The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

I’m not quite sure as to what is going down…

but I’m feeling honky dory about this thing that I found…

You can tell all videos during the early 90s had that same “look” about them. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was filmed in that same alley way as MJB’s “Real Love.” They both were Uptown/MCA artists.

This is hands down my favorite Heavy D song… how can you not want to dance when you hear this?!?!

Do you remember when MTV was actually a music channel? And it was a cornerstone of your youth (depending on your age) and your musical exposure? Well, they used to have this CD series called Party to Go. The club version of this song was on Volume 2.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I was a member of Columbia House and BMG in high school so I had/have CDs for days. I dont know why I even remember this, as I haven’t seen this CD in years. but I do know that this song has always stuck with me (yes it is on my iPod as several other Heavy D songs).

I will never forget his music as a part of my youth and more than anything it was clean so your parents liked it too, and made you want to dance. Just feel good vibes.

I also have this joint on my computer:

Click the cover and thank me later.  Below is another favorite by Heavy D & The Boyz thats featured on this album.

And just because, another featuring a group I ADORED back in the day, some of Heavy’s protege’s. Soul For Real. this was a party jam as well!

and another 90s jam featuring the Overweight Lova

RIP Heavy D.


When I’m without you I’m cool…

…but I’m so much better with you… 

Me and you is like peanut butter and jelly! 

I want it all or nothing baby, cuz I will always love you baby. cuz you’re my future… 

I dare you to listen to this song only once!!! Marsha Marsha Marsha!

she did that. Well, she and 9th Wonder. If you haven’t copped The Wonder Years yet, please do. Its a great listen.

my other favorite new boo love song is by the homie Jermaine. featuring one of my favorite VA artists, Missy “Misdameanor” Elliott.

This song gives me an old 90s vibe, but I dig it. I could tell from the Missy sample on Friday Night Lights with “Best Friend” that he was a fan, so I’m glad he was able to get the feature. Especially since Missy hasn’t had any new music or features in awhile.

all I’ve been listening to in terms of new releases, has been The Wonder Years, Cole World: The Sideline Story, and Phonte’s Charity Starts at Home–I told yall a long time ago I loved me some him, so that’s a given.  Keeping with the theme of the post, one of my favorites from that project here:

I know most of yall have heard these CDs–right? if so, what are your faves?!


I guess I got my swagger back…

…Mama said that I killed a man
Well I guess I got the dagger back
It’s the Roc bastards we are BACK!
In the heezy
Jiggaman, B. Sieg to M-Easy (what up fam?)
Oschino and Sparks and Freeweezy (holla!)
Mickey, Mallory, Chris and Neef, hey!
All I need is the love of my crew
The whole industry can hate me I thugged my way through
And all…I…need is a chick to hold a jimmy like
Meth and Mary, like, Marvin and Tammi, unnnh…
Now understands we can’t be stopped
From blowin’ Swisher Sweets outta candy drops
Like we underground kings, ridin’ dirty
A ni*ga been focused since I said hi to 30 (what up?)
Young ni*gas ya’ll can’t hurt me
Better watch and observe me
And learn how to earn better, I burn cheddar
I set fire to your empire
I blow smoke in your face, burn rubber off the rim tires
Yes I-ah…Jay I-ah…
Double G-A livewire ni**a holla back!

This song still goes hard.

Funny how ten years later nobody in this crew still rocks. Armadale no longer exists. But Hov is still going strong. He’s now a married man, about to be a father. 10 years is a long time. The decade between the 20th and 30th years old has been probably the most significant in my life thus far. That is when you go from kinda sorta like an adult to a real adult.

This song was played during my morning commute this week and got me a lil hype. I’m turning 30 on Sunday. Wow. Well, not really wow. I knew the day was coming long as the Lawd saw fit to wake me up each and every day!

But seriously. I’m happy to have lived this long. I  know quite a few that didn’t make it. Not doing any dramatic reflective bday posts because its a “landmark” year so if you’re curious to know what will be going through my head, peep my previous birthday post here. Ain’t nothing changed! I’ll be rapping that Nas lyric until the day I die.

Maybe I’ll do another celebration soundtrack post like last year. I started the festivities Wednesday night and I already have a few songs in the mental rotation!

Now, a random age rant: In my opinion 29 is a funky age and I’m glad to be leaving it behind. 26 is a throw away year, like just one more than 25. 27 rolled off the tongue real cool–youre over 25 but so much BETTER!!!! 28 sounds great–I mean its like the epitome of “late 20s” to me, not too young or too old. If I was the type to lie about my age, I’d probably always say 27 or 28. And 29–well 29 is just eh, IMO. I’m so ready to say goodbye to my 20s. They say you are only as old as you feel. WELL! I  feel every bit of 29 about to be 30 even though people tell me I still look 17 🙂 They also say with age comes wisdom. While that not true for everybody, with age does come more experience and that is always something worth living for and learning from!

So that’s all I got. A random Jay song thats 10 years old that reminded me of the next journey of my life. Felt like talking about it a lil bit…

Also, I contributed to a post today over at Single Black Male. check it out!

have a good weekend! I will 😉


Dear Summer…

I know you gon’ miss me
For we been together like Nike Airs and crisp tees
S dots with polo fleeces
Purple label shit with the logo secret
Gimme couple years, shit I might just sneak in
A couple words and like peaches and herb
We’ll be reunited and it feels so hood
Have the whole world saying “How he still so good?”
Well I do this in my slumber summer
I ain’t none of these half-assed newcomers, you know how I do summer
I drop heat, when you bring the sun up

This song says it all. Goodbye summer.  Also speaks on how my man Hov still is doing his thing and holding us down summer after summer *cues Heart of the City* But until next time. Farewell.

Now we must move on to one of my favorite seasons. The air, the fashion, my birthday–LIBRAS!  and homecoming season! You can’t beat it! I’m ready…

I just love this sample. I recently saw Lupe live and was reminded of his older music and how much of a fan I used to be. “Dear Fall” reminds me of the Food & Liquor days. I’m locked in, looking forward to a great season.

Are you excited about fall? 


Sounds So Soulful…

don’t you agree? 

**listen here**

I made Jesus walks so never going to hell
Couture level flow its never going on sale
Luxury rap, the Hermes of verses
Sophisticated ignorance
Write my curses in cursive
I get it custom
You a customer
You aint accustomed to going through customs
You aint been nowhere huh?
And all the ladies in the house got them showing off
I’m done I hit ya up, manana!

I’m digging “Otis”, firstly for the sample, and secondly for how Ye set that shit off! all three verses,  Kanye wins. I listened to this song about 10 times in a row to try to catch it all. I have to say his wordplay had a more lasting impression on me. Only thing that bothers me is the placement of that “wailing” it just really does nothing for the track. its also pretty short so I’m not sure if the album version will include a hook of some sort, but it doesn’t need one IMO.

You already know how I feel about these guys. Anxiously awaiting Watch The Throne. If you haven’t yet peeped Hov’s lifestyle blog Life & Times (linked above), please check that out as well, some interesting stuff is on there.

I buy all Jay CDs so on the strength I gotta add this to my collection, probably the Deluxe Editioin even though yall know I’m gonna peep the leak too.

What yall think? hate it or love it? indifferent? 


What’s in my earbuds, summer ’11 edition


It feels like its been forever since I blogged. I dont even apologize for it. I’ve been living life, enjoying the hell summer and while music is ALWAYS a part of that life–writing about it sometimes just isn’t. I hadn’t even logged into wordpress the entire time. I did miss it, glad to see folks still discovering the site and reading it. No post is too old to comment on, in my opinion. 🙂

But in the month and a half or so hiatus of living “off the wall”  there has been TONS of new music released. TONS. so much that I still haven’t wrapped my good “listening” ears around much of it. but I’m working my way through.

one thing I don’t like to do is rush my tastes because something is hot. I kinda rushed thru Marsha Ambrosius’ CD the last time I did a post like this. I like it a lot more now than I did then, which I figured I would.

so let me first get the obvious out of the way: Beyonce. so, yall know I’m no King B stan–actually I think calling herself King is stupid as hell, but I digs the hell outta “4” like seriously, I haven’t rocked with Bey hard since Dangerously in Love, and I mean that.  She’s had singles here and there on her other projects I liked, but I don’t have a full Beyonce CD on my ipod at all. On first listen “Rather Die Young” and “Countdown” stood out to me, the first for the melody and her vocals, the second just for that catchy ass Boyz II Men sample. Plus her quotables like “all up in my kitchen in my heels, dinner time” and “ooh I think I luh dat boy, do anything fuh dat boy” ahh, the romantic in me  thinks that’s so sweet *sigh* okay moving on. After repeat listens, I definitely feel “I Miss You” those lyrics speak to me, and despite her saying “algeba” I DO like “1+1” as well. Also while it’s 2011’s Irreplaceable, I enjoy “The Best I Never Had.”

“Party” goes hard, but ‘Ye and 3 Stacks dont’ go quite as hard as they couldve–I mean wtf is swagu? I guess. It is a pop song. Just listening again this weekend in the car (you HAVE to test CDs for whip approval) I noticed the throaty efforts on “Start Over” which work for me too. Overall I just think its a good pop album, and I have no problem admitting that it pleases my ears. A lot. I’m such a typical girl for this but I don’t care. lol

^^ face beat, tits sitting high, fierce hair, giving much face! I love Jilly from Philly.

I wanted to post this pic instead of her album cover just because its so damn fly!!!

ok The Light of the Sun is a CD I’m still working thru. I don’t love it yet. But honestly I only loved her first two CDs immediately. Vol. 3 had to grow on me, but baby when it did!?!?!?! LOVE. Jill does no wrong in my eyes so while I’m not in love yet, I love HER, and I’m pleased with her latest offering. Faves include: “So In Love” with Anthony Hamilton, “So Gone”, “Hear My Call”, and “Making You Wait”

I love me some Lloyd.  I consider Street Love to be a hood classic. Year of the Lover was no slump either. I wrote a post awhile back on how consider my boy to be seriously slept on. I didn’t check for Lloyd’s first CD but Street Love is what made me a fan. He is as I say “my favorite nasally yodeler”. “Lay Your Head” is a song I HATED on first listen but damn if that “ole ole oooooleeeee” aint grow on me! I mean, its Lloyd. He  does it for me like The Dream–I often ask myself why I love them so, but then I just resolve not to question it, just vibe to the music. SO I DO!  Now “Cupid” is a song I immediately thought was cutesy and the visuals in the video helped me to enjoy it more. Still need to give this one a few more spins before I identify faves.

Miss Moses, Miss Moses! Yall know this is my grown woman crush and I STANS for Teedra! She’s gorgeous, she’s fly,and she has just a splash of hood that makes her relatable to me. lol Her latest offering is short, but definitely sweet.  I am anxiously awaiting a feature album. “Another Lovr” “Invitation”  ok how about all of it is hot to me. With only 10 songs. not too much extra or fluff, just the chill vibe that Ms. Moses is known for. Check it out for download here.

I’ve also been listening to Ledisi’s Pieces of Me, Jean Grae’s Cookies or Comas, Kendrick Lamar’s Section.80–prior to hearing this I had not listened to any of his music, so I was pleasantly surprised. And older music is always in rotation.

so tell me, what has your summer soundtrack been looking like? If you’ve heard the joints featured in this post–what are your faves? let me know!!! 


The Remix: Beat Steady Knockin’

this video and song epitomizes partying and having a good time. Yes, I know it was not included in the last post. I had my reasons, lol.  I remember when this video came out I was pointing out my favorite R&B singers one after one and in addition to the other cameos–I wanted to be there!!! Can you imagine? partying with these people. I know its just a video but what can I say, I feel like I was born too late. lol.

Anyway, I wanted to touch on a few more of my favorite remixes that are guaranteed party anthems.  I will admit many of these are what I feel is wrong with remixes these days–same song just adding people/verses–I like these strictly for their hypeness. There is no time/era limit on these, so don’t beat me up in the comments about leaving anything out! These are MY favorite party jams.

Drop it Like its Hot remix ~ Snoop ft. Pharrell & Jay -Z. yall know it wouldnt be right if I didn’t start with the Hov feature. Neptunes production, this was a good spin on the track.

Down For My N’!ggas remix ~ C-Murder ft.  Magic & Snoop. this a stroll classic. heard on college campuses everywhere since it came out. #shoutout to the Kappas in the video! lol

Whoa remix ~ Black Rob ft. everyone*. Rah Digga set this one off right! reminds me of my freshman year of college.

*if its more than 2 additional people on the track, I’m calling it everyone cuz I aint got that kinda time to name all those people. sorry*

Hood N!gga remix ~ Gorilla Zoe ft. everyone. Uhm. Excuse me while my inner thug emerges, and then I hit my ghetto girl twerk. its not a game when this song comes on. My boo Jeezy tho…

Pretty Girls remix ~ Wale ft. Chris Brown & Fabolous. I don’t even listen to the original with Gucci. I mean, its Gucci. I felt like the Delta references were pretty wack (the AKAs got the best shine, eh, I guess.) but Loso’s verse is one of my faves, I thought it was pretty good wordplay.

I Get Money remix ~ 50 Cent ft. Ludacris  I remember there was a time I used to club in ATL and every time “I Get Money” came on I would lose my mind. I didn’t particularly care for the “Forbes 1,2,3 remix”–but Luda is always good for a verse in my book.

We Fly High (Ballin) remix ~ Jim Jones ft. everyone.  Do yall remember when this song came out? Everyone in the club would go nuts. Ya’ll know I can do without Birdman, always but there he is  anyway…

I’m a Hustler remix ~ Cassidy ft. MJB. This was a classic Swizzy joint for me. On the original they snippet the remix at the end, and I must say I was looking forward to the full song. I for one appreciated MJB with her lil flow.

Quiet Storm remix ~ Mobb Deep ft. Lil Kim. one of Kim’s hardest verses. I was recently told Havoc wrote it, which made me sad, but I don’t care. it still is executed well. I still know all the words.

Throw Some D’s remix ~ Rich Boy ft. Andre 3000 and everyone else. This is one of my favorite 3 Stacks verses. I mean… forget Rich Boy I listen to this song for Andre and Andre only. Rich Boy doesn’t even come in until the end. I have to admit the original was a banger but that 3000 verse just cancels out everything else. I can see the story he’s telling in my mind every time I hear it. DOPE. I kinda check out after him, but the beat still goes hard so its whatever. Loved the DeBarge sample.

Dey Know remix ~ Shawty Lo ft. everyone. another hood banger. Where is Shawty Lo? who cares this one goes in, and of course Jeezy and Luda show out in typical fashion. You can’t really dance to this song, but it is crunk in the club. “big ups to all my haters!!!!”

Two Step remix ~ DJ Unk ft. T-Pain, Jim Jones & E-40. Please don’t judge me for this one. but I loved this song. especially *whispers* T Pain’s part. This used to go so hard in the club!!! “take your left foot, put it out in the front and do it uhhhhhhh like this” LOL  *gets jiggy with it*

Throw it in the bag remix ~ Fabolous ft. The Dream & Drake. Loved the original song,  but then they freaked the “Fancy” sample and added Drake and its officially a wrap for that, I only listen to the remix. “since she’s such a boss bitch, she could hire who she wants. she could help me blow this green, she the fire to my blunt. you can try her if you want but its gon’ cost you…”

and lastly…

Wipe Me Down remix ~ Boosie  ft. Foxx & Webbie. I still love this song more than words can express. judge me!!!

If you want to keep the party going for later click here. Thank me later. I think I will stop there for this entry. What ya’ll got?


The Remix: PD vs. JD

This post springs from a recent conversation which required me to really take a few days to think about the elements of the remix, and what I wanted to discuss/share today. I have so many favorites, and a 70 plus track long remix playlist, with various artists over there years. Because this is such an in-depth conversation, I plan to write more remix posts, so stay tuned for those–but today I wanted to go in a different direction. Warning: this post is long, but worth the read.

When it comes to a remix, there are several elements that matter to me: does the melody change? does it have features? new verses? Is it really re-mixed, or did they just throw a rapper on the track? The man that really perfected the merging of hip hop and r&b; to inclde sampling within remixing songs has to be Mr. Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs. He took the the early 90s by storm with two particular Uptown/MCA entities in particular: Mary J. Blige and Jodeci. Then there was the “Dolly My Baby remix”, that had MJB on the hook and introduced us to The Notorious BIG.

So while its pretty much understood his influence and place in this here post, I’d like to do a comparison of sorts with another pretty popular producer of the 90s as well: Mr. Jermaine Dupri. Both Mr. Combs and Mr. Dupri were responsible for remixing songs by r&b singers male and female, individuals or groups, and rappers; all across the board. Both men were  the coveted producers of the decade, and often featured on the same artist’s albums at a time, to include acts like Usher, TLC, New Edition, Mariah Carey, etc. And with huge production credits each, I think we could be here all week discussing their contributions to black music. Another thing I noticed is that both men have also been known to remix songs that were originally done by the other–I will be covering a few of those. Lets take a stroll through the years. The last 20 years even–whoa! has it been that long?!? I’m only going to feature some of my favorites. To hear the songs mentioned, click on the title links.


Come and Talk to me remix ~ Jodeci. The only main difference between this song and the original is the beat flip, and its longer. I had to link this video in because this song is kinda the quintessential 90s R&B track. Plus I am an admitted Jodeci stan.


Baby, Baby, Baby remix ~ TLC This is one of the earlier JD remixes I could find online, that I actually remember.


Just Kickin It remix~ Xscape. This was a more mellow chill version of the original song. I think I dig it just a smidge more than the original. Xscape was discovered by JD and were one of my favorite girl groups in the 90s, that I featured in a post before. They had a good run with 3 studio albums; all of them went Platinum.

What’s the 411? remix album  ~ Mary J. Blige, to feature the club banger “Real Love”, “You Remind Me”, and my personal favorite remix from the album: “Love No Limit” ft. Kid Capri, which totally revamped the entire song. I def love this version more than the slow original song. The chorus? The bridge? Man, listen. I have to sing this song at the top of my lungs. “loooooving you is all I wanna do!”


Big Poppa so so def remix ~ The Notorious BIG.  This remix was pretty hot! With the exact same verses the only difference is the beat, but I think I prefer this one.

Flava in ya ear remix ~ Craig Mack ft. everybody. This is one remix that definitely gave new life to the original. its feature heavy, probably one of the first feature heavy remixes I can recall outside of the old ATCQ/De La Soul/LONS collabos. And it features one of Big’s most memorable verses. Way to get outshined on your own song.


Can’t You See (so so def remix) ~ Total ft. Keith Murray. This one was pretty smooth too, but I gotta admit I prefer the Bad Boy original with Biggie.

Think of you (so so def remix) ~ Usher


Think of You (bad boy remix) ~Usher

I found it interesting that the so so def remix samples Bad Boy artist Craig Mack. With no verse changes in either version, I actually prefer the original music, which was produced by Puffy and Chucky Thompson.

Fantasy remix ~Mariah Carey ft. ODB. This pairing here?! Definitely was the beginning of Mariah’s evolving sound;  moving from a pop direction to more hip hop infused R&B. This Puff Daddy remix that samples Tom Tom Club’s “Genius of Love” was perfection. I consider this a classic remix. “me and Mariah, go back like babies and pacifiers…”

I’ll be There For You/All I Need remix ~ Method Man ft. Mary J. Blige. Another Wu-Tang representer, this remix version is my favorite not just because it features MJB but because it also samples one of my favorite BIG songs. I appreciate that it took elements of one hood love song for another hood love song.

1996–this was probably one of my favorite years for remixes:

Kissing You remix ~ Total. Puff put a whole new spin on this song, and gave it a chill vibe. Its a classic song either way, both versions bring something different to the table, and I love the remix as if its a whole new song–which is what I enjoy most about a GOOD remix. its not just the same song with a rap feature.

The Things You Do bad boy remix ~ Gina Thompson. Does anyone even remember the original? I do since I actually bought the maxi single of this song. The one hit wonder and this track introduced the world to Missy “Misdameanor” Elliot. “he he he he how! he he he he he he how!”

I Will Survive bad boy remix ~ Chantay Savage. Another artist that came and went. I personally LOVED her cover of this Gloria Gaynor classic, and while the remix does add the hip hop element, I must say the original cover is a better look for the song. This is an example of a song that doesn’t need to be remixed.

You Don’t Have to Worry remix ~ New Edition ft. Missy. I don’t even listen to the orignal version of this song anymore. its the remix or nothing. same verses, but this beat switch plus the rap feature make for a much better song, IMO. My boo Bobby Brown sang this damn song… and looked damn good while doing so in the video. just saying…

Tonight’s The Night  remix ~ Kriss Kross ft. Redman. I think this was a slept on song. From their last CD Young, Rich and Dangerous, this was the standout track. And the Shalamar sample is very well placed, IMO.

Float On remix ~ The Isley Brothers ft. Angela Winbush, 112 and Lil Kim. I think this song had about 3 different versions. This one happens to be my favorite. Peep the JD feature in the video too. When Lil Kim busts out of that cake! lol. I swear she is an expert on side piece-ology. I loved her verse.


Honey remix ~ Mariah Carey ft. LOX & Ma$e. Butterfly is not my favorite Mariah album by any means, but I DO understand why it is for many. This was her first R&B heavy album and  in’97 Bad Boy artists were at their height of popularity, to which Mariah definitely benefitted from career wise. My MC favorites are actually Music Box, Daydream (the CD where she first collaborated with JD), and The Emancipation of Mimi.


Honey so so def remix ~ Mariah Carey ft. Da Brat & JD. This version samples the Jackson 5’s  “It’s Great to Be Here” which Puff also sampled in “All About the Benjamins (remix).” It however doesn’t hold a candle to the bad boy remix.

Been Around the World remix ~ Puff Daddy ft. Ma$e and Carl Thomas.  Same verses + add a r&b cat = a better song. I mean you really couldn’t go wrong with Carl Thomas feature back in these days.

In My Bed so so def remix” ~ Dru Hill ft. JD & Da Brat. !!!!!!!!! One of the best songs JD has ever done. The original “In My Bed” track was slow and serious, it was definitely a ballad. JD took this song to another level and made it a dance track. “if you wanna dance, I’ma make you dance…” well done. And can I just mention that Sisqo was a SANGIN’ mofo on this song?! Lawd. You can’t listen to this song and not sing along–he MEANT that! JD and Brat going back and forth on the verses was super dope too. One of my favorite remixes of all time, definitely. This one makes you forget the original song exists…

1997 is the year that changed things to me. Up until this year there was a bigger Bad Boy presence as far as favorites but in ’97 JD did his thing, not just on the remixes but with the overall production of my favorite Usher album My Way and Jagged Edge’s debut album A Jagged Era. I think this is around the time where he came into his own and had a known presence in popular music.


All About the Benjamins rock remix” ~ Puff Daddy & The Family I mean… as if the first remix wasn’t dope enough. I totally dig this one as well.

With Me pt. 1″ ~ Destiny’s Child ft. JD. since its pt. 1 I guess its not really a remix, but since both versions (pt. 2 with Master P) were on the same album, I’m using it anyway. Its the better version.

there were no noteworthy remixes by either producer in 1999. hmm.


Let’s Get Married ~ Jagged Edge ft. Rev Run. another classic remix. totally transformed the song and made it a dance track, something that JD is definitely skilled at.  This was before we fell in love with the tv show Run’s House so it was an odd feature to see Rev Run back on the scene in this song, albeit with the well used Run-DMC sample. Now its been heard at wedding receptions all over the country ever since.


There have been way more remixes and this post is long enough so I’ll just end it here. with this image:

JD had a good run, and managing Bow Wow’s career was a good look for him. Usher’s best and most selling album to date (diamond status) was Confessions in 2004–which also is the 2nd best selling album of the decade, had heavy JD production. He also had a pivotal role in reviving Mariah Carey’s career with the The Emancipation of Mimi , the top selling album of 2005. He tried to do the same with Janet’s 20 Y.O., but just wasn’t as successful/groundbreaking on that front.

Even though I pretty much am indifferent to Diddy Dirty Money, and often question Puff’s relevance today as an artist or producer–I gotta give the man his props.  The tv shows, the CDs of his various one album wonder groups; the assortment of other artists he has hiding in the basement aside–he’s produced some classic material in this millenium, with remixes to boot. I want to say in terms of remixes he also is the clear winner, but since its been good music all around, from both men I say they both win.

The last remixes I truly loved by Diddy were probably the “I need a girl” pts 1-26. lol. Seriously I can’t choose between the one with Usher and Loon and the one with Ginuwine, Mario Winans and Loon. I feel like all of these songs were pleas to J. Lo either way…

The We Invented the Remix album included other faves such as So Complete, Special Delivery, and Unfoolish. ok so where are Cheri Dennis, G-Dep (well we know where he is) or Ashanti right now? who cares, these songs still bump.

I’ll end this post with a favorite remix that features them both.

what do you think? PD or JD? remixes or otherwise do you have a favorite producer among the two?


Thoughts on Fearing God

so in my last In My Earbuds post, I mentioned I was checkin for “My God” by the homie Pusha T. @milesfan79 is the one that put me on–as he usually does 😉 and since this mixtape was highly anticipated by him, as well as many other Clipse fans, I agreed to let him pen his thoughts on it.

like to read it? here it go:

If you were over the age of 13 in the summer of 2002, I’m 99.9% sure you bumped/heard  the Clipse  song “Grindin” that summer.  When “Grindin” dropped you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing it, that summer introduced Pusha T and Malice to the world.

Being that I was raised in same area they were from, I was 1st introduced to them in 1999 when they released “The Funeral”, check it out if you are not familiar with it.

Since “Grindin” released Clipse have dropped a few respected albums and have earned their respect as hip-hop group/duo.  However, over the years many have wondered when they (mainly Pusha) would do solo projects, but no solo projects have ever happened.  Back at the beginning of the summer is was rumored that Pusha would be featured on Kanye’s new album and curiosity of Pusha solo projects once again arose.  Finally in late summer/early fall it was announced Pusha signed solo deal to Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music label and Fear of God was also announced.  Being the fan that I am, FOG has been marked on my calendar since its announcement in the fall.

Pusha is coming off of being featured on MBDTF, which in my opinion was the best (hip-hop) album of 2010 and was the last good hip-hop project to drop.  The hip-hop world has been pretty dormant the last few months, not many exciting or memorable albums/projects/songs have dropped since MBDTF. Thankfully FOG is being released just in time for beginning of spring and to revive a dormant hip-hop world with something fresh and new. (Sidebar: I really thought Lupe’s LASERS was going be first hip-hop project to revive hip-hop world, but I was WRONG!!)

Reecie Note: I agree with the disappointment in LASERS, but on a few more listens it really wasn’t THAT bad; but no Food & Liquor. I do agree that I had such high hopes for that CD though, and really expected it to be my spring soundtrack.

I have given FOG several thorough listens and would like to offer my review of it.

What I loved about “Fear of God”:

Intro track: I have always believed an intro track can make or break an album/mixtape.  “My God” is a great track to start things off with and was perfect pick for the intro track.  Pusha’s does what he does best, paints a mental pictures with clever word play and the beat is also powerful.  “My God” is a very memorable track and perfect for FOG intro.

I don’t think many would dispute the fact that Pusha was the better half of the Clipse, I got love for Malice but Pusha is the better rapper. Prior to FOG, Pusha was always featured artist on someone else’s project.  Now Pusha finally has a chance to stand on his own and display his lyrical abilities without sharing spotlight with his older brother.

Outro track:  Most rappers have strong intro tracks but many fail to remember the ending of an album is just as important as the beginning.  Pusha executed a perfect outro with “Alone in Vegas”.  It was another great memorable track with wonderful beat and clever word play but in a semi-melancholy tone.  I hope other rappers are inspired to focus more on their outro track after hearing FOG.

Reecie Note: hmm good point. I honestly never really think about outro tracks. I just like for a CD to flow all the way through. as long as the end doesn’t leave me like “huh?” I don’t really pay attention to it.

What could have been better:

I can honestly say there wasn’t anything I hated about FOG but there were things that could have been improved:

Middle passage/track selection:  FOG started strong and ended strong, but the middle portion of FOG was “hit or miss”.  A few tracks were decent and a few tracks left me wanting more or feeling they lacked something.  The tracks aren’t awful but they are not great either; on one track Pusha chose to use a soulja boy beat, when I heard it I had a “WTF is this?” moment.  Most of the tracks are listenable tracks but not very memorable, I just wish there were one or two more memorable tracks.

Reecie Note: I happen to like his take on Speakers Going Hammer! lol. I also like “Blow/Funk Freestyle”, “Can I Live Freestyle” (I will never tire of that beat), and “Touch It.”

Features: I’m not a fan of feature heavy projects, but I did expect Malice and Kanye to be featured: “you ain’t got no Yeezy nigga?” Well, Kanye is featured but he only sings the hook on the track #kanyeshrug.  Rick Ross and 50 cent were featured and did their thing but I still would have liked to see Malice and Kanye(rapping) contribute verses.

Reused material: a few of the songs contained verses that I had previously heard and one of the tracks was a “leftover” kanye track, so I was a bit disappointed. I Think I would have preferred more new content.

Note: I check/read various hip-hop blogs daily, so some of the verses and the leftover Kanye beat were previously posted on various hip-hop blogs and are “reused” to me.   So I realize this is probably a biased opinion of FOG based on fact I check/read hip-hop blogs more than the average person/fan, so for novice listener the verses and beat will be new to you**)


While Pusha is a good rapper, I can’t help but be a little concerned/question the direction of his solo career.  The Clipse have widely been known for their “cocaine” rap style,  on FOG Pusha seems to be carry-on the Thornton family tradition.  While I like his “hustler” stories, I still find myself wondering, “When are you going rap about something else?”  He now rolls with Kanye, performing at bigger venues and awards shows, so I seriously doubt he is still slanging “powder” by the kilograms anymore.  I’d like to see him change up his subject matter and expand his horizon a little more.  As a fan I would hate for him to continue being a rapper that just raps about dope, money and cars, we already have Rick Ross for that.

Reecie Note: I agree, but the same with Young Jeezy–who has really been on the decline lately–I mean we know you are a trap star, what else? I guess to me since Pusha is such a technically dope rapper, I would and will listen to him flow about anything. I’m not sure he will change up his subject matter, but it would be nice to see.

Overall, I would give FOG a solid B, its not perfect but is above average.  FOG proves Pusha can hold his own without his older brother and is a very solid solo project; it is decent listen with strong beginning and ending.  It also arrives at the perfect time, springtime, this is definitely #springtimeridingmusic that anyone could enjoy and recommend you download it when you get a chance.

Reecie Note: Also, I think its interesting that you–and most people consider Pusha the best of the duo. I do as well, but Pusha himself seems to disagree. I recently watched this interview with Miss Info where he discusses his brothers inspiration for the mixtape as well as his absence, Malice’s book and future projects together.

I was glad to hear that Clipse will be doing more albums together. I thought Malice had “retired.”

What do you think of FOG?  What you think of Pusha as a solo artist?


Just say you’re scared, if you’re scared…

but if you through frontin’ we can do somethin’!

thats #mypart. reminds me of someone in particular too. hmm. lol

..And you know just what Im talking about, tomorrow you’ll be calling out

Cause tonight we getting right into the wee morn’…


New J. cole and Drake vid. “In the Morning” I’m a huge J cole fan so I’ve been on this song since before the version with Drake, but I must say, I do like his addition to the track. EXCEPT for the “equestrian” line. but dope song nonetheless.

and just because, my other absolute fave from Friday Night Lights. I listen to this song every single day. I call it “get my mind right/feeling myself” music. A recent additon to my theme song playlist. so of course by now its the most played J. Cole song on my iPod. It samples my favorite song from Janelle Monae’s latest, which I blogged about here. So of course I loved it on immediate listen.

*clap for her*

I mean, Cole’s entire first verse!!!!!! its something for the b!tches, sure but I’m digging it. However, for real my old boo Wale’s verse is what set me right:

…you know I spit that sick shit and there’s still no cure
hold up, low packs like I got cancer
choking on them white boys make a black panther
love my women with high heels and high standards
and only cheat on my broad if I run out of answers
I got that vicious flow, Moncler winter coat
I aint superstitious I make all these broads flip my pole
you dig it, this shit aint for beginners
I’m something like a fetus, im not quite kidd’n
and theres something you aint seeing like I block your vision
like my Remy with no juice, you a lot like Bishop
hundred k in 22 hours
see money talks, you muthaf-ckers is Boomhower
no check back, in debt yep
loud in my J, I smoking Gallaudet
higher than I need to be
flyer cause I need to be
love our conversation but it’s late right now, I need a beat
one time for the Ville that Cole rep
another time for the city of slow death
I dont understand why these n-ggas so vexed
I dont need no chains with no cross to know that I’m blessed

“…high heels and high standards” <—-has been my bbm status, ohhh 100 times. lol

I just played the song about 3 times just to write the post. just a lil random Tuesday inspiration.

ladies, you STILL got it. 😉