The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

I can’t believe this but…

but I can’t stop listening to “LOL smiley face”. ugh. I hate me. LOL. Gucci’s verse isn’t even that bad, but Souja boy, iCan’t do it to myself. he sucks.

I feel like having a Throwback Thursday, who’s with me?!

ok what’s on my the soundtrack today….let’s hit the 90’s music mix on the ipod and see what comes up…

Spread My Wings-Troop! ok I looooooved this song. I  remember my cousin Jason and I would sing this song and dance like fools!

All of My  Days -Changing Faces ft. R. Kelly & Jay Z: you really can’t lose with this song! its featuring Kells and Jay! greatness. I remember being in 7th grade and my classmate Cassaundra and I would joke and call ourselves Changing Faces.

Award Tour -A Tribe Called Quest: I love this song. and they don’t shout out VA until the very end!

Call Me -Too Short & Lil Kim: this song, this song, this song. I swear I didn’t pick ANY of these songs, they came on shuffle, LOL. I still know all the words. I was a big Kim fan back in the day, when it was cool to be crass. This is one of the nastiest songs of my youth.


well there we go! enough for today. Today is my Friday so I’ll wish everyone a happy labor day weekend now!


You Know I Had to Do it….


Life’s a game but it’s not fair
I break the rules so I don’t care
So I keep doin’ my own thing
Walkin’ tall against the rain
Victory’s within the mile
Almost there, don’t give up now
Only thing that’s on my mind
Is who’s gonna run this town tonight….

dressed in all black like the omen. yessir.

I dig. Hov, Ye and Rihanna swag is on quadruple billions!

“I’m just tryin’ to change the color on your mood wing
You need to drop some new things
Have you ever had shoes without shoe strings?”

Kanye’s verse> Jay’s first verse, but I still eff with this…come on sept 11th! BP3!


I am focused man!

Run suicide drills over and over
With the weight of the world on my shoulder
That’s why they call me “Hova”
I’m far from being God
But I work goddamn hard…..


so I was inspired from reading  recent blog comments  about Jay-Z. He’s been making a lot of buzz lately, you know. I still don’t really want to  in depth blog about  my personal feelings about the DOA song or movement right now–except to quickly say I agree with the movement, dig the song–but I agree it isn’t like THE BEST song.  Hov haters are quick to point that out–its aiiiight, you know. but not that hot. LOL. the beat is sick and of course No ID did his thing. So I put on a jay mix–you know this stan is never without one!   I was reminded how SO VERY HARD THIS SONG IS!

I’ma just post all the lyrics. I’m listening right now and Jay went in….

I jog in the graveyard
Spar in the same ring
Now it’s house by the building
Where Malcolm X was slain
I spring train in the winter
Round early December
Run suicide drills over and over
With the weight of the world on my shoulder
That’s why they call me “Hova”
I’m far from being God
But I work gotdamn hard
I wake up the birds who in the nerves is sleep
I’m catching my second wind the second the first one end
I am “focused man”
And I’m not afraid of death
And I’m going all out
I circle the vultures in a van and
I run the block (run)
Pull up in a drop (pull up)
Push up on my money (push up)
I’m in great shape dunny
I keep jacks jumping thirty six sets
Like a personal trainer I teach coke to stretch
I pump and rock sweats
All white trainers
The ghetto’s, Billy Blanks
I show you niggas what pain is
Maintain your stamina
Hov will damage ya
Spot you two rhymes y’all niggas is amateurs
The fifth
A dead lift if
Niggas don’t want to get shot then y’all niggas better squat
I drop your set for rep
No need to hit the showers
The spit from the fifth leave you wet
Lyrical exercise
*hard breathing*
Y’all niggas ain’t tired right?

this song got me hyped for the rest of the day!!  I’m adding this to my workout mix….

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