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I Give Her That Insomnia…

on September 20, 2011

’cause off with the lights, then off with her clothes

and I keep her up like no doze

I give her that insooooooomnia

til I feel her body tremble like an earthquake.

the more I give, the more that she takes…

giving her insoooooooomnia…

listen. (no really listen, click the picture above to hear) its not even Friday. But this song right here?

so I’ve stated several times on this blog that Raheem is my favorite male singer. On my commute today, this song came across my ipod while on shuffle. Prior to it, I was listening to my other fave Teedra Moses.  I was reminded how in high school my ABSOLUTE favorite singers were MJB and R. Kelly. Anything I could even imagine I was going through in my teenage angst or jubilance, these two would have a song about it, and I could find a track to fit any mood I had.

In my more recent adult life, I feel like that void has been now filled with Teedra and Raheem. Neither of them have that “worldwide, mainstream” appeal of my fave 90s R&B artists, but they both have good followings, and decent sized catalogs of material.

With Teedra, she’s had label issues that have hindered her 2nd studio album production, but Raheem just genuinely enjoys putting out music! 3 studio albums–all of which have had to grow on me since I hold The Love Experience to SUCH a high standard. But the mixtapes–THE MIXTAPES? usually I fall in love with on immediate listen.  Its easy to do especially when he covers current and older popular radio hits. But in the case of The Art of Noise, its original music.  I’ve reviewed a few on here before, but honestly its not until I listen to his music in shuffle format on my iPod that I am really able to digest lyrics with fresher ears, revisit melodies and remember why it is I love him as an artist so much. He is just that talented. The song above inspired my ability to do that.

Yall remember how he had the internets going nuts with that “She’s Single” joint–I won’t subject anyone to that kind of heat today–it is still early in the work week, so below is a more upbeat track not quite as “freaky”.

Featuring fellow DC artist Tabi Bonney.

please don’t be distracted by this video (lol–which I didn’t even know existed) this song BUMPS!!!!

maybe yall are familiar with these joints, or maybe not. But if you are a fan of Raheem you need to cop that The Art of Noise. It was a nice addition to my Radio Rah collection in 2009.  The “Fever” was featured on Mr. February x March Madness. 

4 responses to “I Give Her That Insomnia…

  1. Cryssy says:

    so you know I closed my office door and DANCED my arse off to this song! FEVER is my #jam… I must state I wasn’t a fan of Raheem when he first came out but I must agree the mixtape Raheem and the live Raheem >>> than almost anything played on the radio these days!

  2. CHeeKZ Money aka Nicholas Minaj says:

    *considers himself put on to something*

  3. I’ve been a fan of Raheem ever since The Love Experience. Still think that was his best album. I’ve got a couple of his mixtapes, but not The Art of Noise. Gonna check that out.

  4. OK…I never really paid attention to “Fever”….now I think that I will have to bump it more. Love Raheem to pieces. I think I get more excited about his mixtape releases than his regular LP joints.

    Guess I’ll be rediscovering The Art of Noise on the ride home tonight.

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