The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

You I love you like cooked food….

happy friday!

this week flew by, surprisingly since monday was the worst monday ever!!!! people all over the country were NOT ready to go back to work after a long relaxing holiday….I know I wasn’t. but after the slowest monday went by…..the rest of the week sped up. and praise God that it did….cuz I live for the weekend. I don’t even do much but….I am sooo not a morning person and I like to sleep in. now I don’t sleep later than 10 am….but that’s enough for me. If I stay up late on the weekends I might even push it to 11–aren’t I a wild one? lol.

so with the title….I realized there are three loves in my life. okay besides people I love these 3 things. music, food, and sex. now that’s in order from least to best.  the only one that won’t kill me is music! lol.

I consider myself a foodie in training, so I loooooove to eat. I love to try new things, so I eat pretty much anything…except like rabbit and squirrel and gamey stuff. oh and oysters.  but I think I might be willing to try most other things. oh I don’t like some veggies, but they aren’t many worth mentioning.

so in about 2007 I decided to live a healthier life…which meant eating better. pretty much before that I had been trying to gain weight my entire life. when you grow up skinny you pretty much feel you can eat whatever the hell you want…and I had. but then I had an epiphany that being skinny and unable to climb stairs is not a good look. I didn’t work out at all, and while I have never been hospitialized in my life, I’ve never been severely sick or broken any bones….I can do most physical things and only be a little sore…but I was definitely not active by any means….

so how can I eat healthy and be a foodie? *sigh* well I’m making an effort to cook fabulous new things! but are also good for me! imagine that. I just got this cookbook in the mail from Amazon (one of my loves) today….I can’t wait to play around with it

since moving to florida I’ve become quite the chef…and I gained 10 pounds. Mama always said just like love “when you stop looking for it, you’ll find it”. not looking for the weight shole did allow it to creep up on me…but I like it.  but since the clothes I buy aren’t cheap and I had to replace almost an entire wardrobe because of this weight gain…I’m trying to maintain this size. so workout grind, in addition to eating the right things, I think I can make it happen.  2009 is the year of preserving the sexy cuz I want to rock and be CONFIDENT in my two piece when I hit up South Beach….oh yes!

so anyway, the song that was in my head that brought this on is here. Wasn’t this a cool video? I loves me some Hov.

soooooo sick I haven’t seen this man live since 98! yes, I suck for not going to any of the Jay Z concerts cuz I know my man puts on a show…..maybe one day. maybe one day.

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