The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

Dear Summer…

I know you gon’ miss me
For we been together like Nike Airs and crisp tees
S dots with polo fleeces
Purple label shit with the logo secret
Gimme couple years, shit I might just sneak in
A couple words and like peaches and herb
We’ll be reunited and it feels so hood
Have the whole world saying “How he still so good?”
Well I do this in my slumber summer
I ain’t none of these half-assed newcomers, you know how I do summer
I drop heat, when you bring the sun up

This song says it all. Goodbye summer.  Also speaks on how my man Hov still is doing his thing and holding us down summer after summer *cues Heart of the City* But until next time. Farewell.

Now we must move on to one of my favorite seasons. The air, the fashion, my birthday–LIBRAS!  and homecoming season! You can’t beat it! I’m ready…

I just love this sample. I recently saw Lupe live and was reminded of his older music and how much of a fan I used to be. “Dear Fall” reminds me of the Food & Liquor days. I’m locked in, looking forward to a great season.

Are you excited about fall? 


Walk your broken heart through that door…

Sit yo sexy ass on that couch
Wipe that lipstick off of your mouth
I take it… slow.

Listen. I know we have Aubrey jokes for days, but every so often he sets a sexy verse off right. I’ve mentioned one of my faves by him from So Far Gone Before, and also I dug his addition to my lightskinted crush J. Cole’s joint In The Morning.

This verse is so perfect because on first listen the beat loops for awhile and with over 4 minutes already in you think the song is over, but then he starts flowing and its like OH OK!

plus he has that forceful thing I dig from a man–most women don’t mind being told what to do, you just have to say it sexy! Towards the end of the verse he speeds his flow up, and I’m like “I see you Drake”. Wery well done,  the type of music I think he shines on.

This is one of my faves from The Weeknd’s latest EP Thursday called “The Zone.”  He does the whiny voice thing that annoys me after about 3 songs in, but this song was a pleasant surprise with the Drake feature and makes it worth it to me…

Why you rushing me baby
It’s only us
I don’t wanna die tonight baby
So let me sip this slow
I’ll give you what you called for
Just let me get me in my zone
I’ll be making love to her through you
So let me keep my eyes closed
And I wont see a damn thing
I can’t feel a damn thing
But if I touch you right
I wont see a damn thing
I can’t feel a damn thing
But I’ma touch you right…

“Let me get inside my zone…” And that’s all I got. Enjoy. Happy Friday 🙂


I may be young in age…

…But I know I’m in love
I don’t care what they say
They don’t know a thing about us
Cause you’ve got my back and I’ve got your trust
I’m not trying to see you without…

I can’t see me without you
I can’t see no you without me
That’s something
I can’t conceive
Cause there’s no me without you

this song came on as I stepped off the train to head my way home and I got filled up! filled up with that great extraordinary feeling  that comes with a song you can’t help but exude good memories, good vibes, just a GOOD MOOD! There are some songs that just DO IT for me, another I featured awhile back  includes “Stay” by Ne-Yo. no matter how I’m feeling in my present moment, it just makes me happy and hopeful and epitomizes what life is about—those joyful, fun moments.

Ain’t no you without me
And that’s for real baby
And ain’t no you without you
So what’s the deal baby
And I got five little fellas trying to talk to me (say what)
But see my mind is on you so it don’t matter to me

This lil rap verse by Missy was so “young” but I love it though. lol

This song featured I actually have mentioned on a throwback thursday post before with a few others. It deserves a solo post today because it actually is the song I designated as “our song” for myself and my high school boyfriend wayyyyyy long time ago. *giggle* Back then, I had Nicole’s debut CD Make it Hot on repeat. Released in 1998, she was one of the many protege’s of Missy Elliott which was enough for her to get a purchase from me–plus back then I was in BMG and Columbia House music club heaven. While this song was never a super popular single, it was one of my favorites immediately. *sigh*  The lyrics, however simple, still express some 13 years later a great sentiment.  I have listened to this song non stop since I’ve gotten home as I write this post. I LOVE THIS SONG! I have no idea if I ever even told my then bf if this was “our song” and as time has gone on, it doesn’t even so much remind me of the relationship, as it does my youth, my hopeless romantic spirit, and just happiness.

I can’t see, I can’t see, nobody but you and me… 

What about you: do you have a song that reminds you of  your “puppy” love? A song that no matter how you’re feeling, fills you up and takes you to that place?


I’ll drink to that!

I’ve previously dedicated one of my favorite songs from Rihanna’s Loud in another post as well–a freaky friday one. Today’s is a little different. A very light hearted and fun song. I mentioned then that Loud was actually a pretty decent CD to me, and I enjoy it much. That one and Good Girl Gone Bad are in regular rotation on my iPod.  Recently released video…

I think the vid does a good job of capturing fun times with friends. I also happen to like videos with tour footage for some reason. I don’t go to a lot of concerts at large venues really, maybe thats why. but I will be WATCHING THE THRONE in November (just had to put that out there! lol)

Cheers to the freakin weekend! Those of us in the path of Hurricane Irene–be safe! stock up on your vices.. I’m making my wine run ASAPtually! 😉


You said you were different…

but you’re the same. Straaaaanger.

I can not tell you,
how many there have been 
that were just like you
I do not need you
cause you’re just like them.

I meet em’ everyday 
they…all seem to be the same 
lame. okay?

I’m late to Jhene Aiko. I had seen her name around twitter–where I follow some of the best people in terms of musical tastes, really. There are a handful of folks whose opinions I  trust and I make a mental note to check out who they are checking for.  I don’t always do right away (like now) but I get around to it. Earlier this week I downloaded her mixtape and I’ve been vibing to it every since.

Jhene’s Sailing Souls mixtape came out in March, and the video for this song in particular dropped last month sometime. I haven’t yet peeped anything else by her but I do dig the sound on this project.

you know my name, you know my face,
but you don’t know me? you must be crazy…

or I must be crazy. or is it maybe…
I’ve been here times before and 
I’ve said yes, meaning no but oh…
alot of shit has changed. lot of shit has changed.
lot of lot of shit has changed…

Didn’t I tell you what all the rest have done?
they were just like you, they have all tried to.
you’re not the only one.

I think we may be
In a different book
on a different page…

There is also a remix with Jesse Boykins III I found out via the magic of the google. In my opinion, JB3’s voice oozes sex. He could sing the alphabet and make it sexy. So I guess this could qualify as #freakyfridaypost too! peep below.

you know my name we play our games lately I feel like this romance is hazy…

Are you familiar with Jhene Aiko? If so, please let me know what some faves are. If not, check it out for yourself. If you read here, I assume you value my opinion too! Preciate it.

Happy Friday. 🙂


And deep in my heart…

The answer, it was in me …




My world it moves so fast today 
The past it seems so far away, 
And life, squeezes so tight that i can’t breathe
And every time i’ve tried to be
What someone else thought of me 
So caught up, i wasnt able to acheive

I look at my environment, 
And wonder where the fire went, 
What happened to everything we used to be?

I hear so many cry for help,
Searching outside of themselves
Now I know that His strength is within me

And deep in my heart 
The answer, it was in me 
And I made up my mind 
To define my own destiny

And deep in my heart 
The answer, it was in me 
And I made up my mind 
To define my own destiny

I’ve featured Ms. Hill on quite a few posts before, and I don’t really have much to say except this song felt right to share today. the lyrics speak for themselves. This album continues to influence my life. This song in particular, well Lauryn’s vocals are flawless. The crispness of the audio recording just adds to an excellently crafted song. Very worthy of the being the title track. I’m revisiting The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill today for no other reason than it felt right.

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I close my eyes when I’m alone…

Wonder what it’d be like to make you moan…

So give it up, and don’t pretend
And spread your arms and legs across the bed
And when you shake, you won’t regret
The things I whisper in your ear
(What?) I said:

I wanna give you something better
(You wanna give me something better)
Than anything you’ve ever had
(Than anything I’ve ever had)
A stronger and a faster lover
(A stronger and a faster lover)
The world, it disappears so fast
(It disappears so fast)

Sweet kiwi
Your juices dripping down my chin
So please, let me
Don’t stop it before it begins…

Well alright, Adam. After I heard this song, I’ve never thought of Kiwi as the same.

Happy Friday 🙂


You Should Be Stronger Than Me…

We lost Amy Winehouse over the weekend. she was/is one of my favorite soul singers and even though we knew she was troubled and had an addiction problem, at 27 years old I still feel so bad that her life and her light was cut so short. I’ve seen mention of the “27 club” and of them all the only that passed away in my lifetime was Kurt Cobain. I remember his death vividly, but as a very young person, I wasn’t able to really feel the depth of his mortality as I do with Amy. I am OLDER than Amy and I never really thought about that before. She looked much older than she was–no doubt from her hard living. It was just recently revealed the night she died she binged on ecstasy, alcohol and cocaine.

I’ve written before about how much I missed her and another post highlighting my favorites by her, and I like many was hoping she’d pull herself though and make more music. I hope she’s at peace now.


Sounds So Soulful…

don’t you agree? 

**listen here**

I made Jesus walks so never going to hell
Couture level flow its never going on sale
Luxury rap, the Hermes of verses
Sophisticated ignorance
Write my curses in cursive
I get it custom
You a customer
You aint accustomed to going through customs
You aint been nowhere huh?
And all the ladies in the house got them showing off
I’m done I hit ya up, manana!

I’m digging “Otis”, firstly for the sample, and secondly for how Ye set that shit off! all three verses,  Kanye wins. I listened to this song about 10 times in a row to try to catch it all. I have to say his wordplay had a more lasting impression on me. Only thing that bothers me is the placement of that “wailing” it just really does nothing for the track. its also pretty short so I’m not sure if the album version will include a hook of some sort, but it doesn’t need one IMO.

You already know how I feel about these guys. Anxiously awaiting Watch The Throne. If you haven’t yet peeped Hov’s lifestyle blog Life & Times (linked above), please check that out as well, some interesting stuff is on there.

I buy all Jay CDs so on the strength I gotta add this to my collection, probably the Deluxe Editioin even though yall know I’m gonna peep the leak too.

What yall think? hate it or love it? indifferent? 


You Got to Show Me…

and mean the words you say
its not a game for me baby
its just not that way…

I’m only one woman baby
treat me like a lady
you gotta take the time to show me
that I’m your one and only
I’m only one woman baby
and I need a one woman man

check out those 90’s fashions! I used to be a HUGE Jade fan back in the day.

Jade to the Max was released in 1992, and went Platinum. I totally wore this CD out. My favorite songs were of course their hit “Don’t Walk Away” and also their cover of “Don’t Ask My Neighbor.”  Their debut single “I Wanna Love You” was also featured on the soundtrack to the movie Class Act–one of my personal 90s faves. You really couldn’t go wrong with a Kid N Play flick back then.

The early 90s were filled with girl groups, and Jade was one of many.  I think the lyrics of this song, are pretty straight forward and basically describing what most women want–a faithful man that’s ride or die. lol

The portion of the bridge highlighted at the beginning of the post stand out to me because I pretty much want  actions to align with your words. Being cognizant of one’s actions; how they treat you are better indicators of someone’s interest that just lip service. In my humble opinion, of course.

you never have to wonder if  I care
If you’re sharing the way I feel for love you know I’m real
I’m the kind of girl to dedicate my world
but you gotta give me all you got
I need it all every drop…

I don’t know about every drop, save some for Jesus and ya mama’nem too!

Now peep this track below from their second album which I assume in my mind is the anthem if the guy in question isn’t holding up his end of the bargain… Before “to the left to the left” and that other countdown, Jade were bringing it in a similar kick him out fashion.

were you fans of Jade? or were they a blip on the radar amongst all the other girl groups that didn’t go that far?