The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

I guess I got my swagger back…

…Mama said that I killed a man
Well I guess I got the dagger back
It’s the Roc bastards we are BACK!
In the heezy
Jiggaman, B. Sieg to M-Easy (what up fam?)
Oschino and Sparks and Freeweezy (holla!)
Mickey, Mallory, Chris and Neef, hey!
All I need is the love of my crew
The whole industry can hate me I thugged my way through
And all…I…need is a chick to hold a jimmy like
Meth and Mary, like, Marvin and Tammi, unnnh…
Now understands we can’t be stopped
From blowin’ Swisher Sweets outta candy drops
Like we underground kings, ridin’ dirty
A ni*ga been focused since I said hi to 30 (what up?)
Young ni*gas ya’ll can’t hurt me
Better watch and observe me
And learn how to earn better, I burn cheddar
I set fire to your empire
I blow smoke in your face, burn rubber off the rim tires
Yes I-ah…Jay I-ah…
Double G-A livewire ni**a holla back!

This song still goes hard.

Funny how ten years later nobody in this crew still rocks. Armadale no longer exists. But Hov is still going strong. He’s now a married man, about to be a father. 10 years is a long time. The decade between the 20th and 30th years old has been probably the most significant in my life thus far. That is when you go from kinda sorta like an adult to a real adult.

This song was played during my morning commute this week and got me a lil hype. I’m turning 30 on Sunday. Wow. Well, not really wow. I knew the day was coming long as the Lawd saw fit to wake me up each and every day!

But seriously. I’m happy to have lived this long. I  know quite a few that didn’t make it. Not doing any dramatic reflective bday posts because its a “landmark” year so if you’re curious to know what will be going through my head, peep my previous birthday post here. Ain’t nothing changed! I’ll be rapping that Nas lyric until the day I die.

Maybe I’ll do another celebration soundtrack post like last year. I started the festivities Wednesday night and I already have a few songs in the mental rotation!

Now, a random age rant: In my opinion 29 is a funky age and I’m glad to be leaving it behind. 26 is a throw away year, like just one more than 25. 27 rolled off the tongue real cool–youre over 25 but so much BETTER!!!! 28 sounds great–I mean its like the epitome of “late 20s” to me, not too young or too old. If I was the type to lie about my age, I’d probably always say 27 or 28. And 29–well 29 is just eh, IMO. I’m so ready to say goodbye to my 20s. They say you are only as old as you feel. WELL! I  feel every bit of 29 about to be 30 even though people tell me I still look 17 🙂 They also say with age comes wisdom. While that not true for everybody, with age does come more experience and that is always something worth living for and learning from!

So that’s all I got. A random Jay song thats 10 years old that reminded me of the next journey of my life. Felt like talking about it a lil bit…

Also, I contributed to a post today over at Single Black Male. check it out!

have a good weekend! I will 😉


Celebration Soundtrack

so, this past Saturday–I turned 29.  I  decided that in tribute to my last year in my 20s I’d take my talents down to South Beach for a quick weekend getaway. It was entirely too short and I must go back for longer soon. It also happened to be the FSU/UMiami game so lots of folks on my flights were wearing their FSU nalia and I met TOOOONS of New Yorkers in town for Carnival weekend. I’m telling you, every group of folks we ran into were from NY. Brooklyn to be exact. and yall know I love my BK peeps so we chopped it up with several homies reppin’ Haiti, Guyana, Trinidad, Jamaica and more. good times.

anyway, I laughed at myself because I didn’t even know what this “look ma, no hands” thing everyone was tweeting a few weeks ago until I went to ATL for the FAMU/TSU classic. I’m under a rock when it comes to certain music and artists. Albeit on purpose. That weekend we partied at Compound and Wale himself performed a few songs to include his verse on that song. I also heard a few more songs…one in particular became my weekend celebration anthem. *hangs head in shame in advance* here it is below:

uhm. yes. this song. I know. I know. But I’m saying.

now the “Ohletsdoit” song I discovered went HARD in the club back in Feb during CIAA so I know this dude Waka makes party jams. But otherwise I do NOT listen to dude. This song? yeah buddy… brought out my inner thug. Which is usually only revealed when I party in ATL.  Miami got a lil thug outta me too.

and then there’s this song.

yall know I don’t do this dude at all. I’m talking Gucci, not Swizz yall already know I love him. I’ve seen this joint on 106 & Park but never paid attention to the song. but yea, this is another one that kinda set me off. *hangs head again* so now I like a total of  5 Gucci Mane songs instead of 4.

damn shame I can’t even think about any other more “me” like songs that remind me of this past weekend.  I have a few  other songs that do the job of getting me hyped–a couple with Jeezy–particularly Geeked Up and Hood Ni@@a featured here, and of course this one still does it for me right here. I’m allowed to engage in foolishness from time to time. it was my birthday 🙂

now that I’m back I will focus my musical energies on 80s pop (Whitney Houston) 90s R&B and of course the new Foreign Exchange cd…I wouldve loved to have had today off to have just one more day of foolishness though. ahh well.


A Special Occasion…

haven’t been in the mood to write, still kinda slow motion from my holiday. just getting back in the swing of things buttttttttt…

y’all know I love him. and he loves me back (he just doesn’t know it yet!)

happy 40th birthday to my GOAT, Shawn Corey Carter!!!

some of my favorites for the occasion:

Feelin It: my absolute favorite song by him. click the link for a vintage Hov video

Politics As Usual: second fave from Reasonable Doubt “you aint seen money in your life, when it comes to the cheese yall like 3 blind mice”

Hey Papi: “even if she don’t understand the flow, she understand the dough”…nuff said

It’s Alright: holla back! forgot there was a video for this….check it. Jay looks soooo young! *sigh* my baby’s getting up there.

Where I’m From: “…niggas pull your card, and argue all day who’s the best emcees:  Biggie, Jay Z and Nas” favorite from my Vol. 1 classic music, good memories, Vol. 1 is a personal favorite of mine.

Do it Again: peep the go go influence for the song concept–Overnight Scenario anyone?! Aww, watching this considering the “beef” with Beans now makes me nostalgic. This song reminds me of all my up top dudes from VSU. Civic Center classic right here!

Allure: one of his best songs ever. Its in my top…10. hard for me to have a top 5 for Jay.

Lucifer: another great track from Black Album. dopeness from ‘Ye

Girls Girls Girls Remix: some of my favorite wordplay from my dude

Best of Me Remix: “have an affair, act like an adult for once”, not his song but a dope verse, nonetheless. click link for the video–I wanted a Carolina jersey dress so bad! aint have nary curve to fill one out though, lol

Kingdom Come: goes hard on the cd of the same title. this CD grew on me in a big way… “not only NYC, I’m hip hop’s savior, so after this flow you might owe me a favor…”

My 1st Song: more from Black Album. great way to end a CD

Brooklyn’s Finest: you know I had to include the duet with my boy BIG.

You’re Only a Customer: “you’re walking in the presence of hustlers…” banger from Streets is Watching

Come and Get Me: prob the hardest track on Vol. 3 “no kids but trust me I know how to raise a gun”

U Don’t Know: another favorite on my top Jay songs. gets me so hype its ridiculous

A Dream: one of the few I digged on BP2 “Hov remind yourself, nobody built like you, you define yourself”

Roc Boys: true party anthem! this was a dope video too.

Soon You’ll Understand: love this song,  there was only a couple I did like from ROC La Familia….I used to play this song over and over. oh, to be in college

Jigga My Nigga: another favorite, from that Ruff Ryders Vol 1–CLASSIC CD!

Thank You: “you’re far too kind…this is your song, not mine…”

ok his catalog is huge, but I tried to pull some of my faves from every CD. I purposely missed some of the “bangers” but this here is MY LIST! and off the dome AT THAT–so give ya girl a  lil credit here, HOLA HOVITO!

enjoy! happy Friday! 🙂


28 years young…

I woke up early on my born day, 28 years of blessing, an essence of adolescence leaves my body, now I’m fresh…

That lyric will never not be the internal birthday message!!!

A lil theme music and I’m out…holla! happy birthday to me! I’m so vain…so yes this song is about me! 🙂