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I guess I got my swagger back…

on October 7, 2011

…Mama said that I killed a man
Well I guess I got the dagger back
It’s the Roc bastards we are BACK!
In the heezy
Jiggaman, B. Sieg to M-Easy (what up fam?)
Oschino and Sparks and Freeweezy (holla!)
Mickey, Mallory, Chris and Neef, hey!
All I need is the love of my crew
The whole industry can hate me I thugged my way through
And all…I…need is a chick to hold a jimmy like
Meth and Mary, like, Marvin and Tammi, unnnh…
Now understands we can’t be stopped
From blowin’ Swisher Sweets outta candy drops
Like we underground kings, ridin’ dirty
A ni*ga been focused since I said hi to 30 (what up?)
Young ni*gas ya’ll can’t hurt me
Better watch and observe me
And learn how to earn better, I burn cheddar
I set fire to your empire
I blow smoke in your face, burn rubber off the rim tires
Yes I-ah…Jay I-ah…
Double G-A livewire ni**a holla back!

This song still goes hard.

Funny how ten years later nobody in this crew still rocks. Armadale no longer exists. But Hov is still going strong. He’s now a married man, about to be a father. 10 years is a long time. The decade between the 20th and 30th years old has been probably the most significant in my life thus far. That is when you go from kinda sorta like an adult to a real adult.

This song was played during my morning commute this week and got me a lil hype. I’m turning 30 on Sunday. Wow. Well, not really wow. I knew the day was coming long as the Lawd saw fit to wake me up each and every day!

But seriously. I’m happy to have lived this long. I  know quite a few that didn’t make it. Not doing any dramatic reflective bday posts because its a “landmark” year so if you’re curious to know what will be going through my head, peep my previous birthday post here. Ain’t nothing changed! I’ll be rapping that Nas lyric until the day I die.

Maybe I’ll do another celebration soundtrack post like last year. I started the festivities Wednesday night and I already have a few songs in the mental rotation!

Now, a random age rant: In my opinion 29 is a funky age and I’m glad to be leaving it behind. 26 is a throw away year, like just one more than 25. 27 rolled off the tongue real cool–youre over 25 but so much BETTER!!!! 28 sounds great–I mean its like the epitome of “late 20s” to me, not too young or too old. If I was the type to lie about my age, I’d probably always say 27 or 28. And 29–well 29 is just eh, IMO. I’m so ready to say goodbye to my 20s. They say you are only as old as you feel. WELL! I  feel every bit of 29 about to be 30 even though people tell me I still look 17 🙂 They also say with age comes wisdom. While that not true for everybody, with age does come more experience and that is always something worth living for and learning from!

So that’s all I got. A random Jay song thats 10 years old that reminded me of the next journey of my life. Felt like talking about it a lil bit…

Also, I contributed to a post today over at Single Black Male. check it out!

have a good weekend! I will 😉

3 responses to “I guess I got my swagger back…

  1. LOL….29 was such a forgettable year for me. 10 years later….and I’m anxiously waiting for the next decade to come!! Happy Birthday Reecie Pop!

    Oh yeah “All I Need” was the TRACK!!!

  2. Meemz 2.0 says:

    Aww, Dirty Thirrrtyyyy!!
    I just hit 29, and I forget sometimes & say “I’m 28” when asked. 😆 I wish I was still 28, it really DOES epitomize late 20’s. I should just be like “I’m 28 part 2” 😛

    Lemme not ramble anymore, Happy 30th, sissy! I hope you see many more birthdays, & that they’re as fly & fresh as you are *dances a jig*

  3. nianaturally says:

    I’ve been 29 for 5 months, and I’m already over this ish. Bring on 30! In the words of the great Bone Crusher, I ain’t neva scared

    Happy 30th!!!

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