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I’m not quite sure as to what is going down…

on November 8, 2011

but I’m feeling honky dory about this thing that I found…

You can tell all videos during the early 90s had that same “look” about them. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was filmed in that same alley way as MJB’s “Real Love.” They both were Uptown/MCA artists.

This is hands down my favorite Heavy D song… how can you not want to dance when you hear this?!?!

Do you remember when MTV was actually a music channel? And it was a cornerstone of your youth (depending on your age) and your musical exposure? Well, they used to have this CD series called Party to Go. The club version of this song was on Volume 2.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I was a member of Columbia House and BMG in high school so I had/have CDs for days. I dont know why I even remember this, as I haven’t seen this CD in years. but I do know that this song has always stuck with me (yes it is on my iPod as several other Heavy D songs).

I will never forget his music as a part of my youth and more than anything it was clean so your parents liked it too, and made you want to dance. Just feel good vibes.

I also have this joint on my computer:

Click the cover and thank me later.  Below is another favorite by Heavy D & The Boyz thats featured on this album.

And just because, another featuring a group I ADORED back in the day, some of Heavy’s protege’s. Soul For Real. this was a party jam as well!

and another 90s jam featuring the Overweight Lova

RIP Heavy D.

5 responses to “I’m not quite sure as to what is going down…

  1. Cryssy says:

    Like I said on Twitter celeb deaths don’t generally affect me… but this one hit me hard and is hard to swallow. I have very happy memories of Heavy D’s music, it reminds me of a time where I could just be young, free, and fun.

  2. Man, look. I was always a fan of Heavy D, and I appreciated his FUN approach to rap. He was a big part of my high school and college days, and I will miss him. My favorite song has to be “Nutting’ But Love” and my favorite guest spot was on “Alright” by Janet Jackson. Good times, great memories. Rest in peace, sir. I’m wishing you a peaceful journey.

  3. Jubilance says:

    I remember those MTV Party To Go joints. And that first Soul For Real album? I played that joint OUT when I was in 7th grade, especially when I was an exchange student in Japan.

    My fave Heavy D song was “Nuttin But Love” – I had just heard it a week or two ago on SiriusXM 😦

  4. CHeeKZ Money says:

    Big Hug and Kiss to Reecie for this one. Man I am so sad that Heavy past away so young, but so happy to hear these fun light hearted but well made songs. Do you hear Heavy’s cadence on that Monifah’s song? No rapper comes with that deep voice approach to multi syllabic rapping. Heavy D, WIll Smith, father mc, vinnie from NBN,

    anyway, my favorite song was black coffee..beat went hard. #nosugarnocream

  5. DCBuppie says:

    that 12 cds for 1cent swindle nearly corrupted my credit ! LOL

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