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2012: What a Year!

Happy Holidays friends!

its been awhile I know, no need to dwell on that. I’ve been around…

I just wanted to take a few moments to talk about how great this year was for me. One thing I MAY love just as much as cooked food, is live music. And in 2012, I absolutely set a record in my life for live music.  Outdoor festivals, intimate dinner shows, club performances, and concert arenas!!! I did it all. Warning this post is kinda long–there is a lot to cover.

Since my birthday is in the fall, I spent the majority of 2012 commemorating the changing of the guard: I turned 30. and while it didn’t seem that major to me at the time, upon reflecting on this year I can say I’ve had wayyyyy more good times, great times even than bad and I’m gonna just go ahead and make the correlation there–the 30s have been good to me thus far. Now 31 years old, I’ve continued to learn more about myself, and I just really have to look back and reflect on all the awesome moments. Epic memories that will be treasured. I’m not totally where I want to be but I’m on my way! and I’ve had a great time on the journey thus far.  This blog is my way of capturing some of it, the musical moments at least.

I started off 2012, January 1st to be specific at The Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD to see Wale. Now there was a time that this dude was my FAVORITE new rapper–somewhere around 2009. In 2011 I saw him at Merriweather Post Pavilion as an act for Lupe Fiasco’s LASERS tour. I dug his show so I was curious to see him solo. I was surprised to see all the hipsters and teens in the crowd but I guess I shouldn’t have, huh? The Ambition album had been out awhile and he did a good mix of songs from that, his studio debut as well as his mixtapes (read: his better material). The events that took place at this show with my girl and I cannot be exposed (lol) but just know it was a wild, humorous day, that lended to a great concert going experience and we had a ball.

This blog would be incomplete if I did not include the numerous performances of DC’s own Black Alley. I moved to this area late 2010 and got put on to them in 2011. Going to see Black Alley perform is one of my regular highlights in 2012 whether it be Stadium on Wednesdays, Bar 7 on Thursdays, or Indulj on Fridays we were in the place jamming to this soul garage band. I really was pressed to buy their CD Soul Swagger Rock Sneakers. It was sold out at EVERY show I went to. I eventually copped it on iTunes and it did NOT disappoint. In addition to their weekly club gigs, I saw Black Alley perform at the NY Ave Beach Bar and on the Navy Pier for an All White Party in the summer among other local bands. great times. One of my absolute favorite songs that Black Alley covers is Katy Perry’s “ET.”  In my opinion its better than the original. I also like their cover of FUN’s “We Are Young”.

The spring was pretty ho hum but ooooh we turned it up in May at Drake’s Club Paradise tour at the Verizon Center. This show had a full cast of all the hot rappers and while we didn’t get there in time to see 2Chainz, we saw performances by Meek Mill, Waka Flocka Flame, J. Cole, and “Mr. Marvin’s Room” himself, Aubrey Graham aka Drake. He did not disappoint. He also brought out these artists during his set to do various collabos such as “Amen”  “Round of Applause” and “No Lie”. I was totally miffed that J. Cole and Drake did NOT perform “In the Morning” together, that made no sense to me. Cole had a pretty high energy set (I was surprised) and he did that song solo. errr. why?  I am not a  Waka fan so while he has party jams they didn’t really translate well live to me. So yea, that was my cue to sit down and rest my feet before the party really got live. All in all people seem to really love or hate Drake and I lean on the love side. He did a great job of making it feel like “a club” and I mean dude has party anthems–how can you NOT party? I danced and totally felt the vibe. great show.


In August I attended the annual Summer Spirit Festival that takes place at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD. I missed this show last year because they cancelled it for some reason so I was excited to go this year. A plus was that it fell on my boo TT’s birthday so this wrapped up her bday festivities. its a outdoor lawn concert in the heart of summer so… it was HOT!! scorching even. And I decided to wear a black tshirt–what was I thinking?? smh. I had fun though. Acts included Eric Roberson (I had seen better sets of his); Estelle– a REALLY good set! and she sounded SUPERB LIVE. I was impressed; Chuck Brown Tribute Band (they were soooo dope! and you know the dc area crowd favorites); Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings — LISTEN. my first time seeing them live and jeez! that Sharon Jones ROCKED. ROCKED I SAY! she was having a full on party on that stage by herself. The Dap Kings provided great musicianship that really epitomized what I love about live music. Common performed also and he was his usual fahn self.

The headliner was no other than my boo thang Erykah Badu. *sigh* she hurt my heart yall. She performed like what 5, 6 songs? changed the melody up on too many of them and just didn’t seem into it. and didn’t even perform her best hits. I went home and immediately played Mama’s Gun to keep her in good standing in my life cuz I wanted to quit her that day. I’ve seen her do much better before so I’ma just let this go…

Labor Day weekend we redeemed ourselves missing 2Chainz at Club Paradise when we caught his show at the 9:30 Club in DC. Now, I admit I was not the biggest Tity Boi fan until he put out “Spend It” and got on a few features this year but hey. This was definitely his year and his show was high energy from beginning to end. It was also my first time in the 9:30 Club. His album hadn’t even been out a solid week I don’t think and he performed ALL THE SONGS, and the crowd knew them all (including me, lol). He definitely turned up and I had a great time. I think this had a lot to do with the timing of me seeing this show. He’s not the kind of artist with timeless music that you’d want to hear live over and over but I enjoyed myself in that moment.


Later in September I visited the Howard Theatre in DC to see Miguel. Howard Theatre was recently renovated and reopened earlier this year I believe, and they  have some great shows!!! If I was rich I’d just post up there daily. I mean, they ALWAYS have someone good coming there, and the prices are pretty reasonable–anywhere from $20-50 bucks. If you are in the area I definitely recommend you peruse their website and attend a show or two, or three. lol. I thought the theater was beautiful and while this show was standing room like many of the others, its visually gorgeous not a hole in the wall.

Now, I can admit that am an official Miguel stan. I wasn’t before this show–ok yes I was. His first album was R&B perfection to me.  I also saw him for the first time during the LASERS show and I knew he could rock. But THIS SHOW??  This show was about a week or so before his sophormore album came out and I am not lying I ran to the stores to buy it after seeing him live. He WOWED ME. I had previously heard most of the tracks due to the preview EPs he put out but yea, hearing them performed live sold it for me. His voice sounds just like the cd’s, his guitarist was dope sauce and just! AMAZING SHOW. lots of fun. Miguel is like a young Prince–he blends genres, he’s kinda androgynous, he’s sexy in a weird way… I dig him. A LOT. I’ve anticipated and enjoyed every single thing he’s put out and I can only hope for more greatness in him.

In October just a couple days after my bday, I met friends at The Birchmere in Alexandria, VA to see the Robert Glasper Experiment. If you haven’t heard their latest album Black Radio please check it out! It was a tad disappointing they didn’t have any special guests to sing their songs (they are a eclectic jazz band that incorporates all genres; Glasper is a pianist) but it was quite an enjoyable show. The music is just so intoxicating. He recently released a Black Radio Remix EP but I haven’t yet checked it out.


In November I got the opportunity to go see MR. STEVIE WONDER at the Norfolk Scope for an Obama campaign rally. Listen. I drove from Maryland that same afternoon and went back the next day, it was that serious to go see that living legend Stevie. We rocked out too! Even though Stevie likes to remix his songs (to my chagrin) changing the lyrics to make them relevant to the situation, I enjoyed myself. and it was free! gotta love free.

photo (2)

3 days later I went with a girlfriend to The Hamilton to see Alice Smith. I wrote a blog about her not a couple years ago wondering where she had been so of COURSE I had to go see her. It was my first time seeing her live and SHE DID NOT DISAPPOINT. That woman can SANG! Now I am not gay but I was so close to the stage and she was so gorgeous and awesome and I’m not lying I kinda fell in love with her there. yea. She said she has a new album coming out in February and I sincerely hope so because I need more of her in my life. After that show I listened to her 2006 debut daily for about a week afterwards. Yes, she did that. I love when an artist moves you like that. She and Miguel are my top shows this year.

So after that great show we immediately found out Emily King was also coming to The Hamilton. What a coinkydink she was also in that same blog post!!! Her 2007 debut East Side Story was one I played TO DEATH. She also put out an EP last year, and a single here and there so I was curious to see her live. She played the guitar along with many of the songs, and it was just a very mellow show. She did a couple covers but mostly performed songs from the Seven EP. Good times! The Hamilton has become my fave venue in the DC area so far and I look forward to more shows in such a visually pleasing, intimate setting.  I also have enjoyed experiencing up and coming artists that open in these smaller venues. I haven’t spent much time discovering new artists but as a soul music lover its good to know so many people are still out here grinding and dedicated to sharing great music with the world!

So that’s my year. as it wraps up, I look forward to ending it in true music lover fashion: on December 31st I will be back at the Fillmore to see THE LEGENDARY ROOTS CREW. I saw them in December last year and they never disappoint so this is the perfect way for me, to end such an awesome year. I now know where all my money has been going. lol. And on shoes, can’t forget the shoes. 🙂

This post was long, but it was overdue! Happy holidays music lovers. Maybe this post will inspire you to check out more live music in your area, discover some new artists, or revisit some old favorites. Here’s to more great times in 2013. Maybe I’ll be inspired to blog about them, or not. But don’t give up on ya girl!!   🙂

Did you attend any awesome concerts this year? discover any new artists? let me know!! 


I Will Always Love You…

So. on Saturday we lost Nippy. I still can’t really believe it. I happened to be out with friends and therefore a bit out of touch with my lifeline known as Twitter. I got a text, and so did another friend so we passed the info around the table. Then the waitress came over and asked us if we had heard. We pulled out our fancy smartphones; facebook and twitter had the internet going nuts. WHITNEY HOUSTON DIED?!

Wait a minute. Not my Whitney that I just had an 80s pop dance party in my office last week? She and Madonna (affectionately known as Madge for those that are familiar) ARE 80s and 90s popular music– ASK SOMEBODY! These women sang ANTHEMS. And Nippy? voice of an angel.

As an 80s baby, I have very fond memories of listening to Whitney growing up. One of the albums I remember being played in our house, when I mentally recollect my Mom’s LP collection I always think of is Whitney Houston. The salmon colored case, her tall slender body in a swimsuit on the back I believe. Its an image engrained into my mind, it is MY CHILDHOOD.

I can honestly say, her music continues to be a part of my life’s soundtrack. I have never stopped listening. A couple years ago I downloaded what I consider to be her best albums: the debut, Whitney, and I’m Your Baby Tonight. These three represent the greatness of ’85-’90. I was barely school age when these released, but they have proven to lyrically and sonically stand the test of time.

Now, some of my favorites by the Icon, Ms. Houston.

You Give Good Love” MY personal favorite. This is my singalong song right here!!!  Being the hopeful romantic I am, this song represents what I only hope to have one day. I’ve said several times I will sing this to my future husband, horrible vocals and all. I’ll have the track in the background to help me along… She looks absolutely beautiful in this video. *sigh*

Count on Me” this is a great song, one of my favorite duets. It makes me think of my sorority sisters when I hear it 🙂

Greatest Love of All” this song makes me think of assemblies in elementary school for some reason. I’m pretty sure we sang this or heard this in music class or something. Hearing this song is when I knew Whitney had a voice that is unparalleled and unmatched. “I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone’s shadows…”  this is a motivation song. let me add this to my theme songs playlist right now!!!!!


Heartbreak Hotel” one of her late 90s R&B hits that will never get old. Nippy, Kelly and Faith! great vocals. Can’t go wrong with a woman scorned song…

Saving All My Love For You“:  The “I’m in love with a taken man”song. Excellent vocals. “no OTHER woman, is gonna love you more!!!!” This is the stuff great pop songs are made of…

All the Man that I Need“: I really just had church playing this song over and over.

Why Does it Hurt So Bad” ok, yall know Waiting to Exhale had to be represented on this here list!!! “when I think of all the pain you put me through, leaving you was the best thing for me!” this song, this song…

I Wanna Dance with Somebody“: this is little skinny Reecie dancing around the house full of energy watching videos on MTV. I ain’t know nothing about “feeling the heat” with somebody, I just wanted to dance…

and lastly, of course the song that catapulted Whitney into Icon status. You know you’re a bad chick when you make someone else’s song your own!! Dolly Parton can not deny!!!!! She’s eating well off of Whitney’s cover right here. I promise as soon as “iiiiiiiiiif I…” hits my ears, the tears swell in my eyes.

Rest in Paradise Whitney, we miss you already. Thank you for sharing your God-given gift with us. You were cherished your time on this earth and your music will live forever.

Love a lifetime loyal fan.

What are your favorite Whitney Houston songs?



Happy New Year!

I try to write a new year reflective post every year to post on January 1 since I actually started this blog on New Year’s Day 2009. But dah well, didn’t happen.

I actually wasn’t sure when I was going to blog again because I really had no desire to at all.  Today’s song brought me out of my hiatus I suppose.

I declared 2011 the “year of friendships” and I successfully actualized that goal. Last year I spent time nurturing and loving those close to me, and I will continue that in 2012. It wasn’t the easiest year emotionally: I spent more time than necessary doubting myself, confused about the actions of others, and just all around a bit more unsure than I had been in my personal life in a long time. DESPITE all of that, I had some REALLY good times. I finally found my footing in a new city, and had one hell of a summer. I turned 30 years old, which ushered in the fall season in style as I celebrated with loved ones and have memories that will last a lifetime.

The last month of 2011 was probably the hardest of all, as I lost a very close friend of mine to complications from Sickle Cell. I had never lost a close friend before and its still very hard for me to accept at times, but we said our final farewell,  in this lifetime last Wednesday.

My heart is still heavy, but my spirit is no longer unsure. She is Home, she is no longer in pain, and knowing that makes me smile. And even through the tears, I DO SMILE.

While doing my morning rituals this morning, I happened upon the Steve Harvey Morning Show, and as soon as I heard the horns come in on this song, my eyes filled with tears. This was OUR song, one in particular I avoided listening to since I first heard my Cryssy left this earth. I wanted to share it with you all today because despite how it makes me miss her so, it is an excellent song. It is a song I have always loved. At first it reminded me of my childhood, but from now on it will remind me of her.

She and I bonded in many ways, but one way in particular was through music. She also was a regular reader and commenter of my blog. Today’s post, and song is for Cryssy. in 2011 we spent lots of time together, and I’m grateful for those experiences, those moments. The last was at her 32nd birthday party. I let her know how much she means to me, and for that I have no regrets.  This extended version (our favorite) is just for you.

I may be just a foolish dreamer
But I don't care
'Cause I know my happiness is waiting out there somewhere
I'm searching for that silver lining
Horizons that I've never seen
Oh I'd like to take just a moment and dream my dream
Dream my dream... 
I'd like to fly far away from here
Where my mind is fresh and clear
And I'd find the love that I long to see
Where everybody can be what they wanna be
I'd like the greet the sun each morning
And walk amongst the stars at night
I'd like to know the taste of honey in my life
Well I've shared so many pains
And I've played so many games
But everyone finds the right way

I know that we don’t know each other well…

But I can’t believe I’m wasting your time, oh no
So tell me what to do
For the love of you tonight…

Cuz I’ve been holding back what I feel
Love’s so real
But I can’t wait another minute
I can’t wait another minute
Cuz I’ve been holding back all I feel
I’m for real
Cuz I can’t wait another minute
I can’t wait another minute for your love…

I love this song. Came on last night while I was in the midst of my nightly beauty rituals and I had to put it on repeat. I think I may have featured this on a previous Throwback Thursday post but so what. It’s my favorite Hi-Five song and reminded me how much I miss boy bands/groups. I miss the 90s (and previous decades) when it was cool to sing about how much you liked a girl, and wanted to get to know her better. Not just how much you would like to see her naked…but I digress. Those harmonies were awesome.  RIP Tony Thompson, you and the rest of Hi-Five definitely remain a force in my life’s soundtrack. 20 years later this song still does it for me. Thanks for the memories and the feel good vibes.


When I’m without you I’m cool…

…but I’m so much better with you… 

Me and you is like peanut butter and jelly! 

I want it all or nothing baby, cuz I will always love you baby. cuz you’re my future… 

I dare you to listen to this song only once!!! Marsha Marsha Marsha!

she did that. Well, she and 9th Wonder. If you haven’t copped The Wonder Years yet, please do. Its a great listen.

my other favorite new boo love song is by the homie Jermaine. featuring one of my favorite VA artists, Missy “Misdameanor” Elliott.

This song gives me an old 90s vibe, but I dig it. I could tell from the Missy sample on Friday Night Lights with “Best Friend” that he was a fan, so I’m glad he was able to get the feature. Especially since Missy hasn’t had any new music or features in awhile.

all I’ve been listening to in terms of new releases, has been The Wonder Years, Cole World: The Sideline Story, and Phonte’s Charity Starts at Home–I told yall a long time ago I loved me some him, so that’s a given.  Keeping with the theme of the post, one of my favorites from that project here:

I know most of yall have heard these CDs–right? if so, what are your faves?!


Let the madness in the music get to you…

Life ain’t so bad at all
If you live it off the wall…

I woke up this morning with this song in my head. I knew it was going to be a good day.

This has become a personal theme song in recent years. Well maybe the last year. I spent a lot of time being focused on my career and my path forward–which led to my relocation and while getting up on the learning curve, I found myself a tad bit stressed. I realized that for my well being when I leave work, I need to LEAVE work. I absolutely “leave that 9 to 5 up on the shelf”

And its the weekend approaching, so I figured this would be a good day to post some good ol MJ–to me he is the king of “enjoying yourself.” His music puts me in a mood and a place that makes me want to dance. The title of this post definitely is how I view my life. I let the madness in the music transform me. I allow it to make me laugh, make me think, and even cry.

I know I hadn’t blogged in over a month, and the last post was a Freaky Friday one. Those come to me easily, I have tons of songs stored up, but I wanted to come back with something different. The fact that this song popped in my head gave me the inspiration I needed.

Late last year I declared 2011 to be the year of friendships for me. I had spent a lot of time nurturing romantic relationships–so I thought and the after effects of such. I decided that instead of focusing on what no longer was, I would begin and continue to take more considerate care of what I have. So that was the underlying theme in my mind, but I kinda forgot all about that.  Well, I recently went on a retreat of sorts that rejuvenated the kinships with my sisters and I feel that almost 6 months into this year, its been a very good one. I subconsciously have maintained my purpose of the year, and am looking forward to the months remaining. We only have one life; be thoughtful in your actions and savor moments. This has been an amazing and transforming time in my life. I am so blessed. Just felt like sharing. MJ says…

You can shout out all you want to
‘Cause there ain’t no sin in folks all getting loud
If you take the chance and do it
Then there ain’t no one who’s gonna put you down
‘Cause we’re the party people night and day
Livin’ crazy that’s the only way…

So tonight gotta leave that nine to five up on the shelf
And just enjoy yourself
C’mon and groove, and let the madness in the music get to you
Life ain’t so bad at all
If you live it off the wall

And so does Reecie. have a good weekend. 🙂


Even When The Sky Comes Falling..

Even when the sun don’t shine
I got faith in you and I
So put your pretty little hand in mine
Even when we’re down to the wire babe
Even when it’s do or die
We can do it baby simple and plain
cuz this love is a sure thing…

If you be the cash
I’ll be the rubberband
You be the match
Imma be a fuse
Painter baby
you could be the muse
I’m the reporter baby
You could be the news
Cause your the cigarette
And I’m the smoker
We raise a bet…
Cause you’re the  joker
Truth though…
You are the chalk
And I could be the blackboard
And you can be the talk
And I could be the walk…

This is my favorite song right now. That is all.

Ya’ll digging that Miguel? I like it a lot.


For once I can touch…

what my heart used to dream of
Long before I knew
Someone warm like you
Would make my dreams come true

For once in my life I won’t let sorrow hurt me
Not like it’s hurt me before
For once, I have something I know won’t desert me
I’m not alone anymore…

good morning tweeps! on my commute this AM this song came on my ipod and it just made me smile. Stevie’s music has that affect on me often. Today was the first time I really sat down and listened to the words of this song–well in a long time anyway.

“For Once in my Life” is a song that has been covered by many many artists, Stevie Wonder’s version was recorded in 1967, around the same time that The Temptations and Tony Bennett versions were released, and was placed on his 1968 album of the same title.

I am pretty sure this song is about romantic love, but I think you can interpret the lyrics to fit many different situations. When I think of touching my dreams, I don’t really think of that in the sense of ANOTHER person providing that outlet, but moreso the opportunities in my life that have made way for those dreams to come true, while being optimistic that more great things are coming. “for once I have something I know won’t desert me…” for me, that something is inner joy. Which totally supercedes fleeting happiness. I know I wrote about that in another post before…

For once, I can say, this is mine, you can’t take it
As long as I know I have love, I can make it
For once in my life, I have someone who needs me…

when I heard this verse I immediately thought of For Colored Girls and “someone almost walked away with all my stuff.” Don’t sue me, I only saw the movie recently but “this is mine, you can’t take it” really stirred something in me! I had to run that song back just because of that one line. Stevie was maybe talking about a new love and/or new confidence, but this song put a pep in my step and inspired me to have a great day; to be excited about the future.

“For once in my life” should not be taken literal since  great things and not so great things have happened more than once in our lives and as circular as life is–they certainly will again. And as far as having someone who needs me–ehh, well one day I’ll have those sweet syrupy butterflies again…but you can’t help but feel good and optimistic when hearing this song!

peep a live duet with Tony Bennett and Stevie Wonder below. Very nice, but I prefer the upbeat version myself….


I don’t understand why…

…we should fight for love, either it aint or it is. it either aint or it is

I don’t want to be a soldier anymore,

because the war never ends, and no one ever wins…

I don’t understand why we should fight for love, either it aint or it is……

I guess that I am not as strong, as I pretend to be….


I listened to this CD–the latest from The Foreign Exchange Authenticity a few times, but it wasn’t until I heard it in my car recently–and this song in particular came on that I really said well gatdamn, those are some GOOD lyrics. That soldier line is how I feel absolutely about love and about life in general. I am a lover, not a fighter. I mean…I definitely have some fight in me, but who the hell wants to fight all the time? who ENJOYS that? metaphorically and literally I couldn’t be a soldier, or in any armed forces–just not my thing.

Moving on…this is a great mellow cd, in the same vein as Leave it All Behind, it totally flows from beginning to end. I wanted to put the entire lyrics to this song on the blog–but I’m lazy so just take my word for it and listen to the song for yourself.

The subject matter for the CD is  of course love. The ups and downs and the little nuances of relationships. Well I should say the downs and ups–as it starts on  somber note with “The Last Fall” with lines like–so what is the use? I’m never gonna love again…

The lyrics are real and the entire CD very honest–authentic! so it works. That’s one of the things that made me fall in love with Phonte even in the LB days–the realness and honesty of his lyrics.

Maybe She’ll Dream of Me” was the lead single and has a nice groove that I dig as well. Very romantic. This is the point of the CD where things start to turn upwards.

My absolute favorite from the very first listen, which features Darien Brockington  is “Don’t Wait.”

Laughing At Your Plans” spoke to me also because I’m always planning something. Its just what I do, my little way to exhibit control, when I really can’t control anything or anyone but self. I always remind myself of that saying “if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans” so yeah I’m sure He laughs at me often. Yet I still make the plans. This song makes me think of that…

I will now revisit all of The Foreign Exchange’s projects–Connected, Leave it all Behind and Authenticity to see how they flow together. Their first CD is very much more hip hop, but the instrumentation from Nicolay remains crisp, clean and even sexy. To me. I could listen to all of the tracks without the lyrics… THIS IS MUSIC!

I won’t list all the songs  on Authenticity because they all are very good, so suffice it to say if you haven’t checked it out yet, please do. If you loved LIAB, you will love this too. Also, if you are a new listener this is still a good place to start.

Fellow FE fans– I won’t even ask if you love it, because I already know that you do. So, what are your favorite tracks so far?


Your Guard’s Up…

and your hearts cold. This might be the one but you’ll never know…

My. Jam.

ever since I started this blog I’ve blabbed about, and people that talk music with me on the regular know about my girl crush on Teedra Moses. So thats nothing new.

This song is one of my favorites on Complex Simplicity, because its so honest and it just speaks on the things we go through. I had a recent conversation about people basically not treating you the way you treat them–that off balance thing. So the opening line speaks on that: “you give and you give but you never seem to get back in return, what you give…”

And nobody likes that feeling. That feeling is what makes us jaded, and “guarded” as Teedra mentions. It allows us to “block our own blessings” as some may say. That could be related to other situations; not just romantic love by the way.

This song also makes me think of my favorite Luther Vandross song because its just one of those things, we are so used to being done dirty, things going wrong that we don’t know how to be open for the good stuff coming our way! Luther says just wait on it boo, its coming.  Let me drop a gem from THAT ONE: “I remember not too long ago, I was just a lonely person with a lonely heart…”

*this is the part when I start waving my hands in the air*

There is an absolute difference between being alone and being lonely. Lutha was speaking on being LONELY. Nothing is wrong with the former, but the latter? That’s something you gotta work around on your own. #truestory

so back to Miss Moses, ladies and gentlemen: “For A Lifetime”

“Even in the hard times
Even when it’s going down
You’re gonna find someone’s riding with you
You don’t have to be alone
You just gotta hold on
You’re gonna find true love

Sure as all that breathe will die
And showers fall from April skies
A heart that’s pure won’t be denied
The kinda lovin’ that’ll rock ya
The kinda lovin’ that’ll hold…
Hold ya for a lifetime”