The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

I dig it….yep

I was put on late quarter 2008 to the Platinum Pied Pipers, or PPP (Triple P). they are a duo from Detroit–speaking of which Detroit has some hot folks I’m feeling right now…one also being Black Milk. I want to say Dwele is from Detroit to….who I recently decided I would try to listen to again. wish me luck, lol. so far my favorite Dwele song is the hook to Flashing Lights, and I’m so serious! I think he has a nice voice, it kinda makes me want to take a nap…but I mean that in the nicest way possible! it IS soothing….anyway….

I want to say one dude from The Cool Kids is from Detroit as well.

PPP is a mix of hip hop, soul and I really really like them. They have a singer with them named Karma Stewart and I like her voice…. she’s kinda on some Janelle Monae stuff, real quirky I think…they have some free downloads for both, the downloads can be found here, if you want to check them out…… I just found this version of Karma singing Tweet’s Smoking Cigarettes! omg! I love this damn song….here it is.

just a handful of songs I like from Triple P real quick off the top are:


Now or Never

Detroit Winter

50 Ways to Leave your lover

some links above, the new songs you can actually preview on their myspace page which is linked, and  the others above on which is right now my favorite online radio site.  I like to listen to it at work to give my ears a break from the iPod.  I think PPP music is pretty laid back, chill…..something different than what you hear on the radio right now, very nice musically too.

now I’m gonna listen to a little Dwele (I only got thru 3 songs and I’m good–maybe another time) and some Karma before I go to bed…..

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