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Dear Summer…

on September 19, 2011

I know you gon’ miss me
For we been together like Nike Airs and crisp tees
S dots with polo fleeces
Purple label shit with the logo secret
Gimme couple years, shit I might just sneak in
A couple words and like peaches and herb
We’ll be reunited and it feels so hood
Have the whole world saying “How he still so good?”
Well I do this in my slumber summer
I ain’t none of these half-assed newcomers, you know how I do summer
I drop heat, when you bring the sun up

This song says it all. Goodbye summer.  Also speaks on how my man Hov still is doing his thing and holding us down summer after summer *cues Heart of the City* But until next time. Farewell.

Now we must move on to one of my favorite seasons. The air, the fashion, my birthday–LIBRAS!  and homecoming season! You can’t beat it! I’m ready…

I just love this sample. I recently saw Lupe live and was reminded of his older music and how much of a fan I used to be. “Dear Fall” reminds me of the Food & Liquor days. I’m locked in, looking forward to a great season.

Are you excited about fall? 

3 responses to “Dear Summer…

  1. Lupe be doing too much now. I hate when rappers become super political or super anti everything – especially when it’s clear they haven’t read a real book in years.

    But aside from that he’s still dumb nice. If he ever learns how to put together an album that you can just pop in and press play, he’ll be one of the all time greats. F&L was close to that and he hasn’t really come close since.

    Fall is a great season. My favorite season actually. Aside from the fashion and the boo-caking, fall represents the time of year where you really start grinding. If you’re working a 9-5, you need to lock in for the home stretch and secure that EOY bonus and promotion. If you’re hustling, summer is over, time to put the timbs back on and hit the block again. I love the grind, and the fall for me is all about the grind.

  2. CHeeKZ Money says:

    i’m glad you made this post, I already miss summer. Its only 745 and its dark as hell in Queens. Can’t exercise outside in this weather. No more baseball, park is going to be empty. Ladies cover up too much… and the lawns. I’m a suburbs kid, I love grass. I love sitting on the stoop and looking at the hard work done by everyone else in the garden. The year is going to end soon and that means the holiday season is around the corner and everyone has a hand out. And I never ever liked going back to school.

    outside of football, i hate fall.

  3. CHeeKZ Money says:

    but i love the post

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