The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

Just tell me and I’ll be gone…

Another classic by Atlantic Starr today! I blogged about another of their hits awhile back but THIS ONE HERE is my favorite. I think I should just listen to older music for a period. that music seems to bring a bit more inspiration out of me. It has a lot to do with the songwriting and the awesome voices! Whew!  Anyway today’s song is below…

Its a fragile situation
It could fall apart at any time
And none would be the wiser
Cept you and I

It seems that we stopped talking
like we’re afraid to disagree
And after we’ve been through
Can we still be that naive

If your heart isn’t in it,
why cant you tell me so
If my heart wasn’t in it,
I’d have gone long ago
If your heart isn’t in it
why keep me hanging on
Just tell me and I’ll be gone
from your life…

You treat me like a stranger
as if I wasn’t there…

Oh baby , I waited for a miracle
To make you show that you care…

this song is the epitome of “going thru the motions”

ever been with someone just because? like you are afraid to let go…but you don’t really want to stay either. you are overcome with indifference? yea. the familiar can suck you in like a whirlpool…

I’ve always loved this song, but I have a thing for sad ass songs for some reason. and I’m not sad at all…I’m great but there is something powerful about this song to me. wanted to share.

If your heart…
Ooh, can’t you tell me so
I have to know
If your heart isn’t it
Why keep me hanging on
Just tell me and I’ll be gone
Don’t keep me hanging on
for dear life

the last line says it all. Its hard but its better to make a clean break. its not fair to keep folks hanging on…


Put a message in a bottle baby…


just had the random desire to hear this song!

God bless youtube.

I know its been awhile but life has been happening, and I’ve been too busy with work and leisure to blog but I’m back like cooked crack! so I pretty much missed #musicmonday so I’m jamming today like I was never gone!

Atlantic Starr on repeat… *in my TI voice* what you know about that?!

My days and nights would be a living hell
if you go away

So think about the misery
that you’re gonna put me though, ooooooh

Goodbye, Doesn’t mean a thing with you and I
Our love has stood through the test of time (Yes it has)

If you’re planning to leave me behind, oh
Let me put one more thing on your mind

If you ever need my baby, send for me
I’m just a telephone call away, send for me…

this song is from their 1980 album Radiant. Just before my birth, but I grew up listening to Atlantic Starr so its nothing….great love song… some of my other favorites of course are “Am I Dreaming”, “Secret Lovers“,  “Always” and my all-time favorite “If Your Heart Isn’t In It

and below is a cover from Maysa. very nice rendition.