The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

Give Me the Reason to Love You…

…and I want to love you more.

This is a really sweet song.

Those that follow me on twitter may have peeped my elated joy listening to Faith Evans’ self titled debut CD a couple nights ago. I made it my night time ritual soundtrack. I don’t know if many other people do this, but I like to listen to music while I bathe. I know a lot of people play music while getting dressed/getting ready to go out, but just to get ready to go to bed? yea, I do that too. lol. Since I have an iHome, I turn the music up and leave the bathroom door open to sing along while I pin curl my hair, shower or bath, then get out brush my teeth and all the other necessary things you do. Depending on the tunes, its very relaxing. And also might encourage sweet dreams ūüėČ

“Sitting in here thinking about you
And all the joy you bring oh baby
I just can’t live without you
Cause your love means everything…”

My iPod is always on shuffle, so even when I sort for a particular album or artist, it doesn’t play the songs in track order. I don’t like many surprises, but I do enjoy not knowing what song is gonna play next for some reason. So while my ears may have been “ready” to hear “No Other Love” that isn’t what I got. About 8 songs in I found myself wanting to hear this song in particular. I could no longer just wait and be surprised, I had to find it, and play it. It makes me think of my sis Tisha, and our previous convos about those “rain drops”–you gotta admit that is A HOT sound effect. It totally adds to the smooth vibe of the song.

“When I can’t seem to find my way
You brighten up my darkest day
The reason to love you more…”

When this album came out I can’t say this song was one of my favorites, but in recent years it has grown to be.

Faith¬†is an example to me of one that flows beautifully from beginning to end, and even when I don’t listen in order, I have such an affinity for each song, I don’t mind how its played. “Reasons” is listed as a bonus track and I’m glad it was included! You know, sometimes I listen to this album and I think its a top contender against its “rival” of sorts, My Life. I know that album is a certified R&B classic and I’m just saying Faith¬†is as well. To me. Production wise, Faith’s debut is definitely better than Mary’s, IMO.¬†However there is no comparison on who has (had?) the better career, but we gotta give credit where its due to Ms. Evans for her contributions via background vocals, and songwriting.

I love all of the songs but I gotta say my favorite on the album and of all time by Faith is “Soon As I Get Home.” Peep the video below.¬†

Do you love this CD? What are you favorite songs?


Throwback Thursday: Guy Groups

everyone know the 90s are my favorite era for music. hip hop and r&b specifically (my two favorite genres)

this morning I spent a little time revisiting the Greatest Hits from two guy groups and felt like sharing a couple of my favorites. The groups are Hi-Five and Tony! Toni! Tone’!

peep some throwbacks below–I included the videos for a good blast from the past:

What makes you think I would try to run a game on you
Just as sure as my name is D’wayne I’ll be there for you and I’ll…
Treat you just like a queen and give you fine things
And you’ll never have to worry about another in your place
Believe me when I say…

Whatever you want,¬†Girl you know I can provide…
Whatever you need,¬†Call six three two twenty-one three five…

this song this song this song! I think over the years it has grown to be my favorite by Hi-Five. Shout out to my Soror @PeachPowder for inspiring me to listen today, and essentially this post!

classic 90s music. just Feel Good jams.

this was my jam! whenever I think of Hi-Five this is the song I think of immediately for some reason.

“I was only 16, she was 25” cougar flow! ¬†I would never! “I forgot about school, and went to her place instead” I just bet you did! lol

Anyway, just a couple of my faves from each…I know you all listened to the 3T’s and Hi-Five.

what were your faves? if you don’t have their greatest hits and you love 90’s r&b with that good new jack swing flavor, you should! great trips down memory lane…


It don’t take a rocket scientist…

To know I love you…

And it don’t take a rocket scientist to know I need you
See if you believe that you and me can change the world someday
Then you’ll believe me when I say

I still love you
I still love you
I decided I still love you
I still love you

**it kinda irks my spirit ¬†to intentionally title my post with don’t instead of doesn’t…but that theres the lyrics, lol**

revisiting this song, the thing that stands out to me the most is ¬†in the chorus: “I DECIDED I still love you” because love is an action, and absolutely a decision…

I heard this song and on the random wanted to feature it for Throwback Thursday.

702 came on the scene back in the 90s with a feature on Subway’s puppy love anthem¬†This Lil Game We Play. This song still gets regular rotation on my iPod because I am an 80s baby and a 90s teen and therefore its part of my youth’s soundtrack.

The group’s membership changed after that feature; losing a cousin and a sister, then adding a member– and 702 went from a quartet to a trio. The song above was featured was on their last studio album, Star. I can admit that I didn’t really get into this CD at all, despite this gem of a song with The Neptunes production. It was so simple and repetitive yes with the chorus but still absolutely a banger.

While I did not get into this CD, their debut No Doubt was a favorite. Peep some of my faves below:

Steelo is my favorite 702 song. How can you not love this song? and the Missy feature? Biv10 was the ish back then and I really loved all the various groups in the early to mid 90s especially because they included people in my age range. “ask Michael Jackson who’s bad? He say I am but the queen not drag…” my shat!

Get it Together, also from their debut is one of those songs I think every teenage girl played when she was “going thru it.” with a guy. its just one of those breakup songs…

and lastly, probably their most popular song, from their second release 702. Remix¬†featuring Missy. I couldn’t tell you much else about this album either, as I never owned it.

This video had the look of many late 90s videos. Looking at it now, it reminds me of an Aaliyah vid. 702 were not playing with this song! A girls anthem before we had girls anthems, lol. ¬†Always a good move. Sing with me: where my girls at, from the front to back. well is ya feeling that? put one hand up…


I know that things ain’t right…

Seems like all we do is fight
And it’s been on my mind
You don’t have to worry
I’m gonna make it right
I’ll be on your side
No more lonely nights
You don’t have to worry…

This Bad Boy remix with Missy is EVERYTHING.

I had a dream last night about New Edition. They are the inspiration for this Throwback Thursday post. Home Again is still in regular rotation over here. Can you believe that was their highest Billboard charting album? ¬†It was released 8 years after the epic Heartbreak, and they came back STRONG! The song featured above and “Try Again” with lead vocals by the “King of R&B” Bobby Brown are my favorites. Every time I hear this song in particular I laugh thinking about how much Whitney used to ride for Bobby, then I remember how much of a bad boy he was, how he actually could sang a lil bit, and was SO NASTY! I always liked his solo music too–then of course I get sad when I think of what he’s become. But hey, things happen.

New Edition is truly a group that I can say I grew up listening to, and will probably continue to listen to for the rest of my life. Here are a few of my favorites over the years. I won’t share them all, ¬†so don’t hit me with the “you forgot so in so” I didnt’ forget–I purposely left it off, so YOU could share your faves too, okay? ūüôā

“I don’t love her, I tried to tell myself…” This is the song that was actually in my ¬†head during my dream. I’m strange I guess that I can remember that. Heartbreak, released in 1988 is probably their most popular album, with theeeeee most hits. “If It Isn’t Love” is one of my many favorites. Also you gotta love the choreography NE would hit you with! During the Heartbreak era, I was a fan of Ricky Bell and Johnny Gill the most vocally. Johnny’s voice still does something to me. lol #noshame

This video picks up where “If It Isn’t Love” left off. I love when artists do videos like that. Those white suits they have on are OD fresh! however, this is the ultimate #swindle song. LOL

“It’s not your looks (you’re very pretty)¬†It’s not your style (the way you dress is oh so fresh)It’s not the way that you carry yourself…”

Really dude? way to let her down though.

“Mr. Telephone Man” I actually STILL have at my parent’s house on a 45. ¬†I would play this, Count Me Out, and Cool it Now records over and over and over. *sigh* ¬†The lyrics are so amusing now, because this was clearly before call waiting. And now people don’t even talk on the phone. *blank stare* I was a Ronnie DeVoe fan during this era (he didn’t do much, but was a cutie).

You say you want to be the one I need
You say you want to be the one for me
You say you want to be the one I need
But then you go and act so crazy…

You say you never want to let me go
You say you want to be the one I hold
You say you never want to let me go
But then you go and leave me lonely…

ya’ll this song!!!! I think this might be my favorite. Wait, who am I fooling I dont have one favorite NE song. But this one is going to be on repeat today. Think about when this song came out. they were children pretty much, I was a child. Now I’m grown, and really listening to these lyrics. I’m feeling em.¬†“If you want to make things right, love can make a way. And¬†If you want to take the time, act like what you say, yeah…”

A Little Bit of Love was on their 1985 release All for Love, their 3rd Studio Album. The first 3 albums ¬†releases were a blur to me–for one I was really young, and two they came out back to back to back. I remember loving so many singles from each of them, however.

I did purchase their last CD One Love that was released on Bad Boy, but I don’t have any favorites on that one because I’ll admit I didn’t listen to it much and have only revisited it once in recent years.¬†I’ve been in a 90s (well for NE, mostly 80s) mood lately. ¬†Its not that I don’t listen to current music because I do, but I enjoy music of my youth so much more… so thank you New Edition for the memories!!!


Instead of treated, we get tricked…

instead of kisses, we get kicked! its a hard knock life!

I absolutely loved this song when it came out, and the video. Of course I’m an Annie fan also so I dig the sample. random fact about me: I love musicals–makes sense though, doesn’t it? lol

some more throwback thursday jams for you:

This is one of my favorite hip hop songs ever. I know I like a lot of songs and artists but this song¬† is full of nostalgia and I still know all the words…

and one of my favorite Puff Daddy remixes “looking at my rolie its about that time…” “baby who that be? oh thats just Puff Daddy”. gotta love it, and the BIG sample!

and with Weezy going to jail, how approps is the Hot Boyz remix. Back when he was still somewhat attractive. I actually randomly skipped to the Jay-Z remix of this song, and then this one came up a few skips later. I prefer the Hot Boyz remix, actually. 400 Degreez was one of my favorite CDs my freshman yr of college. Classic Juve. I never thought Jay fit on that Ha track but I do like his line “big guns that go brrrattt brrrat brrrat!” LOL

and lastly this one takes me back back to undergrad. “heads high! kill em with the no!” this would be the moment I bust out the heel/toe if I could do it! LOL #memories!!


90’s Mix: Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday!!! 90s Edition.

So every time I do a throwback post this is what I do: randomly play songs from my iPod–that’s it. The post isn’t planned out or written in advance, I totally do listen to these songs as I write. I guess its like sharing a part of my day with you–when I feel so moved. Sometimes I pick from the automatically populated 90’s Music playlist that¬† iTunes created; sometimes I just hit next on my entire library–I have that much older music that’s not just from the 90s so that makes it pretty easy. It’s totally random and unless I have a particular artist in mind that day, I just post whatever sounds good that I’m feeling.

so this is what we are rolling with today….

I loved Nicole Wray’s CD! This was my favorite song on there; I swear for me and my hs boyfriend this was “our song”. I did a previous Throwback Thursday post that included another favorite from that cd, “Borrowed Time”. Only thing I dislike about this video is that Mocha’s rap is different than the one on the album version. This CD came out at the height of the Missy/Timbaland reign, and being from VA of course I was all over every single collaboration.

“yes yes y’all to the beat y’all!”

Back then he was truly baby Puffy. LOL All videos looked the same too because this one truly gives me Total’s “Can’t You See” as well!

Usher’s been leaking some pretty wack music lately. which is disappointing because I LOOOOVE me some Usher. Well, 90s Usher. his first two cd’s were favorites, I didn’t really get into 8701 but after so many people whose musical judgment I respect told me it was a banger I revisited it in recent years. And of course the epic Confessions. There is still one song I CANNOT listen to ever again in life on that cd–because it was played out sooooo much. click here if you are curious, but it features two favorites “Throwback” and “Bad Girl”. the former I wrote a post on awhile ago–and the latter of course being one of my theme songs. If¬† you are a fan of R&B, you can’t go wrong with 14-16 year old Usher, IMO. He’s what– 30 now? I think he’s a yr or so older than me. I’d like to see his career continue to climb but I’m not so sure.

“we used to be number 10, now we’re permanent at 1”

I looooved this song too! I was definitely a Fugees fan and The Score still gets rotation, not heavy in recent times but its timeless. I may have to put that back in my car, hmm. Apparently there has been a resurgence of L¬† Boogie with a recent performance in New Zealand. I hope she get get it together and bring us some new music–you already know how I feel about her. I kinda hope for a Fugees reunion though. I’m fiending for Lauryn to return to her hip hop roots. Pras, I can take or leave but L & Clef together I think they could still make some good music.

“you only live once and you’re not coming back…so express yourself!”

ok I was a serious SNP fan growing up. Actually I think they are truly the group that cultivated my future love for rap and hip hop. I was really the 8 year old spitting verses and wanting an asymmetric cut like them! I had their music on 45s! 45s yall! if you don’t know what a 45 is…#killyoself. Their music was a bit mature for a child looking back, but it wasn’t really vulgar being that I didn’t REALLY know what they were talking about–but¬† “Shake Your Thing” I have fond memories of singing and dancing to at Kinder Care. Music shapes lives, y’all. LOL¬† This song is really old but the lyrics still stand true today: people wanting to be like other people, instead of being themselves–find a way to be unique and express individuality. It’s also a trip how Pepa is now on TV making a fool of herself and while Salt won’t subject herself to the foolishness on camera, she executive produces the show. hmm. Their Hits Remixed CD was an early purchase from Columbia House back in the day and it gets lots of play on my ipod.

to slow it down a bit, some Sisters With Voices.

If you don’t think this song is on point then I guess you must have never been in love. hmph.

Funny my girl Cryssy and I were JUST talking about this song last week. Man! this song was on the “break up” playlist heavy. I know you all had a break up playlist. I think this one kept me going from HS well into college. *whew this song!* I could write a post on this song alone but I really don’t want to go there–I’m in a good place right now…

and lastly an underrated girl group brought to us by Keith Sweat. my FAVORITE song of theirs that I HAD NO IDEA there was a video for: I just love youtube.

This video is very choppy, but Surrender is a banger and I think I will be listening to Kut Klose for the rest of the morning now…

Happy Thursday, thanks for traveling back in time with me…memories.


Throwback Thursday

Happy Thursday friends!!!!

here’s a mix of some throwbacks on this fine Thursday. I took a few skips on the iPod to find this one. This is one of the first really long collabo tracks I can remember. and its classic–would I give you anything else?

I mean can it get any better than De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Jungle Brothers, Monie Love and Queen Latifah?

NATIVE TONGUES GOT RHYMES GALORE!!! that was one of my favorite lines in the song. LOL

“soon as he buy that wine, I just creep up from behind…”

One of the best using the “Between the Sheets” sample. This song is one you will ALWAYS get your two step on to when you hear it. makes you wanna party just like they are in the video….we gon’ do what we came to do, aint that right boo? TRUE!!!!!

“yeah nig what makes you different than the next nigga, seen you last week and you couldnt’ even SPEAK…” I still know this entire rap like its 1992. LOL Classic MJB, classic Grand Puba. “if you aint wit it then don’t waste your time at whats the 411, huh?”

“If I ruled the world and everything in it, sky’s the limit, I’d push a Q-4-5 Infinit…”¬† It Was Written is one of my favorite Nas albums.¬† Watching this video just makes me miss L Boogie even more, but already posted about that. moving on…

seriously LL doesn’t get a lot of props from most but this is one of my favorite hip hop songs EVER. I can’t even describe the feeling I get when this song¬† randomly comes on but it makes me hype in a way totally different than maybe a Back Dat Azz Up or other crunk songs. This was my so hype “I’ma just mean mug, rap the lyrics, and bop” song. Now many Jay classic invoke that in me, but this was the first. This video showed me what SWAG was before that word was ever in my vocabulary. If I play this song it automatically puts me in an “I can accomplish anything” mood. because well, I’m bad…

I got a gold name plate that says “I wish¬† you would”…

The baddest rapper in the history of rap itself…
I’m the best taking out all rookies, so forget Oreos, eat Cool J cookies!


You don’t belong to me…

…And I Don’t Belong To You (And I Don’t Belong To You Baby)
No Matter How Hard We Try (We Try)
We’re Still On Borrowed Time
You Still Go Home To Her (You Still Go Home To Her)
So You Can’t Belong To Me (You Can’t Belong To Me)
Although Our Love Feels So Right
We’re Still On Borrowed Time

Nicole Wray, “Borrowed Time” from her debut Make It Hot. this came out when I was in hs. I loved this CD!

appropriate Throwback Thursday song considering cheaters is a popular subject this week. Am I sick of it? yes, but no, I don’t have any suggestions. lol. Celeb¬†gossip is starting to annoy me, and everyone wanting to be an expert on what other people should live their lives. I’m me, so of course I have an opinion, but I know it isn’t gonna change a thing so, there it is. I guess its interesting dialogue, for…someone. I’m also tired of hearing about this damn H1N1 vaccine! good gracious! either get it or don’t, but damn. BTW, I never get flu shots and I’m not about to start this season.

In the meanwhile. I’m about to hit up the HuffPo, NYT for some different info to fill my brain with today…and of course some more throwback thursday…

“even if they don’t understand the flow, the understand the dough”

hey papi! an example of Jay giving one of his songs to Bleek to help him have a hit. Bless Bleek’s heart. So cute, and so rich. He’s in Jay’s will after all. I say he has it made. *cue 50s “have a baby by me baby* I kid, I kid. I think we’d make some purty babies though. just sayin.

I recently checked the iPod and couldn’t BELIEVE I didn’t have Janet on there! so I pulled out my cd, and uploaded it immediately. good times.

yes! this is the Whitney I love. *sigh* this is what Pop music should sound like, all syrupy sweet and stuff. lol.¬†LOVES 80s Whit Whit the most…

“oh la oh la ay! “

was a huge Kid N Play fan back in the day. Salt N Pepa too, of course. I used to be a dancer when I was little–no not taking classes but a “get in the middle of the living room floor and dance for your family” kinda dancer. with routines and everythang! miss those days…

of course my mix is random, but so am I! hope you enjoyed it!


I can’t believe this but…

but I can’t stop listening to “LOL smiley face”. ugh. I hate me. LOL. Gucci’s verse isn’t even that bad, but Souja boy, iCan’t do it to myself. he sucks.

I feel like having a Throwback Thursday, who’s with me?!

ok what’s on my the soundtrack today….let’s hit the 90’s music mix on the ipod and see what comes up…

Spread My Wings-Troop! ok I looooooved this song. I  remember my cousin Jason and I would sing this song and dance like fools!

All of My¬† Days -Changing Faces ft. R. Kelly & Jay Z: you really can’t lose with this song! its featuring Kells and Jay! greatness. I remember being in 7th grade and my classmate Cassaundra and I would joke and call ourselves Changing Faces.

Award Tour -A Tribe Called Quest: I love this song. and they don’t shout out VA until the very end!

Call Me -Too Short & Lil Kim: this song, this song, this song. I swear I didn’t pick¬†ANY of these songs, they came on shuffle, LOL. I still know all the words. I was a big Kim fan back in the day, when it was cool to be crass. This is one of the nastiest songs of my youth.


well there we go! enough for today. Today is my Friday so I’ll wish everyone a happy labor day weekend now!