self titled debut CD a couple nights ago. I made it my night time ritual soundtrack. I don’t know if many other people do this, but I like to listen to music while I bathe. I know a lot of people play music while getting dressed/getting ready to go out, but just to get ready to go to bed? yea, I do that too. lol. Since I have an iHome, I turn the music up and leave the bathroom door open to sing along while I pin curl my hair, shower or bath, then get out brush my teeth and all the other necessary things you do. Depending on the tunes, its very relaxing. And also might encourage sweet dreams 😉

“Sitting in here thinking about you
And all the joy you bring oh baby
I just can’t live without you
Cause your love means everything…”

My iPod is always on shuffle, so even when I sort for a particular album or artist, it doesn’t play the songs in track order. I don’t like many surprises, but I do enjoy not knowing what song is gonna play next for some reason. So while my ears may have been “ready” to hear “No Other Love” that isn’t what I got. About 8 songs in I found myself wanting to hear this song in particular. I could no longer just wait and be surprised, I had to find it, and play it. It makes me think of my sis Tisha, and our previous convos about those “rain drops”–you gotta admit that is A HOT sound effect. It totally adds to the smooth vibe of the song.

“When I can’t seem to find my way
You brighten up my darkest day
The reason to love you more…”

When this album came out I can’t say this song was one of my favorites, but in recent years it has grown to be.

Faith is an example to me of one that flows beautifully from beginning to end, and even when I don’t listen in order, I have such an affinity for each song, I don’t mind how its played. “Reasons” is listed as a bonus track and I’m glad it was included! You know, sometimes I listen to this album and I think its a top contender against its “rival” of sorts, My Life. I know that album is a certified R&B classic and I’m just saying Faith is as well. To me. Production wise, Faith’s debut is definitely better than Mary’s, IMO. However there is no comparison on who has (had?) the better career, but we gotta give credit where its due to Ms. Evans for her contributions via background vocals, and songwriting.

I love all of the songs but I gotta say my favorite on the album and of all time by Faith is “Soon As I Get Home.” Peep the video below. 

Do you love this CD? What are you favorite songs?

8 responses to “Give Me the Reason to Love You…

  1. Ms. Minx says:

    Sis!! “Soon as I get home” is my FAVORITE, too! When I’m sad, when I’m happy, in love or out of it, I just love hearing that song. I remember tweeting a while ago (after hearing her new CD, probably) how I missed the Faith of old days, when her hair was blonde, her roots were dark, and her songs were so good 😆

  2. Tracie says:

    Hmm I never got into Faith. Who knows what I was doing when this came out. I’m sure you listened to her…random memory of how you put me on to music freshman year with your giant radio and gazillion cds. The only one that sticks out though is ma$e “if she makes my nuts itch I’ll kill that slut b*tch” random I know

  3. Reecie says:

    lmao! MA$E’s first CD was my fave in HS! I DO remember listening to tons of Harlem World freshman year, especially in the basement of Branch with Jelly! how random!

  4. Reecie, I think you know that I go IN for this CD….one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES. There’s not ONE bad song on here and it still bumps 16 years later. “Reasons” is my favorite track. It’s just smooth and calming. Next favorite track would be “Come Over”…it was actually “the song” of me and my ex-boo. *ha*

    I miss this Faith too…because she’s just not the same. I mean, she’s ok now, but definitely not like ’95 Faith.

  5. .tisha says:

    YesSUH! *church kick*

    Girl, I’ma have to be ON this album today! I love so much about it. “Come Over (WHAAAAAAAAAT?! LOL),” the “Thank You Lord” interlude, “All This Love” and you KNOW “Reasons” is my favorite!

    I agree with you that production wise, Faith’s debut blows Mary’s out of the water. I actually appreciate the quality of Faith’s voice better than Mary’s. Always have. I also agree that she’s not the same. One of the songs I like on her latest album is a weird one–“Your Lover” and in the end adlibs she says “Get this rum away from meeeeeee….” I was like *blank stare* come ON Faith! Like…I get growing as an artist or whatever, but…this is not that. It’s like she’s hustling backwards, and NOT to ’95 Faith.

  6. MilanRouge says:

    I’ve been seeing her ‘You Used to Love Me’ video on VH1 Soul like…almost EVERY day this week! That song is still my jam and probably my top fav from her cd. When she sings “And I stood around, stood by your side…went through all the hurt and pain and you turned and walked away…” Chiiiiiiile. THAT. I feel Faith on that! Mess hurts! tee hee. Her cd was classic!

  7. anson1 says:

    You already know where I stand on this. So we’ll leave it at that.

  8. shetraces says:

    I loved this CD, actually I remember having the tape. I loved playing (Love don´t Live Here Anymore), and I do miss the old Faith as well. I was keeping up with her up until the album ´Keep the Faith´.

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