The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

When I’m without you I’m cool…

…but I’m so much better with you… 

Me and you is like peanut butter and jelly! 

I want it all or nothing baby, cuz I will always love you baby. cuz you’re my future… 

I dare you to listen to this song only once!!! Marsha Marsha Marsha!

she did that. Well, she and 9th Wonder. If you haven’t copped The Wonder Years yet, please do. Its a great listen.

my other favorite new boo love song is by the homie Jermaine. featuring one of my favorite VA artists, Missy “Misdameanor” Elliott.

This song gives me an old 90s vibe, but I dig it. I could tell from the Missy sample on Friday Night Lights with “Best Friend” that he was a fan, so I’m glad he was able to get the feature. Especially since Missy hasn’t had any new music or features in awhile.

all I’ve been listening to in terms of new releases, has been The Wonder Years, Cole World: The Sideline Story, and Phonte’s Charity Starts at Home–I told yall a long time ago I loved me some him, so that’s a given.  Keeping with the theme of the post, one of my favorites from that project here:

I know most of yall have heard these CDs–right? if so, what are your faves?!


What’s in my earbuds, summer ’11 edition


It feels like its been forever since I blogged. I dont even apologize for it. I’ve been living life, enjoying the hell summer and while music is ALWAYS a part of that life–writing about it sometimes just isn’t. I hadn’t even logged into wordpress the entire time. I did miss it, glad to see folks still discovering the site and reading it. No post is too old to comment on, in my opinion. 🙂

But in the month and a half or so hiatus of living “off the wall”  there has been TONS of new music released. TONS. so much that I still haven’t wrapped my good “listening” ears around much of it. but I’m working my way through.

one thing I don’t like to do is rush my tastes because something is hot. I kinda rushed thru Marsha Ambrosius’ CD the last time I did a post like this. I like it a lot more now than I did then, which I figured I would.

so let me first get the obvious out of the way: Beyonce. so, yall know I’m no King B stan–actually I think calling herself King is stupid as hell, but I digs the hell outta “4” like seriously, I haven’t rocked with Bey hard since Dangerously in Love, and I mean that.  She’s had singles here and there on her other projects I liked, but I don’t have a full Beyonce CD on my ipod at all. On first listen “Rather Die Young” and “Countdown” stood out to me, the first for the melody and her vocals, the second just for that catchy ass Boyz II Men sample. Plus her quotables like “all up in my kitchen in my heels, dinner time” and “ooh I think I luh dat boy, do anything fuh dat boy” ahh, the romantic in me  thinks that’s so sweet *sigh* okay moving on. After repeat listens, I definitely feel “I Miss You” those lyrics speak to me, and despite her saying “algeba” I DO like “1+1” as well. Also while it’s 2011’s Irreplaceable, I enjoy “The Best I Never Had.”

“Party” goes hard, but ‘Ye and 3 Stacks dont’ go quite as hard as they couldve–I mean wtf is swagu? I guess. It is a pop song. Just listening again this weekend in the car (you HAVE to test CDs for whip approval) I noticed the throaty efforts on “Start Over” which work for me too. Overall I just think its a good pop album, and I have no problem admitting that it pleases my ears. A lot. I’m such a typical girl for this but I don’t care. lol

^^ face beat, tits sitting high, fierce hair, giving much face! I love Jilly from Philly.

I wanted to post this pic instead of her album cover just because its so damn fly!!!

ok The Light of the Sun is a CD I’m still working thru. I don’t love it yet. But honestly I only loved her first two CDs immediately. Vol. 3 had to grow on me, but baby when it did!?!?!?! LOVE. Jill does no wrong in my eyes so while I’m not in love yet, I love HER, and I’m pleased with her latest offering. Faves include: “So In Love” with Anthony Hamilton, “So Gone”, “Hear My Call”, and “Making You Wait”

I love me some Lloyd.  I consider Street Love to be a hood classic. Year of the Lover was no slump either. I wrote a post awhile back on how consider my boy to be seriously slept on. I didn’t check for Lloyd’s first CD but Street Love is what made me a fan. He is as I say “my favorite nasally yodeler”. “Lay Your Head” is a song I HATED on first listen but damn if that “ole ole oooooleeeee” aint grow on me! I mean, its Lloyd. He  does it for me like The Dream–I often ask myself why I love them so, but then I just resolve not to question it, just vibe to the music. SO I DO!  Now “Cupid” is a song I immediately thought was cutesy and the visuals in the video helped me to enjoy it more. Still need to give this one a few more spins before I identify faves.

Miss Moses, Miss Moses! Yall know this is my grown woman crush and I STANS for Teedra! She’s gorgeous, she’s fly,and she has just a splash of hood that makes her relatable to me. lol Her latest offering is short, but definitely sweet.  I am anxiously awaiting a feature album. “Another Lovr” “Invitation”  ok how about all of it is hot to me. With only 10 songs. not too much extra or fluff, just the chill vibe that Ms. Moses is known for. Check it out for download here.

I’ve also been listening to Ledisi’s Pieces of Me, Jean Grae’s Cookies or Comas, Kendrick Lamar’s Section.80–prior to hearing this I had not listened to any of his music, so I was pleasantly surprised. And older music is always in rotation.

so tell me, what has your summer soundtrack been looking like? If you’ve heard the joints featured in this post–what are your faves? let me know!!! 


What’s in my earbuds pt. 8


As things go I get in a mood of sorts  and tend to only listen to a lot of older music.  But I have found a few new things that I enjoy. Peep what’s in heavy rotation for me right now. A mix of pop, R&B and hip hop. per usual.

21 ~ Adele. The sophomore effort from Ms. Adele is a banger! I thought of doing a separate review of this album but then I got lazy, and started listening to other stuff (featured below) but this is still very much in my current rotation–hence its inclusion on this post. Some of my favorites are the lead single “Rolling in the Deep” ” Don’t You Remember”Take it All” and “Lovesong.” Also, “He Won’t Go” which is my absolute favorite on the album.

Late Nights and Early Mornings: Marsha Ambrosius’ highly anticipated album is here! and uhm, I like it. I don’t love it though. But its good music. The intro is hot, “Anticipation” captures my attention immediately, and is a good segue into “With You”  which is super sexy. My favorites are the title track, “Late Nights and Early Mornings” another sexy track and #freakyfriday official, as well as  “Far Away” “Lose Myself” and “I Want You to Stay.”    The CD definitely flows from beginning to end, but I prefer the first half of it, and it just didn’t really blow me away even after listening several times. I’m surprised there weren’t more sexy bangers on this album, I’d say about 3 out of 13 isn’t a bad number but I mean Floetry was pretty much known for the sexy jams and some of my favorite features from Ms. Marsha with artists like Jamie Foxx and Raheem Devaughn have been audio intercourse. Hmm, I guess with the SexTapes that she released previously she didn’t want to saturate the album that way.

It’s Love EP ~ Corinne Bailey Rae. a quick little joint featuring some covers. my fave is Prince’s “I Wanna Be Your Lover” and “Que Sera Sera” Click on the cover to sample/preview the tracks.

and for a few singles:

“I’m Beaming remix” ~ All City Chess Club. This isn’t new, but I listened to B.o.B.’s No Genre mixtape awhile back then forgot about it. However on a shuffle in my ipod I came across this track again and its been on repeat ever since. The original Lupe song is dope (I’m totally about to be a Lupe stan again and am soooo looking forward to LASERS–I might even go buy a physical copy to put with my collection of his other CDs) but the remix featuring Diggy Simmons, B.o.B., The Cool Kids, Asher Roth, Blu, Dosage, and Charles Hamilton–a mouthful! and not in that order,  is super dope. I think I dig Asher, Blu and Dosage the most on the track, but they all did their thing. Gotta love that Neptunes production.

“I Don’t Deserve You”~ Lloyd Banks ft. Jeremih. now I am not really a huge fan of either artist, but I do have a few Lloyd Banks bangers on my ipod–no full albums and nothing from the young crooner Jeremih. However this collabo works for me, its def a chick appeal song and I always love those. I do imagine a man is singing this directly to me whenever I hear it. I have to listen to it at least 3 times in a row.

“Hustle Hard remix” ~ Ace Hood ft. Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. this song! I don’t even do those guys like that but you can’t deny they pretty much wreck shit on collabos and remixes. I gotta say I like Wayne’s verse the best. This beat just goes so hard, and that hook just is super catchy. There are a few more remixes floating out there and even versions with others jacking the beat such as Young Jeezy and Joel Ortiz.

“My God” ~ Pusha T. our fave half of The Clipse does what he always does. crisp flawless lyrics over any beat. I mean its so effortless for the youngest Mr. Thornton.

There’ll be no waiting, I have no patience
This is the end of all my unrecognized greatness
I’m here now nigga pardon my lateness
You can hear in every bar and every cadence
Yeah, it’s the new God flow aint it?
The last supper for you niggas now repainted
Take position on the chess board and re-arrange it
Face to face with the truth get re-acquainted…

so, what’s new with yall? any thing in particular you are banging out on repeat? let me know.


What’s in my earbuds…sexy


this has been a good time for music. I have been previewing a lot of new music lately. Chrisette Michele and Jazmin Sullivan both have studio albums released today: Let Freedom Reign and Love Me Back, respectively. This blog post is not a full through review as I need more time to develop my thoughts on all the music I’ve been bumping lately, but just a quick overview of what I’m checking for–so that you all can check for it too, ya dig? or not, whatever your flavor.

over the weekend I also acquired Chris Brown’s new mixtape In My Zone 2 and from first and second listen I must say it is pretty good!

yesterday I also happened to get into the latest mixtape release from my lova Raheem DeVaughn. Now anybody that knows me knows that I love him so. He is my modern day Marvin Gaye. yes. it is that serious to me and I don’t care if you don’t agree. I talk about R&B a lot–it is my favorite music genre, true pure soul music I should say. but I love R&B of all facets. I got love for Robin Thicke, Foreign Exchange, I mean older 90s stuff like Dru Hill and 112. and lets not even talk about classic groups like EWF, Isleys, Maze & Frankie Beverly, etc. On the more recent front I got love for Bruno Mars. A man singing about love with a good voice does it for me. so anyway, back to Raheem.

His new mixtape Jackin4Beats is much like his Mr February x March Madness joint I reviewed earlier this year with how he covers current songs and/or spins the beats for his own pleasure. Whether its Night and Day, or Prototype, Bonita Applebum, or even more recently on this mixtape Trey’s Can’t Be Friends, he delivers.

Speaking of Trey, he released a mixtape of the same concept #lemmegetdatbeat. So about 4 songs in? hated it. But I shouldve done some research prior to d/l’ing and I wouldve known its all his rap alter ego Trigga and I’m so good on that. I am a Trey fan from way back, when his remixes were featuring local VA artists that nobody but 804 folks knew. I still bump I Gotta Make it/Trey Day/Anticipation heavily. but that’s about it. I’ve been told the 3 Ps or whatever CD is better than Ready but I’m just not interested in listening to it yet. He’s heading quickly to overexposure and I’d like to preserve the love I have left for my 804 homie as is, for now!

so last night I’m up pretty late on twitter and my lova Rah drops this new vid and tags it #twitterafterdark. now I see this often and I don’t typically engage sexy talk with celebs cuz I think its hella corny. but I decided to see what he was talking about! soooooo glad I did. just earlier in the evening while previewing the new mixtape I tweeted:

“so @368hustlers version of Single is real sexy like. but of course…”

so color my surprise when I see he has a video for it! and HAVE MERCY what a video it is. I couldve saved this for #freakyfriday but to be honest I couldn’t wait. I watched it about 4 times last night on my blackberry. and I HATE watching vids on the phone. Trey said he invented what?! who?! no sir. Raheem did that, and if he aint invent it he is definitely showcasing his interests and talents on this here vid. check it out if you dare, its not work safe really.

but back to jackin 4 beats, lemme hold that beat and the like. I dig the concept. Actually I prefer Trey’s remakes of popular songs more than his recent original material #shots #sowhat, and I appreciate what these mixtapes do, they gear you up and make you excited for a studio album. I just hope the studio album is good too. Rappers have recently proven that mixtapes are where they choose to flourish and shine–Wale’s More About Nothing is still my fave this year, yes topping Friday Night Lights, but not by much.

With R&B, you need to be equally consistent with both avenues, IMO. I have always heavily critiqued Raheem’s albums in particular because I am that much of a fan, and I ADORED The Love Experience. That CD still sets the standard that he has YET to reach again. Some of my favorite songs by him are on that album. And when Love Behind the Melody came out and while I was hooked on all things “Love Drug” I admit it took about a year for that CD to grow on me individually and for me to truly stop comparing the two albums. Then The Love & War Masterpeace came out this year and I probably won’t love it until next year. That’s just how I am sometimes.

I will always dig Raheem. He talks about love in a romantic way, he talks about sex in a sensual, erotic way that isn’t crass and you can tell he adores the female frame. He makes music for women that love men that love women. Not just tolerate them, not just want to sex them, but LOVE THEM. And for that,  I love him and will always support his music.


What’s in my earbuds: summer edition

2010 has been a great year musically. waaaay better than 2009. like by LEAPS AND BOUNDS, in my opinion.

This summer has been a scorcher–literally and musically. And the fall hopes to bring even more awesomeness our way as the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED next album by The Foreign Exchange Authenticity is coming out right after my birthday. I think I may actually go cop a hard copy of this one. If not, definitely an iTunes purchase like I did for LIAB.

as the summer ends– though not quite yet really for us in the Sunshine State 🙂 allow me to share with you some of the music that has been my summer’s soundtrack:

Thank Me Later. I know, I know. But I really did bump this. It still would be in my car but I gave my CD to someone just for him to tell me he hated it–LMAO. Twitter made a mockery with #OhYouFancyHuh but anybody that knows me knows that “even when I used to rock Polo, I was fancy” so…yeah, nothing new to a G! lol. People pretty much either loved or hated TML. In addition to “Fancy” which is pretty much played out from oversaturation aka folks running stuff in the ground–I enjoy “Unforgettable”  “Up All Night”—and while I am not a Nicki Minaj fan, when she said “I look like yes and you look like no” I laughed.  Been saying it ever since. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THAT? That verse was missing her usual antics–what I’ve seen many refer to as the ODB flow homage–I’m not calling it that though, because I like ODB, lol.  “Light Up” was a dope track as well and the surprise banger favorite for me is “Miss Me.” I’m not the biggest Weezy fan either–I either prefer Hot Boyz simple rapping of the early 2000s or mixtape Weezy but he spit on this one.

Teflon Don. I mean who wasn’t bumping this when it first dropped? I just removed it from the car CD player maybe last week. Seriously. The only other Rick Ross joint I have ever acquired was Deeper than Rap, and I thought it was pretty decent too. I still wouldnt’ consider myself a serious fan, more like a casual listener. I didn’t care who he was outside of radio/club singles until I moved to FL.  I moved at the height of “I’m So hood” and all things Khaled and T-Pain so of course I became more involved with Rozay–not necessarily by choice either, lol. Teflon Don sounds like a movie to me! I visualize music, and this album definitely makes it easy. Crisp instrumentation, soulful melodies. Just dope–I can’t front on it. I think “Tears of Joy” with Cee-Lo may be my favorite. As well as “Maybach Music III. ” Of course Hov goes off on “Free Mason” and Ye gets it in “Live Fast, Die Young.” Super High was a fave from the earlier mixtape that talks about all that flashy ish that and of course I love Ne-Yo’s voice, even though Ross definitely overdid it with the bitches. No comment on BMF and MC Hammer aka the same song with different lyrics. I’on wanna be none of them n*ggas. Yeah I said it. Consider me contrary. lol


More About Nothing. People that talked music with me before I started the blog know how much of a Wale fan I am. Was? Am. Yeah. I’m still a fan. I loved all his mixtape music and this one is no exception. Part 2 to the acclaimed Mixtape about Nothing, this one is even better, I believe. As soon as the beat drops on “The Problem”–sampling the OG pretty boy El Debarge, I knew I was in for a treat. All the ladies that love a good sexy joint have been keeping “The Trip (Downtown)” on repeat. Others I love are  “The Soup” “The Breeze” “The MC” and “The War.”

Summertime: The Mixtape. I was late to this one, like summer is pretty much over! but better late than never. I had heard buzz here and there but just got lazy with downloading–you ever been overwhelmed with new music? not knowing what to cop? thats me. Plus my laptop’s hard drive is diminishing by the seconds and I have to always remember to hook up the external HD just to get my music fix. Anywho, I have quite a few Jazzy Jeff joints in my collection and I knew I wouldnt’ be disappointed by this collab with Mick Boogie (have a few joints by him as well). Also, if you ever have the chance to go to a DJ Jazzy Jeff party–please go! OMG I went during CIAA in 09 and we danced nonstop. With bangers by Kool and the Gang, The Commodores, Michael Jackson, Nas, LL Cool J, ATCQ, Jodeci, Dilla…I mean the list goes on and on, and its a niiiice blend. check it out here.

Sunstorm.After vibin to the classics featured on the Summertime Mixtape, I had to round it out and end this with some soulful R&B. Hip hop typically dominates my summers for some reason–something about having your windows down blasting it, but I did enjoy this Zo! project as well. Its like when I’m tired of the hard hitting, I need this to calm me down, mellow things out. The Foreign Exchange affiliate teams up with the usual Phonte, Yazarah, Darien Brockington, Carlitta Durand and other features as well such as Jesse Boykins III, Eric Roberson, and more. It really is just beautiful music and it makes me happy. Which is what music is supposed to do! “This Could Be The Night” is two step official, and “Make Luv 2 Me” is #freakyfriday official. Sooo sensual. Its hard to choose favorites because this knocks from beginning to end. If by some crazy chance you’ve never heard of Zo! check out more about him here.

There are a lot more selections I have peeped this season–such as the new Roots, and I’ve been rocking out to MJ too since the good folks at Soulbounce dropped a few nice compilation mixes as they declared this The Summer of Michael Jackson. So I’ve been indulging in a few aural delights, however the music featured above is what has/had been in the heaviest rotation.

So tell me, what were your favorite summer jams? Are you looking forward to more good music coming out in the fall? In addition to The Foreign Exchange project, I’m looking forward to Ne-Yo and Jazmine Sullivan’s projects. Let me know in the comments.


Whats in my earbuds pt. 5

*I actually own these! and they don’t hurt my ears!*

I realized I haven’t done one of these posts in a minute. And to be honest its because I’ve been listening to a lot of older music and nothing really stood out to me to the point that I wanted to hear it over and over, thus making it post worthy. I’m gonna try to do these more often, so hopefully I’ll be inspired more often.

Top of my list is the new Raheem Devaughn mixtape Mr February aka March Madness, my inspiration. I’ve been listening to this since last Friday and I’m loving it as expected. Some of my favorites are: I’m Good (gotta love that Neptunes beat), Slow Dance, Bonita Applebum, Know What I Mean (the 50 cent have a baby joint), and Love Experience Pt. 2. If you loved the original “The Love Experience” song from his first CD, you will like that one. It also includes an unplugged version of one my favorite songs from The Love Experience, the underrated “Until”

He even has a remake of Luther Vandross’ “Never Too Much.” It’s a jazzy effort, but I love Big Lutha like my play uncle so I can’t say its comparable in anyway. He actually sings it a bit too slow, IMO. There are a few other remakes but I’ll let you peep those for yourself when you download it, the link is embedded–overall it doesn’t disappoint.

Unthinkable (I’m Ready) -Alicia Keys ft. Drake This song has been on radar for a few weeks now and I always play it a few times. I have acquired her new CD  awhile ago and haven’t finished listening to it–I’m just not that interested to be honest. I’ve already told yall how I feel about Keys, I like her, and love her earlier works.

Understanding -Kidz in the Hall -Another track I’ve been on for over a month or so. when the LRG The Professional Leisure Tour mixtape dropped. I even had a lil back and forth with Naledge on twitter about the song, which basically started with a “me likey” on some #FreakyFriday ish even though it wasn’t even a Friday– however….could your pretty peach be dessert after dinner…”   yeah, its official. LOL

We Major – Kanye West.  After cosiging my homies on twitter that this was his best CD, I’ve been all over Late Registration again, which is my favorite. I love this damn song. “feeling better than head on a Sunday afternoon,  better than a chick that say yes too soon.” Plus it has Nasir on it toooooo! Another song I can’t get enough of is “Late”.  I’ve loved that song since the leaks before LR came out.

My Flame -Zo! ft. Phonte: I love the just visiting too EP, and this is one of my favorite tracks. Just smooth mellow vibe. if you are fans of the Foreign Exchange crew, check this out too if you haven’t already.

No Ceilings the entire mixtape. I don’t do Wayne at all but he kills this and I’ve been listening on and off since to it since October, still hype off it.

You remix -LLoyd ft. Andre 3000 & Nas. I’ve been on a Lloyd kick lately–he’s one of my guilty pleasures. I posted last year about how I feel he’s totally slept on, and Street Love was seriously one of my favorite CDs to come out in 07. this song, the return of 3 stacks?! loves it still. glad I decided to revisit. “I said what time you get off, she said when you get me off.”

pretty random mix; just a few things in heavy rotation over here! I haven’t heard anything too new new other than the Raheem that I’m loving like that. so let me know what have y’all been on lately? Now that my iPod mystery has been solved (just needed a new usb cord to port music) I’m ready to add some new stuff!


What’s in my Earbuds: Ladies First

I’m on a ladies kick, not a bad thing right?

what I’m listening to right now:

Melanie Fiona’s The Bridge. Its finally out! I mentioned her awhile back as someone to check for on That New New post. I downloaded the mixtape she put out over the summer with  Questlove, but it was way more talking than music so it kinda disappointed me. But because of that project I knew that I liked the song “Ay Yo”, and of course my faves are “Give it to Me Right” and “It Kills Me”. Other favorites include “Monday Morning”, “Teach Him”, and “Bang Bang”.  The music has an older vibe especially with the beats, and she has an awesome voice, so if you haven’t checked her out already please do. Her debut is selling  VERY cheap on iTunes, and its worth the purchase.

I’ve also been diggin Letoya Luckett’s Lady Love. I really liked her first solo project and took me awhile to get into this one, but I’m finally there.  I didn’t like the last single “She Ain’t Got” for some reason–don’t really like the melody of it and it reminded me too much of “She Don’t” from her first joint, which I LOVED–but a lot more desperate sounding. lol The single out now is “Regret”, featuring Ludacris, and I actually couldve done without him on the song. its a decent song though. “Not Anymore” was her lead single for this project and it was one of those songs that kinda grows on you. Now the songs that I really liked are “I Need A U”(absolute fave!), “Over”, “Matter” and “Drained”. I’m not even really sure how I feel about Letoya’s voice but the songs are light and the music is good.

and most recently, I got put on to this mixtape by a new artist named Shalonda called Just Go. I read about it on Soulbounce and the author Ms. Huny told me via twitter that  I would dig it and she’s right. My favorites are Fever, Misty, and BlessLockDown. Click on the link above to read more about it. Its a very short joint, great vocals over hot current hip hop beats, and its just a really fresh sound.  You can find it here.

so I’m keeping these in rotation probably for the rest of the weekend and maybe a few others. I guess I’ll go hit the streets to see what the new “club bangers” are since I don’t really know because I rarely “club”. I’m sure I’ll know between this weekend and next weekend when I travel home for homecoming!!!!


in my earbuds pt. 3…favorite songs this week

so, I was reminded yesterday that one of my favorite songs right now is of course by one of the men I love….

“they say it aint trickin if you got it, they lyin. I say it aint trickin if you got HER, she mine…”

Loso! one of my facebook friends mentioned that the Throw it in the bag remix shouldve been on the CD. I agree. I actually planned to revisit the CD this week because I haven’t listened to it since I bought it…and that’s not a good sign, I’ve already forgotten whats on it. hmmmm.

so what else have I been listening to?

I’m Good -Clipse ft. Pharrell: I mean…its Clipse and Pharrell!!!  you know I rep two up two down even though they from tidewater

Mario- Break Up: this one isn’t new anymore, but its sooooo infectious. and I love Mario too.

Rather Be With You -Wale ft. J. Cole & Currensy: one of my faves from the Back to the Feature mixtape. when I first heard it I played it over and over…the production is sick. J Cole rips it in the beginning. gosh I love this nasty song! LOL. They do nasty so much better than say a Plies with his wack crass ass bust it baby/becky shit….

Where I’m From- Jay-Z: one of my favorite songs by him, and because I watch MTB, I’m always hearing the beat because Diddy decided he wanted to use it! ugh! that frustrates me more than anything…. “where we argue all day about whose the best emcees Biggie, Jay Z and Nas..”

Muah -Electrik Red: not sure how I feel about them, I mean I’ve had their joint for awhile and its aight. however I love this one song right here! I don’t care what people say about girls erroneously assigning “theme” songs… “I’m the shit, with this shit…mmm muah!”

Yo Side of the Bed -Trey Songz: so Ready is finally about to be released, and I uhm have already acquired it. I’m gonna buy it, but I’m not quite done sampling it yet. This song I’ve liked since I heard it on the mixtape…so far listening to Ready I’ll just say, I don’t like it better than Trey Day…or even Anticipation

Can’t tell me nothing- Kanye: this was a hot ass song. I remember the first time I heard it like….ooohhh! me likes. “man its so hard not to act reckless….”

For Real -Amel Larrieux: I heard this song yesterday and thought “awww!” I used to LOVE THIS. still do. great love song. and Bravebird was a great cd! check the video below:

a random mix yes…but it works for me! if you haven’t heard these ever, or its just been awhile click the links are ride out!!!


In my earbuds….favorite songs this week…

I haven’t really heard any new new music this week that I immediately loved, most of the songs I’ve been feeling out for a couple weeks now that are officially my favorites for some reason….. In a pretty upbeat mood this week:

Blame it On me -Chrisette Michele. This one is actually new, from Epiphany. I love the CD and this is one of my favorites…..I feel the words of this song, I’ve been there.  this is the only really slow kinda sad song I’m feeling this week….

Kinda  like a Big Deal – Clipse. Heard this one a few weeks ago, and it still bangs. two up two down and all that. I like Kanye on this one too.

Turn My Swag On remix -Keri Hilson. I dig Keri, and while I hate SoujaBoytellem,  the hook is catchy so I prefer her voice on this lil remix.

“if you been hating, just be mad at yourself…I bet you think this song is about you…. don’t you? I did it without you..”

So Much Swagg -Oceans 7. Okay the song isn’t that great, but I looooooves Johnta, Trey and the entire Oceans crew.  Bow Wow actually went in lil bit on his verse. I’m not a Bow Wow fan though. I promise. LOL. I can’t wait for the mixtape to come out. I’m so on it!

Punch Drunk Love Remix -Common ft. Pharrell.  This isn’t new at all, but I looooooooove this. I can’t stop loving it. hmmm. Common, you got me feeling some type of way. ” I knock and I knock…can I come inside, I feel like its  home when I’m in between your thighs”. hmmm.  “I come from the chi, so in I go, turn around its about to be a TKO”….uhhhh. yeah. the rhymes are pretty simple but it doesn’t even matter! whoooo I love Common and Pharrell.

Best I ever had -Drake. Its like I don’t even want to like it  anymore since everyone likes it now. I heard it on the radio at home! the radio! I’m happy for Drizzy, clearly I don’t hear him on radio in Tally so….its a good look for him.

Underground Kingz -Naledge ft. Fooch. Naledge is my dude, of course I love Kidz in the Hall….. It took me WEEKS to figure out the beat was from Raheem Devaughn’s The Love Experience…..but now I’m on it. The Cool Guys Always Finish First mixtape was good, just one of my favorites this year so far….

Get Your Money Up -Keri again. I liked this song the minute I heard it. Love Keysh, and Trina is just eh. I wouldve preferred Eve on the track  if we had to have a female rapper…..

Say Hello-Jay Z. because I never get tired of Jigga. I still love this song!!!! “they say I’m a menace, that’s the the picture they paint…they say a lot about me, let me tell you what I ain’t…”

I found a link from the Heart of the City tour and was about to cry. I’m still salty that I missed it. Okay, I’m over it.

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