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I Will Always Love You…

on February 12, 2012

So. on Saturday we lost Nippy. I still can’t really believe it. I happened to be out with friends and therefore a bit out of touch with my lifeline known as Twitter. I got a text, and so did another friend so we passed the info around the table. Then the waitress came over and asked us if we had heard. We pulled out our fancy smartphones; facebook and twitter had the internet going nuts. WHITNEY HOUSTON DIED?!

Wait a minute. Not my Whitney that I just had an 80s pop dance party in my office last week? She and Madonna (affectionately known as Madge for those that are familiar) ARE 80s and 90s popular music– ASK SOMEBODY! These women sang ANTHEMS. And Nippy? voice of an angel.

As an 80s baby, I have very fond memories of listening to Whitney growing up. One of the albums I remember being played in our house, when I mentally recollect my Mom’s LP collection I always think of is Whitney Houston. The salmon colored case, her tall slender body in a swimsuit on the back I believe. Its an image engrained into my mind, it is MY CHILDHOOD.

I can honestly say, her music continues to be a part of my life’s soundtrack. I have never stopped listening. A couple years ago I downloaded what I consider to be her best albums: the debut, Whitney, and I’m Your Baby Tonight. These three represent the greatness of ’85-’90. I was barely school age when these released, but they have proven to lyrically and sonically stand the test of time.

Now, some of my favorites by the Icon, Ms. Houston.

You Give Good Love” MY personal favorite. This is my singalong song right here!!!  Being the hopeful romantic I am, this song represents what I only hope to have one day. I’ve said several times I will sing this to my future husband, horrible vocals and all. I’ll have the track in the background to help me along… She looks absolutely beautiful in this video. *sigh*

Count on Me” this is a great song, one of my favorite duets. It makes me think of my sorority sisters when I hear it 🙂

Greatest Love of All” this song makes me think of assemblies in elementary school for some reason. I’m pretty sure we sang this or heard this in music class or something. Hearing this song is when I knew Whitney had a voice that is unparalleled and unmatched. “I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone’s shadows…”  this is a motivation song. let me add this to my theme songs playlist right now!!!!!


Heartbreak Hotel” one of her late 90s R&B hits that will never get old. Nippy, Kelly and Faith! great vocals. Can’t go wrong with a woman scorned song…

Saving All My Love For You“:  The “I’m in love with a taken man”song. Excellent vocals. “no OTHER woman, is gonna love you more!!!!” This is the stuff great pop songs are made of…

All the Man that I Need“: I really just had church playing this song over and over.

Why Does it Hurt So Bad” ok, yall know Waiting to Exhale had to be represented on this here list!!! “when I think of all the pain you put me through, leaving you was the best thing for me!” this song, this song…

I Wanna Dance with Somebody“: this is little skinny Reecie dancing around the house full of energy watching videos on MTV. I ain’t know nothing about “feeling the heat” with somebody, I just wanted to dance…

and lastly, of course the song that catapulted Whitney into Icon status. You know you’re a bad chick when you make someone else’s song your own!! Dolly Parton can not deny!!!!! She’s eating well off of Whitney’s cover right here. I promise as soon as “iiiiiiiiiif I…” hits my ears, the tears swell in my eyes.

Rest in Paradise Whitney, we miss you already. Thank you for sharing your God-given gift with us. You were cherished your time on this earth and your music will live forever.

Love a lifetime loyal fan.

What are your favorite Whitney Houston songs?

7 responses to “I Will Always Love You…

  1. Tracie says:

    “Saving all my Love” is a fave. And I remember singing “One Moment in Time” for my 6th grade graduation. “Run Away” of course from the Bodyguard soundtrack. But what makes me so sad, is how much her star has faded over the years. I played “I’m your baby tonight” #random for my students the other day and who she was and her impact was totally lost on them 😦

  2. Brandi says:

    I think you touched on all of my favorites with the exception of My Name Is Not Susan. My heart goes out to her family especially Bobbi Kristina.

  3. Jubilance says:

    “Why Does It Hurt So Bad”, the live version, is STILL my song. I also love “Heatbreak Hotel”, her version of “I’m Every Woman”, and “Joy to the World” from the Preacher’s Wife soundtrack. I was so saddened to hear abt her death, she will be missed.

  4. anson1 says:

    Very good & appropriate post, Reecie. Like I said, we share the same personal favorite Whitney song. “Saving All My Love For You”, I lived this one. Literally. A song always holds more precedence when you hear the lyrics & you can straight up identify with them. Its a post within itself. I could go on forever with her songs from the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack, including Exhale(Shoop Shoop). But as far as songs you didn’t name, I’ll roll with I Learned From The Best(in my top 5, no question & one of her most underrated), Didn’t We Almost Have it All, I Have Nothing, Run To You, Same Script, Different Cast, I could so go on & on.

  5. Beautifully written tribute.

  6. Meemz 2.0 says:

    We have almost ALL the same faves. I also loved “Run to You” with fervor 🙂 when I was younger. “Count on Me” was/is my older sis & I’s song, too. Always makes me think of her, and of the sisters I have adopted or those that have adopted me 🙂

    “One Moment in Time” & “All At Once” are 2 slow ones that I love to sing along to.
    I don’t think there’s a (80s/90s) Whit song I’d skip. It sucks that she had to go out like that.

    Beautiful post, sissy

  7. the Bodyguard Soundtrack was epic!

    “Queen of the Night” is one of my favorite tracks – the vocal range, the edginess of the music and lyrics (with that MJ reference from Dirty Diana) it was awesome.”I Will Always Love You” sent her celebrity out of this world! Its funny, she filmed that movie at 28 yrs old, which I am. As I watch it all these years later, I can totally relate to her as a person. I think I could have kicked it with her lmao…

    Star Spangled Banner rendition – also epic

    I liked her Soundtrack work, come to think of it (Waiting to Exhale, Preacher’s Wife) I cannot think of any other artist that commanded a soundtrack with half the songs…

    “I wanna Dance With Somebody” is just a fun track! I was on the elliptical jamming away to it yesterday lol

    I too sang “One Moment In Time” for graduation. the lyrics again are just tremendous. We give her VOICE so much credit, but the lyrical content was just as compelling to me (I know she didn’t write everything,)

    What gives me solace, is knowing that her spirit is at peace. Soon, her body will be also. It’s gotta be tough for her mother. I cannot imagine burying a child. Poor Krissi. Only 18…

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