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Thoughts on Fearing God

so in my last In My Earbuds post, I mentioned I was checkin for “My God” by the homie Pusha T. @milesfan79 is the one that put me on–as he usually does 😉 and since this mixtape was highly anticipated by him, as well as many other Clipse fans, I agreed to let him pen his thoughts on it.

like to read it? here it go:

If you were over the age of 13 in the summer of 2002, I’m 99.9% sure you bumped/heard  the Clipse  song “Grindin” that summer.  When “Grindin” dropped you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing it, that summer introduced Pusha T and Malice to the world.

Being that I was raised in same area they were from, I was 1st introduced to them in 1999 when they released “The Funeral”, check it out if you are not familiar with it.

Since “Grindin” released Clipse have dropped a few respected albums and have earned their respect as hip-hop group/duo.  However, over the years many have wondered when they (mainly Pusha) would do solo projects, but no solo projects have ever happened.  Back at the beginning of the summer is was rumored that Pusha would be featured on Kanye’s new album and curiosity of Pusha solo projects once again arose.  Finally in late summer/early fall it was announced Pusha signed solo deal to Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music label and Fear of God was also announced.  Being the fan that I am, FOG has been marked on my calendar since its announcement in the fall.

Pusha is coming off of being featured on MBDTF, which in my opinion was the best (hip-hop) album of 2010 and was the last good hip-hop project to drop.  The hip-hop world has been pretty dormant the last few months, not many exciting or memorable albums/projects/songs have dropped since MBDTF. Thankfully FOG is being released just in time for beginning of spring and to revive a dormant hip-hop world with something fresh and new. (Sidebar: I really thought Lupe’s LASERS was going be first hip-hop project to revive hip-hop world, but I was WRONG!!)

Reecie Note: I agree with the disappointment in LASERS, but on a few more listens it really wasn’t THAT bad; but no Food & Liquor. I do agree that I had such high hopes for that CD though, and really expected it to be my spring soundtrack.

I have given FOG several thorough listens and would like to offer my review of it.

What I loved about “Fear of God”:

Intro track: I have always believed an intro track can make or break an album/mixtape.  “My God” is a great track to start things off with and was perfect pick for the intro track.  Pusha’s does what he does best, paints a mental pictures with clever word play and the beat is also powerful.  “My God” is a very memorable track and perfect for FOG intro.

I don’t think many would dispute the fact that Pusha was the better half of the Clipse, I got love for Malice but Pusha is the better rapper. Prior to FOG, Pusha was always featured artist on someone else’s project.  Now Pusha finally has a chance to stand on his own and display his lyrical abilities without sharing spotlight with his older brother.

Outro track:  Most rappers have strong intro tracks but many fail to remember the ending of an album is just as important as the beginning.  Pusha executed a perfect outro with “Alone in Vegas”.  It was another great memorable track with wonderful beat and clever word play but in a semi-melancholy tone.  I hope other rappers are inspired to focus more on their outro track after hearing FOG.

Reecie Note: hmm good point. I honestly never really think about outro tracks. I just like for a CD to flow all the way through. as long as the end doesn’t leave me like “huh?” I don’t really pay attention to it.

What could have been better:

I can honestly say there wasn’t anything I hated about FOG but there were things that could have been improved:

Middle passage/track selection:  FOG started strong and ended strong, but the middle portion of FOG was “hit or miss”.  A few tracks were decent and a few tracks left me wanting more or feeling they lacked something.  The tracks aren’t awful but they are not great either; on one track Pusha chose to use a soulja boy beat, when I heard it I had a “WTF is this?” moment.  Most of the tracks are listenable tracks but not very memorable, I just wish there were one or two more memorable tracks.

Reecie Note: I happen to like his take on Speakers Going Hammer! lol. I also like “Blow/Funk Freestyle”, “Can I Live Freestyle” (I will never tire of that beat), and “Touch It.”

Features: I’m not a fan of feature heavy projects, but I did expect Malice and Kanye to be featured: “you ain’t got no Yeezy nigga?” Well, Kanye is featured but he only sings the hook on the track #kanyeshrug.  Rick Ross and 50 cent were featured and did their thing but I still would have liked to see Malice and Kanye(rapping) contribute verses.

Reused material: a few of the songs contained verses that I had previously heard and one of the tracks was a “leftover” kanye track, so I was a bit disappointed. I Think I would have preferred more new content.

Note: I check/read various hip-hop blogs daily, so some of the verses and the leftover Kanye beat were previously posted on various hip-hop blogs and are “reused” to me.   So I realize this is probably a biased opinion of FOG based on fact I check/read hip-hop blogs more than the average person/fan, so for novice listener the verses and beat will be new to you**)


While Pusha is a good rapper, I can’t help but be a little concerned/question the direction of his solo career.  The Clipse have widely been known for their “cocaine” rap style,  on FOG Pusha seems to be carry-on the Thornton family tradition.  While I like his “hustler” stories, I still find myself wondering, “When are you going rap about something else?”  He now rolls with Kanye, performing at bigger venues and awards shows, so I seriously doubt he is still slanging “powder” by the kilograms anymore.  I’d like to see him change up his subject matter and expand his horizon a little more.  As a fan I would hate for him to continue being a rapper that just raps about dope, money and cars, we already have Rick Ross for that.

Reecie Note: I agree, but the same with Young Jeezy–who has really been on the decline lately–I mean we know you are a trap star, what else? I guess to me since Pusha is such a technically dope rapper, I would and will listen to him flow about anything. I’m not sure he will change up his subject matter, but it would be nice to see.

Overall, I would give FOG a solid B, its not perfect but is above average.  FOG proves Pusha can hold his own without his older brother and is a very solid solo project; it is decent listen with strong beginning and ending.  It also arrives at the perfect time, springtime, this is definitely #springtimeridingmusic that anyone could enjoy and recommend you download it when you get a chance.

Reecie Note: Also, I think its interesting that you–and most people consider Pusha the best of the duo. I do as well, but Pusha himself seems to disagree. I recently watched this interview with Miss Info where he discusses his brothers inspiration for the mixtape as well as his absence, Malice’s book and future projects together.

I was glad to hear that Clipse will be doing more albums together. I thought Malice had “retired.”

What do you think of FOG?  What you think of Pusha as a solo artist?


You can find me in the streets…

even in the drought,
my mattress is full
why shouldn’t I be out?
hey, buddy,
i’m good
(what they tell you?) I’m good
(what they tell you?) I’m good
(what she tell you?) I’m good

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is my feel good song. It doesn’t matter what’s going on, when I hear it “I’m good!”

here are some other favorites by or featuring The Clipse (or just Pusha), in no particular order:

Stay With Me: one of my faves, if not the fave on Pharrell’s In My Mind

Hot Damn

Mr. Me Too: “I know what you thinkin why I call you me too, Cause everything I say, I got you sayin me too”


Everybody Nose Remix: Kanye does his thing on this one! Lupe too. I love them all. lol

What happened to That Boy: only song by Baby that I like. lol

When The Last Time: “top down, chrome spinnin!”

Kinda like a Big Deal: this song goes so hard!!! again Kanye does his thing. can’t be mad at it.


of course the collabos with Pharrell/Neptunes are the best. I know they aren’t signed to Star Trak anymore, but seriously they should never stop making music together!!! those Virginia boys make some bangers!!!


in my earbuds pt. 3…favorite songs this week

so, I was reminded yesterday that one of my favorite songs right now is of course by one of the men I love….

“they say it aint trickin if you got it, they lyin. I say it aint trickin if you got HER, she mine…”

Loso! one of my facebook friends mentioned that the Throw it in the bag remix shouldve been on the CD. I agree. I actually planned to revisit the CD this week because I haven’t listened to it since I bought it…and that’s not a good sign, I’ve already forgotten whats on it. hmmmm.

so what else have I been listening to?

I’m Good -Clipse ft. Pharrell: I mean…its Clipse and Pharrell!!!  you know I rep two up two down even though they from tidewater

Mario- Break Up: this one isn’t new anymore, but its sooooo infectious. and I love Mario too.

Rather Be With You -Wale ft. J. Cole & Currensy: one of my faves from the Back to the Feature mixtape. when I first heard it I played it over and over…the production is sick. J Cole rips it in the beginning. gosh I love this nasty song! LOL. They do nasty so much better than say a Plies with his wack crass ass bust it baby/becky shit….

Where I’m From- Jay-Z: one of my favorite songs by him, and because I watch MTB, I’m always hearing the beat because Diddy decided he wanted to use it! ugh! that frustrates me more than anything…. “where we argue all day about whose the best emcees Biggie, Jay Z and Nas..”

Muah -Electrik Red: not sure how I feel about them, I mean I’ve had their joint for awhile and its aight. however I love this one song right here! I don’t care what people say about girls erroneously assigning “theme” songs… “I’m the shit, with this shit…mmm muah!”

Yo Side of the Bed -Trey Songz: so Ready is finally about to be released, and I uhm have already acquired it. I’m gonna buy it, but I’m not quite done sampling it yet. This song I’ve liked since I heard it on the mixtape…so far listening to Ready I’ll just say, I don’t like it better than Trey Day…or even Anticipation

Can’t tell me nothing- Kanye: this was a hot ass song. I remember the first time I heard it like….ooohhh! me likes. “man its so hard not to act reckless….”

For Real -Amel Larrieux: I heard this song yesterday and thought “awww!” I used to LOVE THIS. still do. great love song. and Bravebird was a great cd! check the video below:

a random mix yes…but it works for me! if you haven’t heard these ever, or its just been awhile click the links are ride out!!!


Hot Like Fire

You’re hotter than summer Day, in California.
Ya got me meltin like a sundae, and I want ya.
I know you’ve been wait-you’ve been waitin a long time for me.
But if you wait a little while longer this is how it’ll be….

Oh it’s gonna be, hot like fire….
(I’m gonna take you) take you higher

you cant resist, (one day)

kiss, kiss, and kiss and kiss and kiss…

its a heat wave!!!! I remember I blogged about the rain once, but now I’m here to talk about the heat…..

not much to say but I’m OD’ing on smoothies, milkshakes and of course h2o trying to keep cool! hope you are doing the same!!!

check out some of my favorite songs with the “heat”:

This wasn’t my favorite version of the song….I prefer the album cut, but Aaliyah’s my girl. Rest in peace, Baby Girl!

“can I get another shot, this time I’ma make ya hot…”

same crew….down with Missy and Timbo. I loved her debut CD.

Now Missy had a few “hot” songs out, but this is my favorite. still gets regular play–I mean, Nas? Q-Tip? Eve? Lil Mo? I can’t think of a Missy song with so many collabos that’s “hotter”.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

and I can’t speak on being hot without mentioning some faves from the Hot Boyz…

Look at Lil Wayne!!!! awwww.  look at those bird chests. LMAO. and my baby Turk.  Aww that video got me hyped for a lil bit.

“whatcha need boy….I need a hot girl”

ending with some throw back Clipse “hot damn! its a new day…”

looking forward to their new joint too…

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In my earbuds….favorite songs this week…

I haven’t really heard any new new music this week that I immediately loved, most of the songs I’ve been feeling out for a couple weeks now that are officially my favorites for some reason….. In a pretty upbeat mood this week:

Blame it On me -Chrisette Michele. This one is actually new, from Epiphany. I love the CD and this is one of my favorites…..I feel the words of this song, I’ve been there.  this is the only really slow kinda sad song I’m feeling this week….

Kinda  like a Big Deal – Clipse. Heard this one a few weeks ago, and it still bangs. two up two down and all that. I like Kanye on this one too.

Turn My Swag On remix -Keri Hilson. I dig Keri, and while I hate SoujaBoytellem,  the hook is catchy so I prefer her voice on this lil remix.

“if you been hating, just be mad at yourself…I bet you think this song is about you…. don’t you? I did it without you..”

So Much Swagg -Oceans 7. Okay the song isn’t that great, but I looooooves Johnta, Trey and the entire Oceans crew.  Bow Wow actually went in lil bit on his verse. I’m not a Bow Wow fan though. I promise. LOL. I can’t wait for the mixtape to come out. I’m so on it!

Punch Drunk Love Remix -Common ft. Pharrell.  This isn’t new at all, but I looooooooove this. I can’t stop loving it. hmmm. Common, you got me feeling some type of way. ” I knock and I knock…can I come inside, I feel like its  home when I’m in between your thighs”. hmmm.  “I come from the chi, so in I go, turn around its about to be a TKO”….uhhhh. yeah. the rhymes are pretty simple but it doesn’t even matter! whoooo I love Common and Pharrell.

Best I ever had -Drake. Its like I don’t even want to like it  anymore since everyone likes it now. I heard it on the radio at home! the radio! I’m happy for Drizzy, clearly I don’t hear him on radio in Tally so….its a good look for him.

Underground Kingz -Naledge ft. Fooch. Naledge is my dude, of course I love Kidz in the Hall….. It took me WEEKS to figure out the beat was from Raheem Devaughn’s The Love Experience…..but now I’m on it. The Cool Guys Always Finish First mixtape was good, just one of my favorites this year so far….

Get Your Money Up -Keri again. I liked this song the minute I heard it. Love Keysh, and Trina is just eh. I wouldve preferred Eve on the track  if we had to have a female rapper…..

Say Hello-Jay Z. because I never get tired of Jigga. I still love this song!!!! “they say I’m a menace, that’s the the picture they paint…they say a lot about me, let me tell you what I ain’t…”

I found a link from the Heart of the City tour and was about to cry. I’m still salty that I missed it. Okay, I’m over it.

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