The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

When I’m without you I’m cool…

…but I’m so much better with you… 

Me and you is like peanut butter and jelly! 

I want it all or nothing baby, cuz I will always love you baby. cuz you’re my future… 

I dare you to listen to this song only once!!! Marsha Marsha Marsha!

she did that. Well, she and 9th Wonder. If you haven’t copped The Wonder Years yet, please do. Its a great listen.

my other favorite new boo love song is by the homie Jermaine. featuring one of my favorite VA artists, Missy “Misdameanor” Elliott.

This song gives me an old 90s vibe, but I dig it. I could tell from the Missy sample on Friday Night Lights with “Best Friend” that he was a fan, so I’m glad he was able to get the feature. Especially since Missy hasn’t had any new music or features in awhile.

all I’ve been listening to in terms of new releases, has been The Wonder Years, Cole World: The Sideline Story, and Phonte’s Charity Starts at Home–I told yall a long time ago I loved me some him, so that’s a given.  Keeping with the theme of the post, one of my favorites from that project here:

I know most of yall have heard these CDs–right? if so, what are your faves?!


Just say you’re scared, if you’re scared…

but if you through frontin’ we can do somethin’!

thats #mypart. reminds me of someone in particular too. hmm. lol

..And you know just what Im talking about, tomorrow you’ll be calling out

Cause tonight we getting right into the wee morn’…


New J. cole and Drake vid. “In the Morning” I’m a huge J cole fan so I’ve been on this song since before the version with Drake, but I must say, I do like his addition to the track. EXCEPT for the “equestrian” line. but dope song nonetheless.

and just because, my other absolute fave from Friday Night Lights. I listen to this song every single day. I call it “get my mind right/feeling myself” music. A recent additon to my theme song playlist. so of course by now its the most played J. Cole song on my iPod. It samples my favorite song from Janelle Monae’s latest, which I blogged about here. So of course I loved it on immediate listen.

*clap for her*

I mean, Cole’s entire first verse!!!!!! its something for the b!tches, sure but I’m digging it. However, for real my old boo Wale’s verse is what set me right:

…you know I spit that sick shit and there’s still no cure
hold up, low packs like I got cancer
choking on them white boys make a black panther
love my women with high heels and high standards
and only cheat on my broad if I run out of answers
I got that vicious flow, Moncler winter coat
I aint superstitious I make all these broads flip my pole
you dig it, this shit aint for beginners
I’m something like a fetus, im not quite kidd’n
and theres something you aint seeing like I block your vision
like my Remy with no juice, you a lot like Bishop
hundred k in 22 hours
see money talks, you muthaf-ckers is Boomhower
no check back, in debt yep
loud in my J, I smoking Gallaudet
higher than I need to be
flyer cause I need to be
love our conversation but it’s late right now, I need a beat
one time for the Ville that Cole rep
another time for the city of slow death
I dont understand why these n-ggas so vexed
I dont need no chains with no cross to know that I’m blessed

“…high heels and high standards” <—-has been my bbm status, ohhh 100 times. lol

I just played the song about 3 times just to write the post. just a lil random Tuesday inspiration.

ladies, you STILL got it. 😉